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3 Small Things Not to Forget for Your Small Business Launch Party

Small Business Launch Party

Small Business Launch PartyA small business’s launch party is one of the biggest opportunities to let everyone know you’re out there, ready to serve, it’s not only a key feature in your start-up’s promotional plan, it’s also a way to celebrate your team’s hard work and courage.

A lot of these start-up launch parties, however, don’t do the celebrations right. They often end up wasting everyone’s effort and anticipation on events that fall flat of expectations.

To avoid ruining your launch party, here are a few small things you should never forget in planning the event:

1. The Coverage

Small business owners often invite key people, prospective customers, and friends to their launch, but don’t forget you also need wider coverage.

Invite the local press, including local bloggers to come to your event. Throw in a +1 to give them a better incentive to attend. Even a small space on the local newspaper or a 200-word write-up on a blog can do wonders for publicity. These things may seem small, but they will help get your name and business out there.

2. The Activities

Don’t just have a great theme, tie related activities into it. It can be anything from a quick talk about the future of your industry, tarot card reading, free massages, to games and all-out dancing. Remember also to create a Twitter hashtag for your event for better promotion online.

Most corporate function venues can help with the whole event planning, from the logistics and equipment to possible activities. You will only need to coordinate with them and share your expectations and plans about the event.

3. The Ending

Even if you throw a great party, research suggests that most people remember events for how they end, so make sure they leave happy by ending things while they’re still having a good time.

When the main programme is over, find a way to cut things off while everyone is still having fun. Keep the networking and mingling alive by suggesting a nearby after-party location, or ask them to go to your new office sometime soon to discuss possible business opportunities.

Guests should be able to socialise, and you should be able to get in touch with them even after the party. Following up on these prospective clients is a great way to start your business on the right foot.

Throwing a great launch party is not only for promoting your new business, it also gives prospective clients a glimpse of what they can expect from you. Make sure to throw a great one and have everybody talking about you.

Avoiding Injuries at Work: Your Quick Guide to Safety Printing Products

Ambro at

Like all other businesses, the industrial sector will find it useful to research on safety topics, especially when it concerns the welfare of their staff.

Ambro at freedigitalphotos.netTo make sure everyone complies, you should put these in print and make them as visible as possible. This creates a better image of your workforce instead of being identified as a team that neglects the safety regulations required by law. This is highly important not only to prevent work-related injuries, but also to boost the moral of the employees.

Here are some safety printing products you can try:

Take 5 Hazard Assessment Wallets

According to, Take 5 Wallets with safety topics are like a student’s file folder or a personal planning tool, which your staff can use to get instructions. Instead of carrying a large pile of notebooks and books, the wallet will synthetise only the important data your staff would need to use as guide while they work. You can choose from a variety of sizes and formats that can accommodate a large number of insert cards.

Other OH&S Products

OH&S Manuals – Like any other manual, your OH&S contains general policies for all departments to comply with. It is important for everyone to know what they are expected to do and not to do. This manual will have the do’s and don’ts printed to be used as reference.

Prestart Checklists – Checklists are important in making sure every procedure is followed. Just like when shopping, we need a checklist to make sure our groceries are complete. But, a checklist is more crucial in large, industrial workplaces since they are highly exposed to work-related accidents.

Other printing products you may need to obtain to acquire license are Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Forms, Work Permits & Certificates, Incident & Injury Reports and Safety Labels & Posters.

How to Find a Good Employment Lawyer

Find Employment Lawyer

Find Employment LawyerEmployees in the US enjoy coverage from state and federal laws protecting their interests. In case of any problems, they can file a case with the EEOC or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a federal agency, or to take the help of a labor lawyer in their state.

While federal laws to protect employees are the same across the country, state laws have slightly different requirements. Florida is an “at will” employment state, which means that employers can fire an employee at any time. They don’t have to provide a reason.

There are some exceptions to this rule, however, like discrimination or on retaliatory grounds. In this case it is wise to seek the assistance of a Florida employment lawyer, recommends

Specific Firms

Certain law firms deal entirely in litigation and arbitrating cases regarding employment. Depending on the case, it may be a good idea to find a lawyer with a small law practice specializing in the area of employment law.

The first step is to assess if there is a legitimate claim for wrongful termination. Terminated employees who believe that they are not getting their due compensation may file a tort, or a personal injury case.

Florida Workplace Rights

In Florida, workplace rights bind employers as well, particularly if an employee has a written contract, because then an employee can bring a legal breach of contract claim against said employer. A Florida employment lawyer can assess and advise what kind of suit is applicable and the possible damages that they could win.

Military Protection

The same laws protect employees from discipline proceedings if they choose to serve in the military. This entitles them to take up to 5 years off for such service. Florida’s employment laws also cover jury duty and family medical leave.

Employers have to take a proactive approach to labor laws to avoid problems. Employees can take the advice of a Florida employment lawyer before signing any contract to ensure that their rights are under the protection of the law. A lawyer is in a good position to offer objective advice and intervene in case of complex legal issues.

When Disability is not a Hindrance: 3 Famous People with Hearing Loss

bill clinton

bill clintonLooking at famous people, most of us would probably think of them as perfect in every way. They have the talent, the looks, the brains, and the perseverance to be where they stand today. In our eyes, these celebrities and prominent people couldn’t get any more perfect.

What not everyone knows is that famous people also carry a burden that makes them as human as any of us. While they look perfect in movie posters or television appearances, some of these famous people are among the 50 million Americans with hearing loss.

The team behind is actually amazed at how these people were able to overcome their disability and become the A-listers that we know. After all, it’s not every day you find out that there’s another Beethoven out there.

Let’s meet the people who didn’t let their disability hinder their path to success:

Whoopi Goldberg

Playing the role of Sister Mary Clarence in the comedy film Sister Act, Whoopi Goldberg surprised and won the hearts of the audience with her spectacular singing voice. Behind the funny remarks and the laughter she brought, Goldberg is among the stars who struggled with hearing loss. According to the Oscar winner, she attributes her condition to years of listening to loud music.

Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton isn’t just the former leader of the United States; he is also an avid saxophone player. With years of exposure to loud jazz music plus the constant helicopter rides during his term, he now suffers from high-frequency hearing deficiency. He got hearing aids for both ears during his second term in the White House.

Halle Berry

The beautiful and talented Halle Berry has been an inspiration among modern women with her superb acting skills and beauty queen stature. The Oscar winner was once a victim of domestic abuse during the early 90s, which caused her to lose 80% of her hearing. Despite the unfortunate events in her past, Berry has emerged as among the most esteemed celebrities today.

Disability is never a reason to give up. If anything, it should serve as the drive to become better and show that you’re not afraid — just like what Goldberg, Clinton, and Berry have done with their lives.

A Hangar Construction Checklist

aircraft inside hangar house

aircraft inside hangar houseAircraft hangars store aircraft, where mechanics and other attendants would service them. Obviously, such a massive shed is extremely expensive, and safety considerations are more stringent than other regular warehouses.

While you do not necessarily buy an aircraft hangar – rather, you would hire contractors to build one – you still need to bear in mind safety precautions for both your aircraft and yourself.

The following tips may help you.

Material Strength

First check the strength of the material used in the construction. After all, hangars house an aircraft (or a fleet of such), which are by no means cheap.

To choose the materials for it, most contractors use steel, but you have to remember the climatic conditions of the place as well. It is advisable to go for steel hangars in extremely cold climates, as steel is generally weather-resistant. Similarly, in windy places, light timber hangars with steel frames withstand windy conditions.

In other words, any hangar that you buy should be strong enough to protect your aircraft from any vagary of the weather.

Structure and Design

The hangar front should also be suitable to protect the aircraft’s propellers, which is one of the most important components of any non-jet aircraft.

While buying the hangar, always check out its floor area, as these can cause tripping hazards from air hoses, electrical cords and floor grates. Check whether there are provisions for having electrical cords and air hoses that are overhead retractable. Make sure that your hangar floor is free of rags and other assorted debris that an aircraft prop or engine could suck into it.

Moreover, there should be ample space to carry ladders or steer push carts when the aircraft is undergoing service or repair. This will prevent overcrowding, as aircraft maintenance needs a team of technicians who need ample space for mobility.

In sum, when you construct your hangar, you need to bear three things in mind: space, materials and safety. Safety here is of utmost importance, as countless accidents happen in hangars.

What Motion Graphics Can Do to Your Business

3D motion graphic speaker

3D motion graphic speakerDo you want a new way to market your products and services? Why not try videos and motion graphics for a change. Motion graphics refers to any graphic movement using cell animation, stop-motion, 3D, and other digital material. People who create these provide information while telling a story. It’s interactive, so many are investing in this kind of material.

Here’s what it can do for your business:

Grab Attention and Retain Customers

Digital marketing experts, like Penna Powers and, noted that a well-written article is good, but a video might do better. Remember that people have a short attention span. You grab their interest with an eye-catching title, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll read the entire article.

Motion graphics simply tell a story. It doesn’t need a huge amount of text because the video content speaks for itself. In addition, it doesn’t force your audience to think and imagine. Everything is on the video and all they need is to watch and learn.

Be Remembered by Your Audience

Experts also say that people absorb about 58% of what they watch from motion graphics and animated videos. If you’ve conducted a study about your industry, why not share it to the public through motion graphics. Instead of presenting a block of text on your blog, show moving charts and images. See how your audience will remember the study you shared and the people behind it.

Increase Conversion Rates

Invodo Video Statistics revealed that people are 85% more likely to buy after watching product videos. After all, nobody wants to buy a product or service without knowing what’s in it for them. A short explanation through motion graphics can increase your click-through rate, boost your sales, and help your business grow.

Motion graphics will help your business more than you can imagine. Try it for your products and services and discover its benefits.

A Beginner’s Guide to Dental Services Specialties

dentistsA dental clinic offering specialized services in dentistry attract more people because aside from performing regular teeth cleaning, fill cavities and doing routine checkups, they also feature special, unique and exclusive services. The main feature of specialized dental clinics is their dentists themselves, who have advanced knowledge to treat problems graver than general dentists can fix.

For example, trained and experienced orthodontists, endodontists and pediatric dentists number among the specialized dentists. These professionals have undergone special training, which consists of 4 years of education in general dentistry with 2 additional years of specialty education in their field of expertise.

South Loop Dentistry lists down some of the more common dentistry specializations in the Chicago area although the ADA recognizes nine separate dental specialties.

Pediatric Dentist

A pediatric dentist treats children, infants and young teenagers. They provide preventive treatments, perform oral examinations and repair defective teeth by way of braces or implants.


A periodontist work more on his patient’s gums than his teeth. Their specialty lies in preventing and treating various gum diseases called periodontal diseases, caused by oral bacteria. They also perform dental implants and gum and tooth restructuring.


Orthodontists focus mainly on proper teeth placement. Patients with buck or crooked teeth go to an orthodontist to have brace fittings or surgery done to correct their mouth.

A subset of an orthodontist is an oral or maxillofacial surgeon, who works on jaw deformities and performs tooth extractions. These are highly specialized doctors trained and licensed to treat neck and head conditions related to the mouth.


Endodontists perform root canal treatments and concentrate on any problems or condition that happens below the teeth enamel, particularly in blood vessels, pulp and teeth nerves. The prefix “endo” means “inner”.

No matter the problem in the mouth, teeth, or gums, approach a general dentist first. They would invariably refer you to another specialized dentist if the problem is more than they could handle.

The Right Match: Effective Ways to Find a Suitable Divorce Lawyer

hearing divorce courtOne of the most challenging and life-altering decisions in your life would be going through a divorce. To make the process less challenging, you need to find the right lawyer. The attorney should be able to balance out essential aspects – not being too aggressive and not too laid back or inexperienced — to make the process a success.

Experience is key in handling divorce cases. As no two cases are similar, your chosen divorce lawyer should be able to come up with a unique approach for every case he handles.

The following tips may help you find the right person for the job:

  • Look for someone who’s trustworthy. A divorce lawyer will be entrusted with the family’s big secrets. You’ll have to provide details about your family’s finances and even personal information. So, the person has to be someone you’re comfortable sharing these details with.
  • Know whether the attorney is experienced with the kind of situation you have. It is best to discuss the details of the case with your attorney comfortably and know whether he or she is experienced handling the same case before.
  • Choose a team player. This means the lawyer must be willing to work with other professionals in the field. It is important that the team is coordinating well. Otherwise, the divorce process would be more difficult than it should be.
  • Go for a lawyer who knows what to ask, in what manner, and in what situation. There are times when you have no clue as to what specific thing you want on your settlement. So, it is important that the lawyer can guide you in making an informed choice.

Finally, make sure that the lawyer you choose is always available to provide support. You’ll need constant guidance throughout the process, so choose someone who’s easy to approach.

Signs That You Need a Mortgage

House Mortgage

Mortgage is a blessing for all those wHouse Mortgageho want to buy their dream homes but couldn’t do so due to financial constraints. Indeed, so popular are mortgages among homebuyers today that several institutions lend varying amounts with varying rates and rules.

The significant course for the homebuyer is to net a mortgage that comes at the lowest interest rate with the highest amount, with the most flexible terms and conditions. This “just right” mortgage term is the Goldilocks Zone of mortgaging.

The question here is how do you know when you need a mortgage?

  1. When You Cannot Make a Down Payment

The most obvious situation is when you cannot make a down payment on a house. A mortgage will let you obtain the home even if you do not have the immediate money. You can then repay the loan in installments – which includes the interest amount – set in the contract. In West Jordan, UT, mortgage terms also consider the borrower’s financial capacity.

  1. Before Looking for a House

Before planning to buy a house and you know that you cannot make a down payment, start looking for a mortgage first, instead of looking for property. This is because when you go deeper into the mortgage system you would know three things: your budget, the loan amount you can avail of, and your credit standing.

  1. To Prevent Losing Your Dream Home

In many cases, a delay in the mortgage process causes one to lose the golden opportunity of buying a dream home. Home sellers and builders prefer buyers on the road to obtaining one, over those who have yet to begin the process.

Cities usually offer prime spots for residences, but in exchange, these sites are a little expensive. Mortgages are there to help you settle in one, but find this first before engaging in a house-hunting expedition.

Like a True Survivor: Why You Need a 72-Hour Emergency Kit

Emergency Food Kit

Emergency Food KitOne of the many challenges when facing a major natural disaster is dealing with the days following it. The outcome is, more often than not, determined by how much you prepared. One of the ways to make sure you have things under controlled is by having an emergency food kit.

What is an Emergency Food Kit?

According to, emergency food kits are typically food items that people can eat without having to use cooking utensils. Each kit usually comes in more than ten servings, depending on how many persons would be sharing it. Depending on which brand you go for, you might have food kits that have a shelf life of more than 20 years or so.

Importance of A Food Kit

Not many people realize it, but during a natural disaster, two of the first things to go would be the electricity and communication lines. The former is typically shut off to make sure no one gets electrocuted, while the latter is just a “casualty” of the disaster. Of course, you can also expect buildings to sustain damage, which would mean that stores and restaurants would most probably be closed. With no electricity, very minimal water, and unstable communication lines, getting food and being able to warm your body might prove to be very challenging.

You might wonder why you need food kits when you can stockpile canned goods and other items on your own. One of the disadvantages of doing this is that they do not last very long, particularly with the absence of a refrigerator to keep them cool. With a food kit, you need not worry about your food getting wasted as each kit has a very long shelf life. This means you can have it stored as long as needed.