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Contact Cuts: The Hidden Solution to Education

Notebook and Pencils

Notebook and PencilsBudget cuts to the country’s educational system have been a hot topic for the past few years, and have caused divisions in communities across the country. School boards have been struggling to maintain the quality of the education they provide, while making the necessary savings to stay afloat. It turns out schools may be overspending without knowing it.

Spending Contacts

According to recent studies that canvassed more than a hundred primary and secondary schools, show educational institutions regularly overspend on telecommunication services. These systems include the maintenance of their telephone communication systems, as well as support for their mobile and internet connections.

The overspending isn’t their fault though, as they lack the necessary training on recent technology, the time to properly manage contracts, and the overuse of traditional suppliers. If schools manage to fix these three things, they can save thousands of dollars on their annual operations. Acquiring voice and data solutions that work to maximize the capabilities of modern technology without taxing budgets is easier than most people think.

Spending to Save

They only need to explore new PSN-approved suppliers that can show that they can effectively and significantly cut down costs without compromising the quality of the service. Most of the problems stem from outdated technology and lax management; two problems that third party providers can easily address. But, wouldn’t hiring someone from the outside entail even more costs?

School boards can think about this situation like hiring accountants – paying people to handle the flow of money. The only difference here is that instead of currency, the suppliers will manage communications, which will result in greater annual savings. Compared to the other kinds of cuts that schools have had to make in the last few years, this is one of the solutions that make sense.

Simply cutting costs isn’t working; schools need to become more efficient and accurate about where they apply their cost-cutting measures.

Safety in Swimming Pools in Perth — It’s a Must

Swimming Pools in PerthYou can’t put a price on human lives. That’s why making your backyard pool as safe as possible for everyone matters. This should hold true, especially in the swimming pool capital of Australia — Perth.

Swimming Pool Nation

There may never be a city that can stand up to Sydney when you talk about the hustle and bustle. Though all the energy of that metropolis comes with a slew of seemingly never-ending traffic, there’s simply no stopping Sydney when you talk about business.

But when you set your eyes on getting a dip, one city outshines Australia’s busiest. For 12% of the nation’s population wanting to get out of the sweltering summer heat, swimming pool is the best relief, a Roy Morgan recent survey details.

The same survey names Perth as the city to beat when it comes to household pools. Almost 18% of residents in the capital city of Western Australia goes home to a household with a swimming pool, edging past any other city in the Land Down Under.

While that outlook seems all positive, the rise in the number of backyard pools should come with a warning.

Safety First

A recent Royal Life Saving Society report shows an alarming increase in swimming pool accidents involving children under five. This is where perimeter defence in the form of a glass fence is most useful.

What’s disappointing in the report is that most of these incidents happen in and around the home. A glass fence not only restricts children’s access to the pool, it also allows parents to monitor the activities of people even from the outside. Particularly, glass fencing experts from Clear-Az-GlassFencing recommend frameless fencing for an unobstructed view.

As the Royal Society’s national manager of research and policy, Amy Peden, pointed out, nothing beats ‘active adult supervision, watching children whenever you’re in or around the water, restricting their access to water and — this is most pertinent with the home swimming pool — and making sure that it’s properly fenced.’

Choosing a Rug for Your Little One’s Nursery


rugWhen shopping for a rug to place in your little one’s nursery, you can’t just go ahead and pick the cute pink plush rug just because it looks like cotton candy. There is more to design when choosing what goes into your baby’s room.

Buying a child friendly rug is important because it can cause or prevent allergies and affect other aspects of the nursery. Here is a quick guide on what you should be looking for:


Wool rugs and natural fibers are perhaps the safest choice for your baby’s sensitive skin. Wool-sisal rugs are a great option since the wool will have the softness that balances out the roughness of the sisal. Wool-sisal rugs are intrinsically antibacterial, flame-resistant, nontoxic and hypoallergenic.

Stain Protection

Cleaning soiled rugs can be a headache, so it is better to choose one with nano-protector fibers. Nanoloc™ rugs are resistant to spills and soil. These are easy to clean and tend to last longer than most rugs. It is also very luxurious and does not cause skin abrasion.

Humidity Stability recommends rugs that offer insulation and humidity stabilization. A good rug should also be hypoallergenic despite the high thread count.

Higher Density

The higher the density of the rug, the tighter its weave. Higher density rugs wear slower and last longer. You can test this by trying to wiggle your fingers to the bottom of the rug. The more difficult it is, the denser it is. You can also check out the yarn spirals. The more spirals it has, the more durable it is.


Breathable carpets are cooler to the touch. This is especially necessary as a young child’s skin tends to heat up faster. Look for material that offers plenty of cushion, and is bacteria and allergen-repellent as well.

Choosing the best rug for your nursery requires thorough planning. Remember these and surely, your children will enjoy playtime on the floor each time.

Yes, You Can Clean Your Teeth without a Toothbrush

SmileSometimes, you just can’t bring everything with you. When on the road for long periods of time, you can sometimes forget small things like a toothbrush and toothpaste. So what exactly can you do if you need to keep your teeth healthy and clean before you can get back to civilization and buy yourself a toothbrush or toothpaste?

St George, Utah dentists lists some unique ways of doing it.

If You Have No Toothbrush

You can alternatively use common household items like water, salt, and even paper towels. The simplest way is to gargle with a cup of water and spit it out into a sink. This washes out a lot of the plaque and can even dislodge some of the bits of food left in the gaps between the teeth.

Mixing in salt into the water without diluting it also helps in cleaning out the teeth more efficiently and also disinfects the mouth and throat; don’t swallow it, though. A paper towel can also be used to scrub the teeth from hard to remove stains left by certain food, tiding you over until you get a toothbrush.

If You Have No Toothpaste

Sometimes, you may find yourself with a toothbrush but without toothpaste, so a substitute may sometimes be necessary. One of the most important alternative ingredients is the use of oil, such as coconut, sesame, and vegetable oil. Mix it around in your mouth for about a minute and spit it out into the sink.

You can also drop a bit of good quality essential oil into the mix (popular choices are peppermint and lemon) for fresher breath. When done, gargle with room temperature water and salt as above.

Other Ways to Get Healthy Teeth

Your diet obviously has a very big impact on the health and longevity of your teeth. Simply stopping or minimizing your intake of sugar, hard candies, or other sweet desserts can help, but you can munch other things to help make your teeth healthier. Eating pears, apples, strawberries, and oranges not only provide the teeth with vitamins, but their flesh and fibers can “scrub” the teeth and clean up some of the plaque and food residue. Just be sure to brush your teeth after every meal.

Alternative means of cleaning your teeth and mouth are all well and good. However, it’s not a reason to be neglectful of the more modern means of keeping healthy. Keep your teeth healthy and safe by consulting a dentist in St. George, Utah, at least once a year. Remember, your teeth are the first thing people see when you smile.

Celebrity Living: When Motels Turn into Homes

Celebrity Living

Celebrity LivingBuying a motel for sale is a strategic business move. As a more affordable accommodation choice, motels are popular among backpackers and those wishing to save money on their holidays, especially for overnight trips. Even celebrities decided to stay in these types of accommodation!

Operating with motels for sale in Melbourne, shares stories of famous personalities who have stayed in motels:

Natina Reed

RnB artist Natina Reed allegedly had an extended-stay in a motel. There is no report indicating the reason the Bring It On star was staying in the motel.

Granville Hatcher

Granville Hatcher is one of the artists who pushed his dreams of becoming an actor. From Boston, he moved to New York to complete his acting program. He went back to California after landing a role in a film starring Kurt Russell. While he was earning $2,000 weekly for his role in this film, he maintained a simple lifestyle by staying in a cheap motel during the filming season. From the motel, he travelled to the studio gate in his 1986 Buick car. A limousine picked him up and brought him back to his private quarters. This was his daily activity, which is far from the Hollywood lifestyle that other people thought.

Chord Overstreet

Whilst Chord Overstreet did not live in a motel, his Glee character Sam Evans did. According to the storyline, Sam’s family house foreclosed after his father lost his job. Now homeless, Sam and his two younger siblings have to stay in a motel after selling some of their stuff. It may only be onscreen, but Chord may have felt grateful when living in a motel.

Motels are not just for the travellers who have a limited budget. This just shows the motel market is changing with the needs of today’s consumers.

I Am (Not) That Girl/Guy: When Is Online Impersonation Unlawful?


lawThey say copying someone is one of the sincerest forms of flattery. But do it online and you might find yourself facing a trial.

Generally, the act of impersonating another person is not likely to be considered unlawful, unless the situation calls for a legal action. For example, when you impersonate a police officer, you might find yourself spending well-deserved jail time. It is not unlawful to assume someone’s identity per se, but impersonating another without committing civil or criminal offense is impossible.

Online Impersonation: The New Identity Theft

Online impersonation occurs when you use another person’s name to create social media accounts, send an email, post content, or contact other users. Since online platforms cannot thoroughly verify information, people can easily create an account under another identity.

This new form of identity theft is a powerful tool in harassing and damaging the reputation of other people. Accounts made under other identities can be used for cases of cyberbullying and extortion.

On the Issue of Privacy and Defamation

When impersonation occurs, there will certainly be false information and statements. Copying someone online becomes unlawful when you use these accounts to defame or breach a user’s privacy. In terms of privacy, when an impersonator communicates with others for personal information, it falls under the offenses of the Texas Online Impersonation statute.

Cases of Fraud and Deceit includes fraud and deceit under unlawful impersonation. When you use the identity of another to obtain money, services, or goods, you can face prosecution for fraud and other similar types of offences.

In the case of deceit, a civil case occurs when a person makes a false statement, despite his knowledge of the truth. If there is an intention to deceive or if one relies on the deceit for the other party to suffer loss, it is also a case of unlawful impersonation.

Online impersonation can be a form of flattery if it is done with the concerned individual’s consent. Done otherwise, you might end up as the online doppelganger in jail.