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Californians Use Online Safety Tools to Lead Police to the Right Suspects

Online Safety ToolsThe growing mistrust of the community towards the law and order enforcement agencies remains to be critically unstable.

With the hundreds of unreported unlawful activities resulting to injuries and senseless shootings, the resentment felt by the minorities, the black people, and the pride communities have never been much deserved — yet still partially ignored.

But, thanks to online reporting tools for public safety, such as California’s URSUS and’s universal software as a service civil records manager, everyone can now have an extra layer of defense when dealing with criminal acts.

A No Nonsense and Non-curtailed Integrated Solution

When under investigation, it’s generally hard to prove your point, no matter how genuine the statement may be for various reasons. Fortunately, now, the TurboTax approach of e-force software enables anyone under duress to state nothing but the truth.

According to Justin Erlich, a special assistant attorney, online policing digital platforms are redefining the confidence in the level of safety. “Departments must report the data under a new state law passed last November. Though some departments already tracked such data on their own, many did not. Working with the California Department of Justice, a technology nonprofit called Bayes Impact developed the tool in hopes of making the data easy for departments to report and easy for the state to analyze.”

Desire for Transparent and Data-Driven Justice Process

At times when there’s a hot pursuit, innocents and bystanders often become part of the casualties or indicated to be part of the criminal party. The current level of miscommunication and failures in judgment leads to loss of life and the police get to walk away free despite fatalities.

For this reason, California Attorney General Kamala Harris said in a news release, “As a country, we must engage in an honest, transparent, and data-driven conversation about police use of force.”

Hopefully, with the rollout of online law enforcement platforms and with the help of the public, there will be fewer accidents that happen in the name of a just cause.

How Does Novated Lease Work?

Novated LeaseNovated leasing might be a bit complicated to understand, especially if this is the first time you have encountered this term. Also known as “salary packaging a car,” this means that your lender will deduct the car payments from your salary prior tax.

How does it work?

According to Cars Guide, a normal novate agreement is agreeable upon two to five years where you can trade your car for a newer model or you can do a “balloon” payment and keep the car. If you are still wondering about the difference between a regular car loan and a novated lease, keep in mind that a regular loan requires you to pay post-tax.

What are the benefits for employees?

To start, you can stretch your dollars with this kind of payment scheme because your lender will charge you pre-tax from your salary. Lease Masters added that this gives you flexibility when it comes to the type of vehicle you truly want to drive. More importantly, when you choose novated leasing, you don’t have to give the car back to your employer when you switch jobs. The contract is transferable to your new employer or under your name if you wish.

What are the benefits for employers?

While novated leasing directly benefits employees, employers will also find it advantageous. This kind of salary packaging can stretch your employee’s salary income with little to no cost to your company. This will also give you the chance to offer your employee’s their choice of cars without being left with excess or unwanted vehicles if they choose to leave or transfer to another job.

Novated lease is a common vehicle lease popular in Australia. According to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), this lease is doable between you and a leasing company or tripartite agreement among an employee, an employer and a finance company.

To be able to get the best deals, using novated lease Australia calculators can determine the right kind of package for you. There are many finance companies for you to choose from. All you have to do is determine the right fit.

Tree Roots and Drains

Drainage SystemMature trees add beauty and shade to landscapes. Also, they improve air quality, reduce storm water and lessen the radiated heat from the road. Overall, they play an important role in making a city attractive, healthy and sustainable.

Certainly, there’s a long list of benefits to growing trees on your lawn, but there’s also one major drawback: drain blockage. As the trees grow and mature, the roots can cause extensive damage to sewer pipes.

Pipes contain water. Trees love water.

It’s only natural that roots are attracted to sewer lines. Pipes are a generous source of water, nutrients and oxygen – the three main elements that roots crave.

Faulty pipes give the roots an ideal entry point into the sewer lines. They get in through leaking joints, deteriorated seals, where the joint has been dislodged or damaged. Typically, normal tree roots can’t crack into a well-installed and well-maintained pipe, says Tim Miller Plumbing. But once it has deteriorated, roots from different types of trees, plants and even grass can creep into the pipe and wreak havoc from there.

Expensive damage

Tree roots growing inside pipes are one of the most expensive and problematic sewer maintenance issues. As roots continue to grow and expand, they apply great force at the joint where they entered the pipe. Over time, the pressure can break the pipe and cause its total collapse, which will require replacement.

They can also lead to sewer backups and damaged sewer pipes throughout the community, and fixing them can cost thousands of dollars. Sewage leaks, on the other hand, are unsanitary and can result in a variety of health issues. Fortunately, you can mitigate the damages by watching out for the early signs.

Listen to the signs

When your drain clogs often, is difficult to clear and makes gurgling noises, it’s time to bring in the expert. The culprit can be the tree outside your home, or it can be something else altogether. You’ll never know the cause and how to fix the problem unless you have it inspected.

Are trees worth the potential damage? Perhaps. It’s all a matter of planting wisely.


Professional Marketing: Power of Business Cards

Business CardIn the age of digital advertising and social media, it is easy to forget how traditional marketing and branding started. Before everything can be found online, people used to communicate and make their brands known through magazine and newspaper advertisement. In the business field, people build connections through their business cards. Business cards are still as important today as it was yesterday. Printing your business stationery may not be on your company’s agenda for now, but these three reasons might just help you realize the urgency of having one.

3 Reasons to keep your logo visible offline

  1. Professional Credibility

Professional credibility is the foundation of any business, both big and small. Having a business stationery when sending letters, or by simply having a business card to hand to people are signs that your business means serious business. It might take a few hours to come up with a business card and letterheads, but it does benefit potential clients and customers. No wonder companies before the digital age opted to use this method.

  1. Personal

Despite the rise of internet communications and emails, direct marketing is still one of the most effective ways to make your brand and company known. What better way to start a relationship than by handing out your business card? A business relationship is still more significant when done personally than electronically.

  1. Brand Marketing

Business cards and letterheads market your brand. It says a lot about your company and even your position. A not-so-well thought of business card can give a bad first impression compared to an aesthetically appealing one. Seeing your logo in letters and cards make people aware and curious about your brand.

Marketing and professionalism are two of the most important thing to make it big in business. Reach that goal with the help of the smallest weapon — your business card.

A Brief History Of Metallurgy

Metal WorksIt’s safe to say that without metals and metalworking, mankind wouldn’t have advanced to the modern age. Humans would still be hunter-gatherers instead of crop growers, animal herders, and large-scale industrialists. Between metal spinners and everything else in the field of metallurgy, the world owes what it is to hardy minerals from underneath the earth.

Man’s First Brush With Metals

It’s assumed that prehistoric humans used six main metals: gold, copper, silver, tin, lead, and iron. Nobody knows which metal was discovered first, but it’s assumed that humankind started using copper as early as 9000 B.C. Copper is about as common as metals can get and it’s easy to work with. These might be the two main reasons that built the foundation for the world’s earliest civilisations.

Gold, while much rarer, is also widely used during these times. Experts claim that these two metals were used first because they occur in a ‘free state’. That is, they’re not mixed with other materials. It might’ve been easy for early humans to spot gold and copper nuggets wherever they lived. Both metals are also quite malleable. Without melting or heating, they can be shaped into various useful forms.

Onward To The Future

Humans didn’t know of smelting until several thousand years later. Since the use of fire is widespread, the discovery of smelting may have been an accident — a metal nugget or a finished tool falling into a campfire, melting, and being malleable enough to form more shapes. The earliest discovered examples of metal casting date to the 3800 B.C., when ancient objects of smelted copper were found in Iran.

This eventually led to mining. The world’s first documented mining efforts go back to the same period. Man-made shafts used for excavating copper ore were discovered in ancient caves in the Balkans. The timeline goes further forward to 2800 B.C. when people found out that they can mix metals with others to create new ones. A mixture of copper and tin formed the alloy bronze; a metal so important that the Bronze Age was born. Iron, steel, and cast iron were discovered thousands of years later, in succession.

Since then, metalworking’s importance in modern society has grown to a monumental one.

A Clean Carpet Equates to A Healthy Home

Clean Carpet in AucklandA clean carpet leads to a better looking home and a longer lasting rug. Yet, the most important advantage of a clean carpet is that it will keep your family away from health hazards. If someone in your family suffers from breathing problems, it is vital that you get it cleaned at least thrice a week. Besides regularly vacuuming your home, hire the services of a carpet cleaning crew in Auckland.

If you really do not think a professional cleaning service is necessary, the following benefits of having a clean carpet might convince you.

Carpet cleaning gets rid of trapped pollutants.

The Environmental Protection Agency says an unclean carpet holds a number of indoor air particles like pollution, dirt and dust, particle pollution, lead, cockroach allergens and pet dander. What’s worse is that hazardous airborne gases can stick to these pollutants and will also get trapped in the carpet. The said gases are spread when you walk in your carpet or vacuum it, this will then lead to air contamination in your home.

Carpet cleaning done professionally will eliminate bacteria in your home as they use special shampoos and high-powered vacuums.

Carpet cleaning wipes out dust mite swarms.

A lot of homes encounter dust mite infestations. However, most residents are never aware of it as these mites are microscopic. Dust mites are not allergens, but their body fragments and faeces are. Their sizes make it possible for you to easily inhale them, which will trigger allergens.

Professional carpet cleaning services use the steam cleaning tactic that will place your carpet in extreme temperatures to kill dust mites.

A clean carpet leads to a healthy lifestyle. There is nothing more frustrating than combating particles you cannot see. Ensure that you commit to a regular cleaning maintenance to keep your family healthy.

How You Can Qualify for an FHA Loan

If you think you will not qualify for a mortgage, you should ask your lender FHA loansabout an FHA loan. When done right, you can have the house you desire.

The Federal Housing Administration or FHA is the insurer rather than the lender. With their assistance, lending companies are more willing to be less strict with their borrower requirements. But, an FHA loan lender will still have a checklist of requirements.

Here are some of them:


You need to have been with an employer or otherwise regular employment for two years. You must also be of legal age and resident of the US with a Social Security number. Your monthly amortization, plus other costs such as insurance, credit cards, student loans, and car payments, should not be more than 43% of your income before taxes. You can probably get away with paying up to 50% if your lender can justify the exception.

Initial capacity

Apart from your regular income, Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. explains that a borrower needs to pay at least 3.5% of the loan amount plus any closing costs you might incur. You can get this from a family member if you do not have the savings. However, you must have at least a credit score of 580 if you want to avail of the minimum down payment. You can still get an FHA loan with the maximum loan-to-value ratio of 90% if you have a credit score between 500 and 579, but you will have to pay a down payment of 10%.

Other requirements

The FHA requires approved lenders to include the following requirements in addition:

·It is for a primary residence

·The property was appraised by an FHA-approved entity

·The property meets FHA minimum standards, e.g. good repair

·Three years out of foreclosure, with some exceptions

·Two years out of bankruptcy, with some exceptions

If you are hoping to qualify for an FHA loan, you need to get in touch with an FHA-approved lender. While the requirements are not as stringent as a regular mortgage, there are still qualifications. This list is just a few of the requirements.

5 Common Air Duct Problems That Make Your HVAC Less Efficient

Dirty air ductsDucts are an important part of your home’s forced-air heating and cooling system. Your HVAC unit uses these air ducts to distribute heated or cooled air throughout your house. Unfortunately, a significant amount of the conditioned air is lost due to poorly performing ducts.

Here are five common duct system problems that could be responsible for the uncomfortable temperatures at some of the rooms in your home and your high utility bill.

1. Improperly designed duct system.

An efficient HVAC system needs a duct system that is well-designed and properly installed. Poorly designed air ducts cannot efficiently supply and return the airflow required to air condition your home. Such ducts will make the heating and cooling system work unduly harder to make the house comfortable.

2. Leaking ductwork.

According to, a typical American home loses approximately 20-30% of the air that moves through its duct system due to holes, leaks, and poorly connected ducts. Duct sealing helps to repair holes and leaks so as to prevent loss of conditioned air and protect indoor air quality.

3. Dirty air ducts.

Air ducts can get clogged with dirt, debris, vermin and many other contaminants. If that happens, the ductwork efficiency is reduced, and there are consequences on indoor air quality. An air duct cleaning service like Larsen HVAC in Provo can help you keep your ducts clean and efficient.

4. Uninsulated or not fully insulated ductwork.

Your ducts may not have holes or leaks, but if they’re not insulated or fully insulated, they won’t be efficient. Proper insulation can help improve the overall efficiency of the system.

5. Poorly sealed registers and grills.

Poorly sealed registers and grills contribute to loss of conditioned air before it reaches the rooms that need warming or cooling. Since you already paid to heat or cool the lost air, your HVAC has to work harder, and you have to pay higher utility bills. Rectify the problem by sealing all gaps behind registers and grills.

Air ducts are the network by which cooled or heated air reaches you. A problem-free duct system can improve your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, and safety. Hire a reputable professional to do a complete airflow evaluation of your home’s heating and cooling system.

The New Entrepreneur: Why Build a Business When You Can Buy Instead?

Entrepreneur in Salt Lake CityStarting a business can be a long, stressful journey that only a few are willing to risk. If you feel that you still want to put up your own company, however, you might want to consider buying an existing business.

Here are some practical reasons presented in a less technical and down-to-earth fashion:

Buying Can Cost Less Than BuildingPutting up a business can cost more than that initially because it includes existing market studies, branding, promotional materials, and other required business peripherals that can cost you, other than the actual products and equipment that comes with the whole lot. These are also important aspects of the business that bring in the customers and the profits.

Buying Can Mean Less Work – With the initial work over, such as market study, product development, and selection of contacts and suppliers, you would have more time to expand your business or even look for additional products and services to offer. In some cases, when you buy a business in Utah, you don’t even consider just keeping the business running as is and be content with the profits the company is currently earning. Either way, Utah Business Consultants explains that your work is reduced because the initial foundational work is part of what you’re buying.

Buying Gives You A More Realistic View – Many an entrepreneur have dreamed of setting up an internationally renowned corporation or company that would earn billions worldwide. Most likely the business you are buying hasn’t been able to earn that much which is why the owner is moving on to a new venture. You as the buyer would, therefore, have a clearer idea on how much the company can really make and be content with it since you bought everything with your eyes wide open.

Aiming for a more stable income over that a one-time big time earning is a more practical business viewpoint. When in doubt, ask the experts in the field of buying and selling businesses. Most importantly, have them check all the facts and details first before you sign anything.

Adventurous Investments: Why Caravan Parks are Ace

Caravan ParkAre you looking for a refreshing investment? Maybe caravan parks are the answer. According to Resort Brokers Australia, over 85% of Australians has experienced caravanning or gone camping, and the number is bound to grow as more people look for economical holiday options.

Apart from being an affordable holiday option, getting on a caravan and living on the road is a life not limited to a certain age group. It also allows groups and individuals alike to see more of the world — or Australia, at least — without a strict period or a tight schedule.

 Here's why you should consider investing in a caravan park: 

An Economical Holiday Option

Who doesn’t love a good road trip to explore the best that Australia can offer? But, unlike going on a trip and paying hotels along the way, caravanning puts together your vehicle and your accommodation. You do have to pay for fuel, food and camping fees, but those are still relatively cheaper.

An Age-Friendly Adventure

With the recent fall in gasoline prices and a lower Australian dollar, holidaying at home rather than going overseas has become a popular option for Australians. Teenagers and baby boomers do enjoy their time on the road, but it is the grey nomads — a growing band of over-55 retirees — who make up the largest group of caravan travellers at 40%.

It is safe to say that no matter how old you are, caravanning is always a good option.

An Unexpected Turn

Finally, caravanning is the ultimate road trip because you have nothing to lose from a wrong turn. In fact, you might find something better than the original destination. Without the strains of hotel bookings and tour schedules, caravan adventurers have more freedom.

Wouldn’t you say investing in a caravan park is a wise decision?