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Skip Bin Collection: Know Your Responsibilities as a Homeowner

Bin Collection in Armadale

Bin Collection in ArmadaleEvery city in Australia has a system in place for skip bin collection. These may vary from one city to another, but overall they are designed to be convenient and easy to follow.

Doing your part helps the city government, together with commercial collectors, ensure seamless waste management. As a homeowner, you have responsibilities to know and fulfil as far as proper skip bin preparation is concerned.

Skip Bin Colour

In Armadale, the bin with a dark green lid is for the rubbish. That with a yellow lid is for recycling. Check the local government’s website to know the colour for garden organics.

Bin Day

Are you aware of your bin day? Refer to waste collection maps if you don’t know when to take out the bins. Each city has its designated collection day. Some cities allow you to prepare two bins on collection day as part of their waste management strategy.

Skip Bin Position

Position the bin facing the kerb and within one metre from it. Your closed bin should be out by 7:00 am.

During the collection day, put a 50 centimetre distance between the bins. Bins placed in an obstructed area will not be emptied. Do not leave them outside overnight.

When hiring, you have the bin for seven days. says you can call the company if you want the bins collected earlier.


The rubbish bin is for small household items. These should not weigh more than 70kg. Make sure there are no burning ashes or toxic chemicals. Electronic equipment, large and sharp objects, motor vehicles and medical waste should also not be in this bin.

For the recycle bin, allowed items include plastic bottles and containers, foil, juice and milk cartons without silver lined UHT, glass bottles and jars without lids. Food and cardboard boxes, envelopes and advertising materials go here, too. In cities with collections for green waste or those meant for composting, you may refer to your city’s guidelines.

Skip bin collection is a team effort. You, your city government and partner organisations like commercial collectors for hire should do it well.

Lowering Fees, Raising Reimbursements and Staying Competitive in the Industry


DentistThe current trend in dental fees has become exceedingly difficult for dentists, no matter how seasoned they are in the field. In the recent years, the medical industry in the United States has met difficulty as more and more people demand for lower medical and dental fees.

Dentists who have recently graduated from school find themselves burdened with debt on school loans alone, and now, they find themselves even unable to finance a decent practice.

The Status Quo

The status quo is bleak, being at the height of medical tourism wherein citizens are likelier to pay for plane tickets rather than pay for medical bills. Even regular customers are asking for lower fees.

It is thus imperative that you learn how to negotiate your dental fees with insurance companies just as well.

Lowering Fees to Stay Competitive

With the demand for better price rates is the inevitability of lowering dental fees to stay competitive. You can start by acquiring cheaper materials. Second, you can negotiate through bundle packages and discounted services, and last but not the least, you can negotiate the reimbursement rates with the insurers handling consumer accounts.

Poor Reimbursements

Learn how to negotiate dental fees. While this can be difficult to do alone, you can enlist the help of a third party specializing in helping dentists maximize their PPO Insurance Revenue.

You can’t simply take small reimbursements sitting down as you slave away in work on a daily basis. Learn to set your rates and negotiate raising the prices and raising reimbursements. While it is understandable that it can be discouraging since you may lose your customers, have a professional handle this for you.

Account for the standard rates nowadays and compare the kind of service that you can offer. Enlist the services of professionals to do the negotiations for you.

Spotlight on TMJ Disorders: Causes and Treatments

Aching Jaw

Aching JawAbout 35 million people in the United States have TMD or TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders. Although these disorders can affect both males and females, a large number of sufferers are females in their childbearing years.

What Exactly are TMJ Disorders?

TMJ or TMD disorders are painful conditions affecting the jaw or mandibular joint, as well as the muscles that control the movement of the jaws. While injury is the typical cause of many TMJ issues, many people experience symptoms for no apparent reason. Fortunately, for a majority of people the pain doesn’t indicate a more serious health issue.

In general, discomfort and pain is temporary and occasional, and will pass without treatment or with simple, non-surgical therapies. Even patients with persistent symptoms don’t undergo aggressive or surgical treatments.

According to both the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) and the American Association for Dental Research (AADR), the main reason for this is that experts in the field are still unsure about the exact causes of TMJ disorders and what treatments are really necessary. There’s also insufficient evidence that indicates which types of treatments work.

What You Can Do

Until sufficient science-based evidence is available for treating TMJ, the NIDCR and AADR recommend the following:

  • Try easy home care practices like avoiding chewing gum, yawning widely, using ice to alleviate pain, eating easily chewable foods, and overexertion of the jaw. Pain medications are only for short-term use.
  • Avoid treatments that may result in permanent bite or jaw modifications. These can include repositioning splints, orthodontics, and crowns and bridges.
  • Note that there’s no single study that can attest to the effectiveness and safety of surgery for treating TMJ. It’s best to consult a health care professional, or a TMJ doctor if you will, who specializes in musculoskeletal disorders and is trained in treating jaw and muscle pain.

TMJ disorders may not always indicate a more serious problem, but to be sure, contact your doctor. Ask them about possible causes and how you can relieve the pain.

Art Attack: Low-cost Arts and Crafts Business Ideas

Arts and Crafts Lovers

Arts and Crafts LoversMore and more people are now looking to have their own home-based businesses, and for good reasons. Those who have had the traditional nine-to-five careers and are considering retirement often think about starting a business as their next move.

This isn’t surprising, though. Research says a person can expect to have at least two to three careers during his lifetime. Thankfully, this type of career change is actually easy, as long as you’re willing to take risks and work really hard.

Do you have passion for arts and crafts? Here are some creative arts and crafts business ideas that you can start from home, which you can start with a small business loan in Bloomington, says


Candles are highly in-demand, especially in churches and even in simple homes. Scented candles, for instance, are commonly used in houses, spas, and hotels. If you have the budget, consider making aromatherapy candles. You can make good money from candle-making candles if you create different shapes and designs and sell them both online and offline.

Handmade Greeting Cards

Ready-made, printed greeting cards that you can simply buy from a bookstore lack a certain touch. You can offer handmade greeting cards made from recycled materials and let your customers do their own designs. You can let them write their own messages, too.


Most women learn how to knit from their moms, grandmothers or during art and craft lessons at school. If you think you’ve mastered several techniques, you can create simple items such as knit baby sweater, blankets, sweaters and even cardigans.


Soap-making is not only for big corporate brands. Think about it. These big brand started small, too. If you’re determined to start your own soap business, consider using organic and natural ingredients. This is a very good niche in this industry.

Of course, you’ll need a small capital to start your new venture. Look for business banking companies that offer small business loans if you need assistance.