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Antioxidants and ORAC Scores: What Health Buffs Should Know


The term antioxidant is heavily used in many commercial websites that sell supplements, but not everyone is fully aware of what they do to the body. Antioxidants refer to molecules that prevent the oxidation of other similar molecules. Oxidation leads to free radical formation that causes cell damage. What antioxidants do is they slow down the ageing process and the effects of age-related diseases and degeneration.


Not Created Equal

Not all antioxidants have the same levels of effectiveness. A great way of comparing their ability to slow down age-related degeneration is through their ORAC score. Nutritional supplement provider says ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity. This rating helps determine the neutralization ability of any type of antioxidant. The ORAC rating is important to know which one is best to consume.

The power of antioxidants lies in their ability to neutralize free radicals. Testing the ORAC rating is a way to measure how much oxygen radicals a certain type of food can absorb. The rationale is the more oxygen radicals a certain food item can ingest, the higher the ORAC score is.

Oxygen Radicals

Oxygen radicals are chemicals formed naturally within our bodies through the process of oxidation. They are typically byproducts of everyday functions like physical activity and the process of digestion. Other causes of these free radicals are polluted environment, partially rancid foodstuff and oxidizing radiation coming from the sun and even different electrical appliances.

ORAC Rating

Keep in mind that the ORAC score of different fruits and vegetables cover a broad range. Some of the best vegetable items such as dark greens and brightly colored plant foods have the highest ORAC scores. For instance, blueberries, kale, cauliflower, strawberries, wild tart cherries, tomatoes, carrots and other similar items are examples of food items that have high ORAC scores. A cup of blueberries alone can provide 3,200 ORAC units.

Eating many high ORAC foods increases the antioxidant power of human blood by 10-25 per cent. Experts believe that a daily intake of an estimated 5,000 ORAC units can have a significant impact on plasma and tissue antioxidant ability.

The Aerial Photographer’s Guide to Drone Kit Selection

aerial photographerThere are numerous drone kits available on the market, and these are manufactured by well-known companies. Hence, the market for photography drone kits is highly competitive, and you need to make your choice carefully depending on its capabilities, the sale offers, and what your specific requirements are.

Drone kits are primarily manufactured for easy aerial photography, and are designed to be hooked up to digital cameras. These are aerial vehicles that are essentially unmanned, and the best way to purchase one is to study their types first.

Choosing a Drone Kit

The Net is the best source for information on these kits and there are numerous sites that give you a whole lot of information on these UAVs, along with their photographs and details of the features that come with each. Shopping around will give you a clear idea of the different photography drone kits for sale, and what qualities you should look for.

You may choose the latest iPhone controlled-drones that are available from many different merchant sites. There are also other quadrocopter drones that are available, and these can carry the heavier cameras with ease.

Qualities to Consider

In order to select the right drone kit, you will also have to check how easily and fast it can be assembled, especially if you are a beginner. Some take an average of an hour to assemble, while the advanced ones can take even longer. You also need to check the drone’s GPS abilities and how it hovers in one place and return from its flight.

You may also choose a UAV that has an undercarriage fitted with a camera gimbal to use with the camera, and this usually comes for an additional $200, but may not always be a part of the standard kit.

Different kits are available for different users, but the common factors that need to be checked always are the position hold of the GPS, way points navigation system, navigational facilities pertaining to points of interest; facilities for automatic panning and camera tilting; spare parts that come with the kit, and other tools that help assemble the kit faster.

Roofing Jobs During Winter: Is it Possible?

roof winterMany people feel that winter is a bad time to have your house roofed. You may certainly not want to do a DIY roofing job in the biting cold, but there should be no problem in calling a professional, right? Two common arguments on why people think roofing contractors would not want to restore your roof in winter are the weather condition outside and the presence of the snow on the roof.

But, the truth is roofing professionals mind neither the cold nor the snow on your roof. In fact, experts from Bower Roofing and Restorations say that calling in these people during the winter allows you to enjoy some big advantages.

No More Ice Dam Woes

Understand that the winter season tests your roof condition to the hilt. Have you heard of ice dams? These are accumulated snow on the roofs, which leak into your home to cause water damage. If you want to avoid any ice dam in your home this winter, have the roof restored immediately.

No More Making a Bad Roof Worse

With winter conditions testing your roof, an already bad roof will only become worse. When the temperature fluctuates during winter, it causes the shingles to contract and expand. This could ultimately lead to their curling or cracking — a potential cause for a leaky roof. If your roof is already worn out, would you wait until summer to attend to this potential cause? Obviously not!

Faster roofing services

As the demand for roofing jobs is usually low in winter, you can expect your contractor to do a faster and more focused job for you in a matter of days.

Save Money

Finally, because winter is the low season for roofing contractors, you can have the job done at much lower prices. Now, with that much money saved, doesn’t it seem more worth it to have a roofing job done during the colder season?

Achieving Your Desired Nose Shape: Four Proven Procedures in Rhinoplasty

noseAmong the different cosmetic surgery procedures available, rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a “nose job,” is one of the most popular. This is done either to achieve an improved appearance of the nose or address breathing problems.

To cater to the different needs of their patients, cosmetic surgeons performing rhinoplasty have devised different techniques to make the operation a success. Predominantly, there are four proven procedures used by the rhinoplasty surgeons. Pacific Eye and Ear Specialists explain them in detail below:

Closed Rhinoplasty

In this technique, the surgeon will work from inside the nose. Incisions are made inside the nostrils, which will be completely hidden once the surgical wound heals. With closed rhinoplasty, it’s possible for the surgeon to achieve three results: correct a breathing problem by separating the soft tissues within the nose, reduce the nose size by carefully fracturing the bones, and increase the nose size by creating grafts using ear, rib or nose cartilages.

However, the surgeon has limited freedom to reshape your nose since he cannot visualize the results.

Open Rhinoplasty

An incision is made across the columella — the skin that separates your nostrils. As the surgeon can visualize the result better in this procedure, he can shape your nose precisely. But, a near-visible scar will be left at the base of the nose, which can become quite pronounced in people with a darker complexion.

Natural Rhinoplasty

Surgeons have come up with a natural nose job procedure in which instead of removing nasal structures, simple reshaping and rearranging is done to achieve the desired results. The nasal tissues are preserved, and grafts are used to support the organ.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

A favorite among those who fear the surgeon’s knife is the non-surgical rhinoplasty. This uses injectable fillers to reshape the nose. In this quick procedure, you can fill depressed regions on your nose, smoothen the nose silhouette, and lift the nose tip. But, this procedure can’t correct breathing problems and major nose deformations, and reduce nose size.

Consult a doctor and choose a rhinoplasty procedure based on your nasal needs.

The Right Legal Representation: Finding a Divorce Lawyer

Legal representative

People going through a divorce suffer not just emotional repercussions, but also financial consequences. Apart from paying alimony, child support and separation of assets, the cost of getting a divorce can be substantial. This is why it is important to get an affordable divorce attorney to handle the case for you.

No matter what the reasons are for filing a divorce, the most crucial step is to look for the most suitable legal representation. offers the following discussion to make the selection process easier:

Resist Temptation

Many divorce lawyers are willing to provide way too affordable legal services. These law firms will offer to represent you at an unbelievably low rate because they take in many clients than they can handle. Thus, they’re usually disorganized, and your case would not get the proper attention it requires. This is why it’s important to resist the temptation of signing up with the first divorce firm you find. Find out the angle on the discount service because that might just be what you’ll get.

Legal representative

Get Feedback

The only way you can be sure you’ll save money and get quality legal services is through client feedback. Some new law firms may be charging less because they want to establish themselves in the community. It’s important to get the opinion of people who have tried their legal services, so, you know what to expect. Be wary of overzealous reviews because there’s no such thing as a perfect law firm. There will always be a few complaints here and there, but the gravity of the misgivings must not be too serious as to sacrifice the case.

Know their Payment Schemes

Communication is essential when it comes to getting a reasonable fee from your divorce lawyer. Most attorneys charge a fee upfront upon acceptance of the case. But, there are also some who will partake a portion of the proceeds once the case has been won in favor of the client. Be honest with what you can afford. If the firm is simply too costly or isn’t willing to entertain a flexible payment plan, move on to the next.