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Keeping Car Keys Safe and Sound When Surfing or Swimming

keeping car key safe
Being locked out of your vehicle can be a frustrating situation. Although you can certainly and immediately call vehicle locksmiths to create a duplicate for you, Sail City Locksmiths says that you may rather have kept your car keys safe in the first place.

Surfers specifically have this problem, as they want to enjoy the waters yet they also want to have a sense of security with their valuables, including their car keys.

Safe with You

When you are a surfer yourself, you can keep your car keys safe in many ways. You can bring it with you as you surf. You can tie a shoelace through the car key and wear the ‘necklace’ around your neck and inside our wetsuit. Alternatively, you can also fasten the key to the string of your wetsuit or board shorts pockets. You can only do these, however, if you have a non-electronic key or spare.

Waterproof It

When you are simply going for a swim, you can come prepared to keep your car keys safe. You can keep your keys inside the pockets of waterproof shorts. You can also purchase waterproof cases for mobile phones where you can store your keys as well.

Unprepared Security

When you have come unprepared on a beach, you can practice a few, albeit unconventional, methods. You can hide your key somewhere under your car where the keys are safe. At the same time, you can leave your personal belongings with residents on the beach. You can also bury your key in the sand and mark the area with your belongings.

The Diaper Solution

Perhaps the most outrageous way to keep your keys safe is to hide your key in a diaper. Of course, you have to use an unused diaper. You can simply wet the diaper, hide your key inside, and leave it somewhere where people will not throw it away.

You can keep your car keys safe with these few methods. Remember, you can also call vehicle locksmiths to help you with lost or stolen car keys.

Refinancing Rules: How Do You Know if The Mortgage is for You?

home refinancing in Towson, North Laurel
Refinancing your current mortgage is an excellent strategy to lower your monthly repayments. How does it work? In essence, it replaces your current loan with a new one and reset the clock. In most cases, the new mortgage comes with lower interest, lower interest and a shorter term, or a cash-out option. Considering that most deals these days have low rates, a refi has never been more tempting.

However, everybody in Maryland knows that there’s no template that makes a successful mortgage for all. A refinance in Towson, North Laurel, or Ilchester would only work for you if you analyze the deal, along with your situation. To do that, follow these rules:

Make Sure Interest Rate Drops at Least 2%

The beauty of a refi lies in its interest savings. If the difference between your current rate and the new one is less than 2%, if wouldn’t offer significant value — especially when the loan amount is small.

Unless it’s a no-cost refinance, you would pay certain fees at closing. Whether or not you see yourself changing residences down the road, you have to recoup your out-of-pocket expenses quickly. Your breakeven period should only take a few months. Due to life’s uncertainties, your refinance may even cause you to lose money.

But then again, the 2% lower rate rule doesn’t always apply. If you need a short term to recoup your closing costs — let’s say 13 months — then you can forget about the substantial interest rate difference.

Think of How Long You Intend to Live There

No savvy borrower would refinance and then sell the property before hitting the breakeven period. Make sure you see yourself living in your home for a considerable number of years. Even if you do, it doesn’t mean you should agree for a long breakeven period. Again, life is full of uncertainties. A single event could suddenly change your long-term plans.

If you have to give up your home before your breakeven period is over, you would end up spending more money with the refi.

Don’t Forget about the Term

Other than snagging low-interest rates, shortening your loan’s term may save you precious dollars throughout your mortgage’s life. Of course, a 15-year term would involve less interest than a 30-year term. In addition, you would build equity on your property faster. If you look hard enough, you may lower your monthly repayment despite choosing a shorter term.

These rules make a great guide, but you shouldn’t put your fate on them solely. At the end of the day, doing your research and mull things over before refinancing. If you have to break any of these rules, do it if they don’t make sense for your situation.

Scientists in New Zealand Support U.S. Ban on Triclosan, Other Chemicals

harmful chemicals
After the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the use of triclosan in consumer products, scientists in New Zealand believe there is a good reason to do so.

The chemical is one of 19 active substances found in common household cleaning products, but the FDA decided to ban the use of these ingredients due to their lack of efficiency.

In fact, these chemicals might even be the reason why certain products don’t deliver their promise of fighting bacteria. Kurt Krause, a New Zealand university professor, said that triclosan had been linked to antibiotic resistance, and there have been concerns over its potential to harm a person’s endocrine system.

Widespread Use

Triclosan may not always be listed as an active ingredient in chemical labels, but they have been added as an anti-bacterial agent to bath soaps, toothpaste, shampoo and even children’s toys, according to Krause, who is a director of the Webster Centre for Infectious Diseases at the University of Otago.

Canterbury University professor Sally Gaw agreed that triclosan should be excluded from consumer products. The chemical is believed to be a carcinogen and can damage liver, kidney and hormonal functions, Gaw said.

In the U.S., the FDA ban covered 2,100 over-the-counter anti-bacterial soap products that accounted for around 40% of the market.

Scientific Evidence

Krause believes that using a certain chemical to fight bacteria appear to be a losing battle when antibiotic resistance comes into mind, while Gaw cited the toxicity of triclosan on fish and algae as one reason not to use it on products.

Gaw also supported Krause’s claim that the exposure of triclosan to bacteria can contribute to more resistant microorganisms. On the other hand, the ingredient should not be entirely banned in New Zealand, as it is still an effective product when used in hospitals and other medical settings, according to Louis Tremblay, a Cawthron Institute environmental toxicologist.

That’s because bacteria thrive in those places, so using triclosan makes sense to prevent them from spreading, Tremblay said.

As a consumer, it’s best to check the label before buying anything. Likewise, businesses should make the most of chemical labels to make sure that their customers (new and old) are well informed.

Venous Stents Current Trends: The Must-Knows

Venous StentMost people know that coronary stents implanted in the arteries of the heart are to correct blood flow. And venous stents perform in the same way. But doctors’ experience has presented that veins performed differently than arteries.

The stents are metal mesh tubes that widen against narrowed or blocked vein walls. They operate as an arena to keep veins open. And in most cases, the surgeons implant the venous stents in central, larger veins like the ones found in the legs, chest, and abdomen. Practically, all patients with chronic or acute iliofemoral disease will require a stent.

Current Consideration in Venous Stents

The key to successful inferior vena cava (IVC) and iliac vein recanalization is to have an understanding of the anatomy. Because venous stents are implanted in the IVC, common iliac, external iliac, and common femoral veins for those with chronic venous obstructions and/or May-Thurner syndrome.

The explanation to why angioplasty alone is ineffective is because, in the May-Thurner syndrome, the right common iliac artery crosses on top of the left common iliac vein. It is a compressive phenomenon and there is also a hyaline scar formation within the vein lumen too.

So, the doctor must take into account the inflow and outflow, the general anatomic situation, and the precise health of the common femoral veins, feeding veins (profunda and femoral), and the cephalic extension of the obstruction. It is a high priority to have an outstanding cross-sectional imaging for planning purposes. Doctors depend on CT venography with formatting in the coronal and sagittal view. As well as using MRI.


Iliac veins can be accomplished using local anesthesia and intravenous sedation and IVC recanalization basically needs the use of propofol. Also, a urinary catheter is placed as the procedures can last longer. Unfractionated heparin is fully anticoagulated to the patients during the procedure with a target activated clotting time of 300 seconds.

New or Used: An Auto Lift Purchase

lift machine
You may be an automotive enthusiast, a car collector, or a professional mechanic. No matter who you are, you can use lifts like challenger auto lifts for your vehicles. Auto lifts are popular equipment in auto shops, but surprisingly in the home as well.

Home Benefits

When you have an auto shop of your own, you need auto lifts to offer great services to your customers. You can also use auto lifts at home, especially if you want easier access to all parts of your vehicle. Using auto lifts is also safer than using an auto jack. At the same time, an auto lift grants you the power to do maintenance and repair to your vehicle if you are up to it. Finally, you can use an auto lift to create extra storage under your raised vehicle.

New vs. Used

Now, when you are thinking about purchasing a car lift, you may think that perhaps it may be better to buy used than new. There are several disadvantages to this, however. First, used lifts lack warranties from manufacturers. You also have the mystery of how heavily a used lift was used in the past.

Missing Parts

With regards to the insides of a used lift, parts will likely be missing from used lifts because of the need for lifts to be removed and relocated during the sale. Due to this, JMC Equipment and other experts say that you may need replacement parts, which will cost quite a significant amount of money.

Labor Costs

New lifts are easier to install and you will pay less for installation labor. With used lifts, you have to pay extra for the labor of dismantling the lift and transferring it to your home. With these, you are way better off with a new auto lift.

An auto lift is a great investment if you want extra space, accessibility, and power for DIY repair. You can choose to buy new over used since new auto lifts are clearly more advantageous than used lifts.

Food Poisoning in AU Food Establishments: The Scary Stats

restaurant buffet setup
One of the biggest concerns that Hospitality, as well as Health industries in New South Wales (or in general, all of Australia), have is incorrect handling procedures can lead to serious diseases, more commonly known as food poisoning or food-borne illnesses. Experts estimate that more than 4 million people in the country suffer from this health problems.

This is why all workers whose jobs entail handling of food need to undergo a credited food handling certificate program, such as those offered by Australian Institute of Accreditation.

How food poisoning happens

There are some types of food more susceptible to toxins or health hazardous bugs. These products may already contain them even before their purchase. However, a lot of contamination cases also happen through poor hygiene and handling practices. Incorrect temperature control also paves the way for these toxins and bugs to grow at an alarming rate.

Harmful bugs on food: The transfer process

Transfer of the most dangerous bugs on food happens through people who handle them, as humans carry them via the hair, skin, nose, and throat. This is why all food businesses and organisations should implement rigorous hygiene practices for all their food handlers. The transfer can also happen when someone coughs or sneezes within the near vicinity of the food products.

Food poisoning and their causes

There are many major players when it comes to food poisoning. The top ones include insufficient cooking time, incorrect food storage, food handled by a person with an illness or someone who didn’t wash his/her hands properly, and using expired food among many others.

The law-mandated food standards

The Australian state and territory governments enforce food standards through their own individual and varying Food Acts. The Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 contains the general must-comply with regulations. All the laws written here aim to protect the health and safety of the public – regulations food handlers have to remain in compliance with.

Digital Nomads and Big Data: Tourism Developments to Take Note of

Resort Brokers Australia The strength of tourism around the world has made many leaders of the industry realise that there are some serious gains to be had by joining businesses that cater to local and international tourists. Every business — from food to retail — would do well to adapt to the changing landscape brought on by the influx of new clientele from different regions.

The Rise of the Digital Nomad

The world is more connected now than it’s ever been, thanks to technologies that enable communication by various means. Wherever the internet can be accessed via Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, people can communicate with the rest of the world. This is the rock on which the life of the digital nomad stands. Digital nomads are people who use technology to do their jobs, making them location independent. As long as they have their devices with them — laptops, tablets or smartphones — they are ‘in their office’.

They are also known as telecommuters; writers, digital artists, editors, filmmakers, video editors and the like make up the bulk of the workforce. Their strong presence has helped tourism in different parts of the world.

The Growing Realisation of the Value of Big Data

Due to technology, people’s capability to collect data has grown exponentially. One of the challenges is the growing amount of data; there’s more data available than businesses know what to do with. But tech experts and thinkers have realised there is more to data than just the need for more servers to contain it.

Now the number of businesses relying on data to plan their next move to grow and reach more customers is growing. Where there used to be only leaders’ opinions and insights to base decisions on, now there is data. Decisions based on data rather than opinion or insight are more reliable and highly implementable, resulting in more benefits.

Joining the Rest of the World

These developments are making entrepreneurs around the world understand how to get the most gains out of their businesses — if they can take advantage of big data and the dependence of tourists on technologies that enable them to work or communicate wherever they are. Restaurant owners and motel brokers in Queensland such as Resort Brokers Australia know the best businesses are those whose owners understand how to adjust to the changing business landscape.

The world is indeed getting smaller. People are travelling and trying to see more of it, whether for pleasure, for work or somewhere in between. Businesses are adapting; those that don’t are likely to fall behind and go under. Which would you rather choose? The answer is a no-brainer.

The Latest Nail Trends as told by Spring/Summer 2017 Collections

Young Woman in Heber City with Colorful Nail PolishEvery girl — from sophomore students to busy career women — deserves to treat herself once in a while. If getting pampered from hand to toe (literally) is your idea of spoiling yourself, you might be familiar with the mani-pedi services of spas like Good Spa Day: soaking, exfoliation, and massage.

If you like to mix in some fashion therapy to your pampering sessions, then you’re going to enjoy these latest nail trends inspired by Spring/Summer 2017 collections.

Making the most of Metallics

There are few things more eye-catching than metallics. This year, it has certainly made its mark on the eyes of trend setters because the Philip Lim collection is the inspiration for the metallics manicure trend. Whether you choose a textured 14-karat top or a rose gold one sheen, your nails are sure to catch attention with their effortless elegance.

Bringing Black Back

Black is a lot of people’s go-to color. It’s easy to match and easy to clean, after all. The vertically striped black polish at Vera Wang’s collection is proof that black is making a comeback and isn’t necessarily limited to accessorizing grunge and vampy looks.

Being Bold with Color Blocks

Black may be making a comeback, but it doesn’t mean that colors have to take a backseat. Inspired by Jeremy Scott’s Spring/Summer 2017 looks, colorful geometric patterns are bound to take over nail art this year to keep things fresh.

Nailing It with the Neutrals

The Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2017 collection featured a variety of neutrals and natural hues that are undeniably soft and feminine. If you prefer a simple and subtle look, daintily neutral nails should be your default for the year.

Are you aiming for understated elegance? Do you prefer bold designs? Whichever you like better, the abovementioned designer-inspired 2017 nail trends will lend a hand in completing your look every time.

Smiling During an Interview: Have You Perfected the Art?

Smiling During an Interview in UK

Smiling During an Interview in UKThe success of job hunts and interviews rely on one thing – a positive first impression.

Your hair, your clothes and even your CV play a big part in your chances. Positive appearances play vital roles among qualified applicants. But how you look goes beyond the last-minute preps and grooming.

A smile can be one of your biggest assets. It influences how potential employers will receive and remember you.

According to MiSmile, a practice in the UK, employers are keen to candidates with healthy and beautiful smiles. Applicants with crooked or dull smiles, on the other hand, may easily turn off their potential employers.

Misaligned Teeth Cost Jobs?

Numerous studies confirm that uneven, misaligned and discoloured teeth negatively affect your chances of striking a positive impression. In 2012, Invisalign partnered with Kelton, a research company, to conduct a study focused on the value of smiles during interviews. The study reports that 45% of applicants with straighter teeth are most likely to be hired.

Since first impressions matter, it will surely affect your career advances. This unpleasant truth rings louder for individuals seeking highly visible or higher-paying positions.

Out of respect, HR managers and recruiters will not mention anything, but it is important to remain mindful of your appearance, particularly your smile.

Pay Attention to Smiles

If you wish to leave a job interview with a smile on your face, transform yours into a healthy one. Improve your chances of landing the perfect job by looking in the mirror first and assessing your oral condition.

Apart from the basic dental care routine, consider expert help. If your smile needs more work, do not hesitate to call the nearest practice. Dentists provide a range of services, such as teeth whitening, alignment, Invisalign and the like.

Shine up your career chances by paying attention to your teeth. Apart from keeping your teeth in good condition, you’ll leave interviews with a brighter smile.


Women are More Prone to Suffer from These Conditions

Ultrasound in Chicago There are certain diseases that only affect women. These diseases, if detected and treated early, could lead to a higher survival rate. If you know anybody suffering from these diseases, give them love and compassion.

There are diseases that are considered as gender specific and could only be suffered from by either of the sexes. As you age, you become more prone to suffer from them. Women have so many things that they undergo that men may not even bother themselves about unless it is their wife, mom or daughter concerned. Here are some conditions that women are wary about.

Ovarian Cancer

The reason why men don’t worry about this is quite obvious. Only women have ovaries, so they’re the only ones who have the possibility of suffering from this disease. According to Medicine Net, this type of cancer can be very difficult to detect when it is still in the early stages. The risk is higher if there is a family history of ovarian cancer. Some patients, upon reaching the age of 30 would voluntarily undergo an ultrasound in Chicago to check the ovaries.

Cervical Cancer

This cancer occurs when there is an abnormal cell growth in the lower area of the uterus.According to WebMD, this type of cancer can be treated if it is discovered at the early stages. It is often advised by obstetricians and gynecologists that women undergo a Pap test every year so that this kind of cancer is monitored.

Breast Cancer

Among the various types of cancer, this disease is regarded as the second leading cause of death in women. During one’s lifetime, women have a high chance of developing this type of cancer. Like cervical cancer, early detection of this type of cancer can lead to treatment and a higher chance of survival. If a family member has a history of breast cancer then all the more that a woman should be careful.

These are three diseases that affect women. These diseases kill and it is not easy to suffer from them. If you have a family member suffering from these diseases, better give them all the love and support you can give.