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Seesaw Effect: As Prices Fall, Perth Property Market Investments Rise


PropertyMining was the hip industry in Australia years ago. It was the reason several business people from around the world spent millions of dollars in their investments. Even though that trend saw its end, foreign investors, particularly the Chinese, continue to keep their ties with local businesses.

The current business trend for Chinese entrepreneurs is property development. Reports say that the country’s median house price increased to as much as $660,000. Not all capitals yielded the same result, though. Perth and Brisbane saw a decline in value, but Perth seems more affected with its 2.7% slide.

Ideal Place to Buy Properties

With the prices of houses in the capital city of Western Australia declining, many see the opportunity to purchase properties now. Several new developments in Perth are underway and more investors are coming in. But is this move logical today and in the long run?

Property investment groups collectively say that buying into the Perth market today runs lesser risk than doing it in other capitals, like Sydney and Melbourne. According to REIWA, the median house price decreased by $5,000 for the March quarter.

Not an Area of Concern

Unlike in Sydney and Melbourne, Perth’s median house price of $545,000 is not that concerning. Rather, it’s a classic case of falling prices and decreasing confidence. Officials predict that the price would continue to slide in the next two financial years before steadying in 2017-18.

Buying properties in Perth today may present a few risks, but next year the greatest risk will be in Sydney. That same time is the most practical time to buy Perth properties.

Western Australia’s economy thrived when the mining business boomed in the country. With the current changes taking place, buying properties in Perth today is a rational move for businesses.

4 Lovely Window Treatments to Spice Up Your Living Spaces


WindowBare windows can be enough to keep the living areas of your home well ventilated. However, you must have window treatments and decorations to boost the beauty and appeal of your home. Here are some of the most popular treatments you can choose from.

Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Nothing says privacy and elegance better than curtains that go from the ceiling to the floor. This is a stylish touch to your ordinary curtains. If you’re using this in the bedroom, a nice neutral tone with dramatic ivory draperies and some added gold touches can do the trick.

Aluminium Shutters

Half Price Shutters says aluminium shutters are mostly popular in the kitchen to further boost that modern yet industrial look. Ask your shop if they can do custom shutters to fit your windows perfectly or if they would just cut out stock panels to build your shutters. This is perfect for kitchens because shutters let light and air in while keeping the view from the outside.

Frames and Silk

Go rustic in your dining area or living room with wooden window frames. This is perfect if your windows are near some wooden cabinets or bookshelves. Add a little sophistication by throwing in soft cascades of silk curtains to complete the look.

Stenciled Monogram Valance

Stenciling has become a big trend in DIY decorations, and what better way to hop on the trend than this. If you have a craft room, then a stenciled monogram valance is perfect to match what the room is for. Using just a few tools, you can create a custom look by stenciling your old valance.

No matter what decoration or treatment you decide to go for, it must complement the overall look of your home and be appropriate for the living area you’re putting it on. With this, you can improve your windows and make them look new and more exciting.

Beyond Recreation: 5 Other Purposes of Your Used RV

RV Trailer

RV TrailerDo you have a recreational vehicle (RV) in your garage that you haven’t used for years? Were you tricked by the once colder Arkansas climates that you can enjoy picturesque forests and calm lakes during a camping trip? If your RV does not give you recreational satisfaction anymore, perhaps it’s time to repurpose it for these 5 other uses. Moix RV shares more information below:


If you watch the TV show where a chemistry genius found a way to earn millions through meth manufacture, you’ve probably considered doing the same with your old RV. But, you’re not a chemistry magician and meth is illegal, so you don’t really pursue your brilliant moneymaking idea.

Instead of risking your freedom, you can invest in your RV and think of other business ideas. You can flip burgers, serve ice cream, or cut people’s hair. Renovate your RV and, with careful business planning and strategy, you can grow a legit business with it. It’ll be like Breaking Bad, but legal.


Are you a movie buff? Have you ever dreamed of having your own theater and watching your favorite movies and TV shows in a place beyond your bedroom? Your old RV may just be the answer to your entertainment needs. Turn your RV into a movie theater on wheels and invite your friends for a sleepover. Prepare bowls of popcorn and chill sodas in your RV’s mini kitchen and you’ll enjoy a great movie night with good friends.

Personal Time

If you have kids, you’ve probably been wondering when you can have a private time with your spouse again. You can turn your old RV either into a private toy land for your kids or a personal spa and lounge for you and your spouse. You can dedicate an hour or two a week for these personal time adventures and get the much needed rest for everyone in your home.


Is your garage overflowing with toolboxes and bags of old clothes? Any expert in RV sales can advise you that you can use an old, rusty RV into a storage room. You can then just drive your stockroom-on-wheels to your nearest Salvation Army and donate what you don’t need to other people.

RVs are a flexible, fun vehicle to have in Arkansas or anywhere in the country. Consider the five ideas above and repurpose your RV into whatever suits your needs.

Emotionally Charged Divorce: Don’t Turn Your Ex-Spouse into Your Enemy

Emotionally Charged Divorce

Emotionally Charged DivorceEnding a marriage is difficult without some degree of resentment, guilt, or disappointment. As you are about to part ways with your ex-spouse, it is normal for intense emotions such as anger, fear, grief, and mistrust to take over. You may also find yourself caught in the vicious cycle or anger, hurt, and retaliation.

Letting emotions take over you will not just put your divorce in a very complicated state. You may also end up hating your partner and turning your ex-spouse into your enemy. This will also make the dissolution process more expensive, and both of you wanting to get a selfish agreement.

Make Peace with the Past

While forgiveness may seem like the last thing you want to consider when you have come to despise your spouse, letting bygones be bygones is beneficial in high-conflict divorces. It means making peace with what has happened, so you can put the past behind you and move forward with your life.

Pursue an Amicable Divorce

Divorce lawyers like say forgiveness is the key to having an amicable divorce. By forgetting strong and painful feelings, you can participate in mediation and come up with a reasonable agreement on issues like child custody and property division.

Acknowledge Feelings to Heal

It is okay to be upset with your spouse, but do not let anger or resentment eat you up. Learn to forgive little by little and allow yourself to release difficult emotions such as anger, blame, and grief. Forgiveness will provide you a way to acknowledge your feelings and help you heal more.

Lead a Happy Life

It is a wrong concept that getting even will make you happier. Keep in mind that that the best revenge you can have is a happy life. By forging your spouse, you can reclaim your power over your well-being. Studies suggest that letting go of anger and resentment can benefit your health and happiness.

Eventually, you will surely want to resolve past conflicts with your ex-spouse to move on. You don’t have to wait until the divorced is finalized and all the issues are settled. Keep in mind that forgiveness is possible and more helpful than anything else.

Moving on a Budget: Effective Ways to Avoid Overspending


BudgetingMoving into a new home can take a toll on your wallet. You have to pay for so many things – the down payment for the house, the fees for your broker and other mortgage fees that you’d rather not talk about. As much as possible, you want to make the actual move easy on your budget.

But, it’s actually easy to cut costs when moving. If you plan and organise your things and your move well, you’ll find ways to spend less and maximise your move.

Choose a Good Mover

Of course, it’s more affordable to do the moving yourself. But, you’ll need to have a vehicle spacious enough to carry as many of your things as possible. You’ll either be making multiple trips or end up renting a truck – both of which would cost you a lot more in the long run.

You could think about hiring a mover. It might sound like another expense, but it’s a lesser expense compared to moving your stuff on your own. Also, AAA Bargain Removals says there are professional moving companies that can offer you their services at a much lower cost compared to others. Ask your family or friends living in the area for referrals, or you can do your own scouting on the Internet. The important thing is, you’ll have to hire them as soon as possible; early appointments with movers often come with discounted rates.

Organise Your Stuff

Organising the things you need to move doesn’t just mean putting them in labelled boxes. It also means you need to know what things you really need to bring, and the things you can do without. With this, you won’t end up spending money on things that you don’t actually need to bring. If your new home can do without it, you can donate it to charity or sell it online. You’ll not only cut back on moving costs, you’ll also earn some extra cash and have more space in your new home.

You also need to be aware whether or not some of the things you need to move can just simply be transported. Some items, like plants, have specific moving needs that can cost you some extra. You can ask your mover about this.

Ask Questions

Some movers won’t tell you about the rates unless you ask. Don’t hesitate to ask about additional costs on heavy items, carrying items up the stairs, repacking and unpacking and other specifics you feel like asking about. By doing this, your moving charge won’t come as an unpleasant surprise.

Saving up on moving really just comes from good planning and responsibility. If you get help from a good moving service, you’ll be able to cut back on costs easily.


Protecting Your Brand Means Enforcing a Map Policy

Online Pricing

Online PricingWith competition being fiercer than it ever was, being able to protect your brand should be one of your organization’s top priorities. And with many businesses resorting to illegal means, launching a “Minimum Advertised Price” (MAP) policy is a crucial component to your brand’s success.

What a MAP Policy Is

A MAP policy, according to the American Bar Association, serves as a way to place price restrictions on goods or services when they are advertised. However, its design must not restrict the actual sales price.

In other words, these policies prohibit resellers to advertise products or services at prices that are below what the manufacturer, supplier, or service provider has specified.

This is why you must already develop a well-designed MAP policy. Failure to do so can dramatically affect your brand and its bottom line, especially if the word gets out that you do not have one in place.

Ensuring Your MAP Policies Are Not Being Violated

After deploying the advertised price restrictions, follow it up by careful monitoring and thorough tracking, PriceManager advises. These play a critical role in ensuring that resellers or your major competitors do not violate your MAP policy enforcement.

In addition to monitoring your own policy, you should also track your competition and ensure that they are in compliance with the MAP.

Protect Your Brand through a MAP Monitoring Service

Fortunately, monitoring MAP compliance as well as tracking of online pricing do not require manual efforts. There are services specifically designed to help all involved parties – from manufacturers to retailers – ensure that violations to a MAP policy are not occurring.

You can also use many of these services for other competitive intelligence-related tasks, all of which can help you not only protect your brand, but improve your business’ bottom line as well.

A Veteran’s Guide to Buying a Home

Hous for sale

Hous for saleEverybody needs a property they can call home. Whether it’s a spacious manor or a small apartment, it doesn’t matter as long as they can live in peace and harmony with their loved ones. As such, many are offering property loans to make this happen.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and all agree that as a veteran or an active member of the army, air force, navy, marines or coast guard, you deserve something valuable for serving your country. This includes being eligible for armed forces or VA loans.

The Benefits of VA Loans

The usual home buying process involves a homebuyer paying at least 5% for conventional loans or 3.5% for FHA financing. For example, getting a $100,000 loan means you’ll need about $5,000 down payment. Fortunately, no down payment is necessary for VA loans.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or not, there’s no need to worry about preparing a big amount. As this is government-backed, you’ll have higher opportunities to qualify for competitive housing rates. You need to be careful when making decisions about the property you’re planning to buy, though.

Buying Your Home Sweet Home
  1. Know What You Can Afford – VA loans give you an advantage, but that doesn’t change the fact that you need to pay the exact amount. Don’t forget to think of the future — your and your spouse’s income, a transition in your status, retirement, and responsibilities at home.
  1. Know Your Tax Credits and Exemptions – By using VA loans, you can reduce the amount of property taxes you need to pay each year. For instance, disabled veterans are eligible for a Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption.
  1. Know Your Rights to Upgrade – Properties bought with a VA loan can have renovations to suit your lifestyle. For instance, you can apply for additional financing to make your home more energy efficient. You can also apply for the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) and Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) grant to remodel a part of your home.

As a veteran or an active member of organizations that serve the government, it’s easier to get a house you can call home. All you need is to know your rights and the correct ways to go about the buying process.

The Bad Boys of Yesterday: Were Spartans Really That Strong and Tough?

Sparta is a real city in Greece

Sparta is a real city in GreeceSparta is a real city in Greece. Identifying whether the stories about the Spartans are true or not remains in question, though, as historians have yet to clearly separate facts from myths. But based on their old culture, the (arguably) greatest warriors of the ancient era were truly tough and strong.

Movies depict Spartans as well-built soldiers with six-pack abs and toned muscles that can wrestle with beasts and carry boulders with ease. But without much knowledge about muscle building, workouts, and the right equipment, it remains a mystery how these beefed-up men developed their physique.

According to olden accounts, Spartans had to prove their fitness right at birth. Parents take their infants before a council, which looks for physical defects on the baby. They toss all ill-born into a rift.

The society manifests tough love. They often bathe infants in wine instead of water, and frequently ignore them when they cry. By the time children reach seven years old, they need to leave their homes and undergo the “agoge,” a military-style education program that leads to their soldier-ship.

Baptism of Fire

To toughen these youngsters, adults would encourage them to fight and endure pain. This is somehow similar to what modern fitness facilities do. As the instructors from Strength Studio say, “When we fatigue your muscles efficiently and deeply, we stimulate a growth mechanism within your body.”

The Spartan agoge not only develops the physical tools of the children, but also sharpens their will and emotional strength. As early as 12 years old, Spartans already get a glimpse of the tough world during the ancient times. It’s the society’s way of preparing every generation for the worst.

Soldiers for Life

There is no rest for the Spartans. After finishing the agoge program, they are to be soldiers for life. Their laws prevent them from choosing any occupation other than the military, thus compelling them to stay fit even when they remain on reserve duty until the age of 60.

Workout misconceptions are everywhere. There is a right way of efficiently loading and fatiguing your muscles. Having a regimen similar to the Spartan’s can shape you into a better person, at least physically.

Mould ‘Em Like Maldini: Playing Like the Italians

Play Like the Italians

Play Like the ItaliansA huge part of how Italians play football revolves around catenaccio, a defence-first approach. After all, the lot of their greatest players are defenders moulded to play the perfect shutdown game. AC Milan’s core players up until recently are mostly centre halves and full backs, and they were wildly successful. Any Juventus team of any era had a solid backline to rely on. Herrera’s Inter could possibly be the father of defensive football.

Nonetheless, you would be wrong to think that Italians only play hard-line defending. A host of their legends made their name through scoring. Giuseppe Meazza, Pippo Inzaghi and Paolo Rossi all helped Italy win something through their goals.

The truth is playing like the Italians is much harder to do than many other national playing styles, attests Soccer Tutor.

A Potent Blend of Defence and Offence

Not all Italian football fans recognise the truth about their style of play. The culture of defending is ever-present in Italian football, but it has changed through the years. Nobody plays pure catenaccio nowadays, and you would be crazy to do it. Teams are smarter and have strategies to unlock a rigid defence in more ways than one.

Forwards play their usual role as goal plunders in any Italian team, but they do so much today. At times, they themselves initiate the defending. It is unheard of in the past, strikers going out their way to defend. But, we do not live in the past, do we?

Loyalty in Italian Roots

There are certain parts of the Italian game you can modify, but not the focus on technique, formation and rigour. Italians play a slow game and they are very good in keeping the ball. Just look at what Zlatan Ibrahimovic does with a ball. He is not Italian but his ability to keep the ball to himself is as Italian as it gets.

As for the formation, you implement either a 3-4-3 or a 3-5-2. The former is a lot like how the Dutch traditionally set up their teams, but Italians focus more on defence. One last thing you should remember is Italians stand their ground. To play like them is to weather wave after wave of attacks without fail.

If you want a recent example of a model Italian game, try watching how Antonio Conte’s Juventus play. The manager himself is a fierce advocate of everything Italian, being one himself. Afterwards, try to make some tweaks in order to cover some gaps that modern football play can expose.
The result can only be such an Italian game that Italians would be proud to watch.

Video Marketing Misconceptions Every Business Owner Should Avoid

Video Marketing

Video MarketingIt is important to create a video as part of the marketing campaign, as Google already added video to its ranking metrics. To make the most of the online video program, it is essential to know a few common video marketing misconceptions and avoid them as much as possible.

Time should be Under Three Minutes

A recent survey shows that two minutes and 53 seconds is the average time a person watches a video about a brand, product or service. This does not mean that brands must limit theirs to this time, though. It is not necessary to mind the duration as long as the video keeps the audience interested throughout.

Videos Improve Your SERPs

Before YouTube gained popularity, this concept was true. But with almost every company uploading videos on their websites, it does not warrant companies of anything in SERPS. It does not give brands a significant competitive advantage when they build diverse video campaigns.

It is Unnecessary to Produce Videos

Before, businessmen see videos as an added or complementary element in their marketing strategy. The agents from Web Dandy mention that it is now fast becoming a key element in SEO campaigns. Videos attract numerous visitors to the website, improving traffic and increasing business opportunities.

Spend more to Gain more

There is no certain study that links the effectiveness of video ads to its costs. Even if brands spend a lot, it does not guarantee that the video will lure more people. The effectiveness of videos mostly relies on its content. Instead of the costs, focus more on the story and emotion that engages audiences.

The success of a video campaign does not rely on one element only, particularly on the number of hits it gets. View count is just part of the whole; the audience still needs to act. Viewers must watch the full video, visit the website and engage with the brand regarding the products.