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Avoiding Cancer of the Colon and Rectum: A Healthier Lifestyle

colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer happens due to a number of factors and conditions, including age, history of cancer in the family, inflammatory diseases of the bowels like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, and diverticulitis. The treatment is based on creating awareness about the disease whereby one is able to recognize its symptoms quickly and in undergoing screening tests like colonoscopy every few years for detection and subsequent treatment.

colorectal cancer

Early detection is the key

According to Ny Wong Surgery, this type of cancer is common to people in their 40s with improper diet and lifestyle. But once detected early, the chance of surviving the disease is above ninety per cent. The bad news, however, is that diagnosis happens in most patients at advanced stages, and treatment yields little or no results. Experts strongly opine that mortality from this cancer can drop to sixty per cent if the disease is diagnosed early. Therefore, doctors in Singapore are greatly encouraging the city’s population to go for regular screening tests for colorectal cancer.

Advice to patients

They encourage people to openly discuss their problems related to their bowels, which are often a source of embarrassment to many. They are advised to change their diet and lifestyles for disease prevention. Your diet should consist of low fats, fruits, vegetables, and high fiber foods. Refrain from eating processed or red meats. Fish should be the ideal protein for consumption because of the presence of omega D3 fatty acids that lowers the risk of this cancer. Smoking and alcohol consumption are absolute no-no’s.

Regular exercise is also strongly recommended. A half an hour of exercise daily would suffice. Obese people are at a higher risk and, therefore, maintaining your weight regularly is a must. Singapore-based oncologists are creating and conducting awareness programs for all Singaporean citizens above forty. Many hospitals are offering packages for detection and treatment at reasonable rates for the majority’s benefit.

Patient Comfort and Safety means Patients First

Patient in hospital room

Hospitals today are under increasing pressure to improve patient comfort and safety. The approach to patient care is an important part of many surgery departments. The promotion of patient safety aims to prevent unfortunate events, due to recent malpractice issues. This means that the need for specialized care is growing.

The errors committed in the operating room can lead to serious consequences, and it may be life-threatening. Still, this doesn’t mean that preventing these mistakes is impossible.

Patient in hospital room

Hire anesthesia services

Doing so provides answers and affects operating room performance. To achieve excellence in patient care, many hospitals invest in anesthesia services. This is useful in delivering safe patient care. Hiring the right anesthesia service provider may save lives, as it’s a way to improve the safety and comfort of patients during and after surgery. Making prompt and accurate decisions like this may have a positive impact on your entire facility.

Work as a team

For many, the biggest barrier to ensure patient safety is poor communication and lack of teamwork. Communication is one of the most common causes of issues in surgeries. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), hospitals can prevent medical errors by training their staff on how to communicate with one another and work together as a team.

To strengthen teamwork, train your team on situational awareness. Reviewing long-term studies about the impact of teamwork and communication skills can also help.

Let technology help

Focusing on what’s right for the patients may lead to positive outcomes. One solution is to allow technology help you and your team to monitor patients. The use of modern technologies may accurately observe patients’ progress. Sometimes, nurses can’t easily know the changes in their conditions. Without technology, they may not be aware of necessary adjustments.

These are some of the things that every surgeons and health care facility should know. Mistakes do happen, but take every opportunity to reduce them. Start with what’s best for patients.

It’s Not Just the Benefits; The Kind of Boss You Should Work For Also Matters

employee benefits

An employer can make or break your career. Great bosses take care of their employees, nurture them, give them proper training and such. A bad employer, on the other hand, can make people’s lives miserable. In fact, research shows bad employers may affect employees’ health, which results to stress and poor health. As Huffington Post puts it:

employee benefits

“Bad managers are the culprits behind enormous health costs and can be a ‘major source of misery’ for many employees, according to psychologist and leadership consultant Robert Hogan, who presented research at the American Psychological Association.”

For that reason, you will want to avoid working for a bad employer. Fortunately, there are some ways to avoid being hired by a “bad boss.”

Know what you want from a boss

Employers set expectation on what they want from a prospective employee; as a job seeker, you too can set your criteria to find your ideal boss. And you need to know what type of employer you want to work for.

Obviously, you should think about the pay and benefits. A good employer should offer complete benefits to employees, from health insurance to accident insurance. Fringe benefits for employees are significant indications the employer believes in investing in its staff.

Pay attention during the interview

You can learn as many things as you can about your prospective boss during the interview. As an interviewee, you can also ask questions to know more about the company and the head of the department where the position you’re applying for is needed.

A good employer would engage and give you the details you need to know. They will also tell you the background of the company (which you should learn before the interview). If they try to evade your question, beware. Trust your gut. If you don’t feel right about the job, don’t accept the job offer.

Check the working environment

While waiting to be interviewed, take the time to observe. You should not take a job if the workplace seems unhappy. Observe the interactions of the employees. An efficient working environment is key to employees being productive and comfortable at work. If the office atmosphere is somewhat gloomy or depressing (or everyone is so quiet like in a library), you will not want to work there for eight hours every day.

Making the right decisions shape your career, as well as your future. Before working for a company, get to know what kind of employer will be hiring you.

When You Can’t Go DIY: Home Repairs Best Left to Professionals

electrical works

Every home is bound to encounter a few issues as it ages. Everything has to go through maintenance at times, and there comes a time for your property when it has suffered enough from the regular wear and tear. For simple hiccups, many choose to go DIY, but there are certain repairs that are best left to professionals.

electrical works

Here are three repair areas you shouldn’t tinker with yourself, according to industry experts such as HGTV, DIYNetwork, and Proplan Electrics.


You should always exercise extreme caution when handling any project that involves electricity; or better yet, call professional electricians in Mornington Peninsula and have them deal with it. Sure, you can pull off changing a switchboard or a light bulb, but beyond that, you’re better off trusting the pros. Meddling with circuits is highly dangerous, and one wrong move could result in disaster, such as a fire or an injury.

Gas Line

Many homes depend on gas, or at least have appliances that do so. Some of these are hot water heaters, ovens, and clothes dryers. You cannot do these repairs concerning the gas line yourself, as you might make a mistake. Also, this isn’t limited to repairs, as the simple tiling project or a revamp might even call for the assistance of professionals. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real threat, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.


There’s a reason the roofing industry is seen as a highly hazardous trade. By nature, fixing roof shingles and similar tasks present risks, as you’re elevated and you’re not standing on flat ground. Apart from the tedious work involved in roofing projects, you also run the risk of slipping and falling from the gutter to the curb. Stick with minor shingle and gutter work, but leave the bigger problems to those who have the proper training for it.

Although doing things yourself is fun and fulfilling, there are home repairs that call for professional assistance. Leave these issues to the pros and have them solved – risk-free.