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For People Lost in Life: Technology and the Human Mind

GPS SatelliteWhen people say that they are “only human,” what does it really mean?

Common knowledge dictates that it is human to err. Committing mistakes is normal. Feeling lost and having no idea of what to do or where to go next is a part of life. For people who feel like they are lost, the answers are out there – they simply have to recognize it.

Technology Comes to the Rescue: Being Lost, Literally

GPS, or Global Positioning System, has been in existence for a while now. It is technology’s offering to those who are lost. Cars, for example, have GPS – it helps drivers navigate unfamiliar roads.

A Global Positioning System satellite simulator, meanwhile, provides a handful of advantages since it does away with the need to communicate with a base station. Accelerometers and gyroscopes provide the necessary measurements. People who have a poor understanding of directions can rely on technology to guide them. Feeling lost, at its core, is a state of mind.

Since feeling lost is a human experience, technology has the capacity to provide accuracy in direction.

The Mind Is Your Best Ally: Understanding the Metaphor of “Being Lost”

The Huffington Post offers advice for people who feel lost. It is important for you to know that losing something, such as a job or a relationship, doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world. Lamisha Serf-Walls writes that the key is “not to get stuck” in that state of loss. Basically, one has to keep moving, no matter the struggle.

Serf-Walls suggests taking control. Here are seven tips that can help anyone regain direction in their lives:

  1. Know Where Your Passion Lies and Pursue It
  2. Going on an Adventure is a Journey Towards Reconnection
  3. Dream Big and Aspire for Greater Things
  4. Move Out of Your Comfort Zone and Grow
  5. Discover Silence, Be Open, and Learn How to Listen
  6. Understand that You Have the Power to Do Anything You Want
  7. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

While it is true that feeling lost is normal, don’t stay in that phase for too long. Know that technology exists to make life better, whether literally or figuratively. You have the power to escape this feeling.

Is Your Knife Sharp Enough? Here’s How You Can Find Out

Knife Sharpness

A dull knife is inefficient and makes the process of preparing food longer. A sharp knife is what you want; however, how do you know if the knives you are using are sharp enough for optimum use.

Many experts agree on the following ways that determine the sharpness of a knife:

The Slicing Test

One of the ways to check the sharpness of a knife is by slicing round food that has a slick surface. Some examples include tomatoes, onions with its peel still attached and a green apple. A sharp knife will be able to cut into these food types easily without much pressure and it shouldn’t roll off the surface. Once you start using a sawing motion or use its tip to pierce the surface, it’s about time to sharpen it. If the sharpness is excellent, a knife is able to make clean cuts and maintain the integrity of the shape of the food you slice. Using the best knife sharpener, according to Total Knife Care, allows you to keep your knife sharp for a long time.

Paper Slicing

This is a simple sharpness test that most people try; if you can slice a piece of paper without much effort, and it doesn’t tear and catch, the knife you’re using is sharp enough. This test will also let you identify any damaged or dull parts of the edge. If you are unsatisfied with slicing ordinary paper, take this test to another level by cutting magazine or phone book paper, because these are difficult to catch with an edge. Try to slice through these; if you do so effortlessly, then your knife’s sharpness is good.

Shave Your Arm

This test is quite dangerous so proceed with caution; carefully try to shave your arm hair. A dull knife won’t be able to cut the hairs and will fold over them. A sharp knife will easily cut through the hairs in one go.

Try these tests if you’re unsure about the sharpness of your knife. If it passes the test, it is sharp enough for optimum use.

In Need of Metal Fabrication Services?

Metal Components Metal components, parts, and products are vital pieces in many industries. For example, the manufacturing industry may need components for their products. The engineering industry, on the other hand, may need fabricated metal to their designs or specifications. Your business itself may rely on such components and products.

To acquire the metal pieces you need, you can rely on contract manufacturing services and metal fabrication:

Understand Your Needs

Of course, not all metal fabrication companies are created equal. Some may be more suited for your needs than others. To choose the right company, you can first identify the kinds of metal fabrication needs you have. Once you know your needs, you can better identify which companies may serve you best.

Choose a Price

To narrow down your choices, start asking representatives of each company for their estimates of your job orders. You can narrow down your choices based on the price estimates they give you. You will find the right company for your business if you also consider other factors.

Look at Size

Do you have a large or a small job order? Large orders may be better suited for larger metal fabrication companies since they have the capabilities for such an order. When you have only a small order, you can settle for a smaller company.

Check Equipment

Look at the technological capabilities of each company. You may want to use the services of a company with the latest equipment or choose a company with well-maintained and quality equipment.

Ensure Experience

Narrow your choices further by evaluating the experience of each company. You can find out how long a company has been operating by looking for testimonies and reviews about them. A well-established company, whose customers are satisfied with their services, may be the metal fabrication company you can work with.

With the importance that metal components or products play in industries, including your business, you can take your time in choosing which company to work with.

One More Floor: Is a Mezzanine a Good Solution for Your Warehouse?

Warehouse Expansion When you are thinking of expanding your warehouse space, one of your options is to install mezzanine flooring. It offers a practical, affordable way to resolve spatial limitations in your warehouse. You should consider these criteria to help you decide if a mezzanine floor is ideal for your business.

Vertical Space

Space will always be an issue when thinking about any form of expansion. When deciding on the best way to create your new space, it is vital to understand the strengths and limitations of your building, as well as your storage needs. While a mezzanine is a good way to enlarge your useable floor space without the need for a full-on construction project, it is only feasible when your facility has the height to accommodate the structure. If your facility lacks vertical space, consider other options such as modifying your existing shelving system (changing to bucket shelves, for instance), constructing a full warehouse extension or relocating to a bigger warehouse.


If you do not have a large budget, then a mezzanine might be a good option. It offers a remarkable return on investment thanks to low labour costs, quick assembly and the comparatively inexpensivematerials used during installation. Furthermore, a mezzanine can be designed and assembled in such a way that it will not compromise the other functional areas of your facility.


If your warehouse receives frequent visitors, having a clean and modern-looking facility will help enhance your brand image — and a mezzanine can help you achieve this goal. Mezzanines offer a visual appeal and professionalism that people like. In fact, many warehouse owners favour this solution over others as it conveys the idea that their business is a modern, ever-growing enterprise.

Consider these factors before you install a mezzanine floor. If you have the required vertical space in your warehouse, you should be able to benefit from the many advantages it can bring.

Small Town, Big Dreams: Opening a Gymnastics Gym

Opening a Gymnastics Gym

Opening a Gymnastics GymDo you want to open a gymnastics gym in your town? Well, you have to remember that it’s different from opening one in a large city or suburb, but the procedure stays the same – you’ll still be preparing the same things so that your gym will be successful.

More Effort in Small Areas

For large gyms, you usually need to be within the vicinity of about 50,000 people and within a 15 to 20-minute drive. For smaller gyms, think about it this way. You have to exert more effort and you need to be more hands-on in attracting potential customers, so expect that the financial success will be a bit slower. With the right location, though, it will be worth it.

Invest in Gym Management

Making your business thrive is a feat in itself, especially in a small town. Like gymnastics itself, there are problems that your business may encounter. Invest in gym management software to make running your business easier and more efficient, giving you time to focus on other aspects of your business. Technology like this handles the entirety of the business process, from client registration to billing and accounts.

Hire and Train Knowledgeable Trainers

Being in a small town, you may experience a shortage in coaching talent. If you’re able to hire a professional or at least someone who has a certificate or a degree in teaching gymnastics, then great. If not, then you have to train and develop your own coaching staff.

Try Equipment Bargains

Rather than look for competition-grade equipment, try looking for bargains, as used equipment can save money. If you insist on purchasing new equipment, try requesting bids from a number of companies; you never know until you ask.

It may be difficult for your gym to thrive at first; being in a small town, it’s going to take some time. If there are other gyms within the vicinity, don’t compare yourself to them and focus on the growth of your business first. Remember that you’ve just started and you can only control a small sphere so far. Keeping up with others will only make you go crazy, so take it easy.

4 Quick Ways to Make Your MacBook Last Longer

MacBook from BromleyRight out of the box, the MacBook is a magnificent thing. The elaborate layers of packaging with the trapped smell of the Apple factory it came from must be experienced to be believed. But Macbooks are expensive and you will not get your money’s worth if it breaks down just a few months down the line.

Here are four easy tips to make sure your new laptop will last you a lifetime (almost!):

Charge Only When Needed

Lithium-ion technology makes up the MacBook battery. Apple made a good call using these batteries as they are the most efficient and they last the longest. To preserve battery life, draining and recharging the batteries are important.

Instead of leaving your MacBooks plugged in for the entire day, let it discharge and recharge only when needed.

Update Your Computer Regularly

The people at Apple are working hard to make your system better. These software updates do not just give your computers new functionality, they also make MacBooks less vulnerable to the rare viruses and security issues that plague Macs.

Try doing it at night so you do not get requests for restarts during work hours.

Be Careful About What You Plug into Your Mac

From an officemate’s charger to a borrowed flash drive, be wary about what you plug into your Mac. Apple-certified engineers at EssentiallyMac Ltd. suggest using only accessories that come from a reputable source.

If you are in doubt, asking someone who knows what works is the best (and safest) way to go.

Get Covered

We are not talking about Apple Insurance, but that is good, too! A close-fitting case will keep the actual MacBook surface from being scratched. If you want to keep the svelte form factor, you can get a sleeve instead.

Sleeves hug your MacBooks tightly when not in use. While you carry the device around in your purse, car keys will not scratch or damage the precious surface or any of the ports.

Owning a MacBook, whether you are a long-time Apple fan or a new one, is an exciting thing. To make sure your device lives up to its promise, it is smart to keep these simple tips in mind.

In the Spotlight: the Strongest Materials Known to Man

Natural Metal TungstenEver wondered which material in the world is considered the strongest? Just thinking about it is fascinating, since the possibilities stemming from such a material can seem endless. More durable homes/buildings, cars, and even potential for extreme exploration — it’s an engineering dream. This piece will talk about the strongest known materials, both in the fiction and non-fiction worlds.

Real Life

When talking about the strongest materials, several metals are always in the discussion. They can’t be used in various industries until they’re processed, and by no means can it be practically done by hand. Processes like engineered precision machining are required to shape most industrial metals. But outside of that, common steel and iron and the likes are at the lowest rungs.

The strongest known natural metal is tungsten. Its tensile strength stands at 1510 megapascals. A megapascal (MPa) is used in gauging high pressure ratings: 1 megapascal is equal to 145.038 PSi. Tungsten’s MPa rating means that it can withstand over 219,000 pounds pressing on every square inch of its surface without denting.

There’s something stronger than tungsten, however, and it’s not a metal. It’s a synthetic material called graphene. Composed of carbon atoms (the same stuff in pencils) linked in hexagons, graphene is so thin that it’s considered two-dimensional. But don’t let that fool you — it’s the strongest material in the known universe, a layer of it can hold a truck atop a pencil, and its creators won the Nobel Prize.

In The Fiction Realm

Two materials stand out in science fiction: adamantium and vibranium. The former is an alloy created by a scientist while trying to replicate vibranium, which makes up Captain America’s shield. No numbers exist to gauge the strength of adamantium, but it’s purportedly strong enough that even Superman himself can’t break it. The best he could do is dent the metal, provided the adamantium is of the ‘true’ variety and not a weaker substrate.

Then, there’s vibranium. Wolverine’s adamantium claws are already considered indestructible, but it didn’t break Captain America’s shield. Nor did Thor’s Mjolnir (which also has a super metal, Uru), or Hulk’s smash. This puts vibranium in a class of its own. But there’s an interesting tidbit, still grounded in reality, that links back to these two metals: a theoretical alloy of hafnium, carbon, and nitrogen has a 7,460 degrees-F melting point is considered a good adamantium replica.

So far, the only true super material in existence is graphene. But who knows? Maybe the Earth doesn’t hold reserves of such; maybe the stars and other planets do. Or perhaps the Earth does have it, but it’s just extremely rare. Mankind’s extended exploration efforts might eventually find it one day.

Pipe Boxing: The Solution to Ugly Plumbing

Pipe BoxingEyesores have never had a place in people’s homes, and there are countless examples to prove so, from the ingenious reworking of unwanted fixtures to the ridiculous cover-ups homeowners would perform. Often with a blanket.

But, this is not to say that cover-ups are bad. Done right, they can make all the aesthetic difference without all the functional sacrifice. In the case of pipe boxing, it even goes beyond form.

A Plumbing Problem

Unless you live in the type of home where exposed plumbing is considered chic, then you would want those pipes to go somewhere where sunlight cannot reach them. This is not just a visual requirement, mind you; UV radiation really can do a number on PVC plumbing.

Even in cases where exposed pipes are not at risk of bursting from extreme heat and cold, they can appear quite unsettling to the residents and visitors alike, as it puts the nuance behind a house’s plumbing plans into question.

In households where exposed plumbing was not part of the plan, the solution needs to go further than draping a piece of cloth, painting the pipe over or breaking the line of sight with some object that is not supposed to be there. What they need is a stylish, well-constructed pipe boxing.

A Subtle Solution

Usually made of aluminium or plywood, pipe boxing offers a complete solution to the form and function concerns exposed plumbing raises. Easy to install, clean and maintain, pipe boxing is a simple and inexpensive alternative to completely re-piping an entire section of a home.

Manufacturers from Contour note that pipe boxing also comes in a multitude of shapes, sizes and styles, so homeowners need not worry about the fixtures not blending in.

Pipe boxing makes for a subtle cover-up. Homeowners currently dealing with exposed plumbing should consider choosing the solution that will benefit them the most while costing them the least.

Unique Farewell Celebration Ideas for Your Best Friend

GoodbyeGoodbyes aren’t forever and they don’t have to be dramatic or too simplified. Take a few days off of work if you can or just seize the weekend for one last trip together until the next time you see them.

Here are a few activities that are perfect for your farewell celebration: 

Have a Roast – Remember those classic Dean Martin roasts where everyone was uninhibited and had only the power of humour and laughter driving them? In those shows, people could poke fun at problems and laugh at them in the face. Your friend is going to a brave new world and you’re not coming with them. Instead of the usual tears and solemn goodbyes, just have fun. Set up a night with just the closest friends and family, talk about the past and the future, and laugh it off.

Celebrity Meet-Up – For some friendships, nothing is too embarrassing or costly if it'll make the farewells more memorable. Options to meeting your friend's idol can vary from going to a meet and greet at a local comic convention, a concert, or even a movie premiere. Or if they idolise local stars, send a letter to their agent or company requesting for a video greeting and autograph and, with some luck you can give your friend a rare moment of happiness and fulfilment.

Gift Giving – Long journeys and new neighbourhoods can get pretty lonely for friends who are moving away. Make a solid investment and give them gifts that are distinctive and practical. Jewellery can be a powerful reminder of the strong bonds of friendship. Travel bags and seasonal clothes are highly appreciated. Meanwhile, tablets, cellular phones and other gadgets from your local online electronic store are useful not just for entertainment purposes but for other communication needs.

Even the closest of friends may sometimes have to part ways. Whether the reason is, your friendship needs to be celebrated before the goodbyes. Mae the parting a little less painful and a lot more memorable by focusing on the good stuff. Remember that even if times and addresses change, friendships shouldn’t.

Lab Management Software for Automated Lab Functions

Lab Management SoftwareMost people consider acquiring web-based lab management software over on-site information management software to support laboratory operations. Unlike a LIMS, which you acquire on a lump sum purchase, web-hosted laboratory management is basically software on the client device and whose subscription is on a monthly basis.

The benefits of Web-Hosted LIMS

Lower Costs

A subscription hosted LIMS is cheaper than a direct purchase LIMS, yet you get high-end applications that deploy more precisely and quickly. The annual maintenance costs of an on-site LIMS are higher than the annual costs of hosting the web-hosting LIMS. Enjoy the same benefits of a LIMS at cheaper costs.

Leverages Different Technologies

To minimize approval process, deployment time, and staff involvement, web hosted LIMS use SaaS to leverage cloud computing and web technologies. This web architecture eliminates problems such as unpredictable cost spikes, and upgrade nightmares which are common with traditional on-site LIMS.

Why SaaS?

Despite the exponential costs, companies have to build and maintain their IT structures. With SaaS, all a company needs is an internet connection to subscribe to built -in services based on shared infrastructure.


SaaS applications are available from various devices anytime and anywhere. This enables many people to access the applications with ease. Besides that, SaaS apps have a lower learning curve due to the ease of use.

Painless Upgrades

The SaaS provider manages all upgrades. This implies that there are no patches for customers to acquire, and no need to add software, bandwidth, or hardware as the user base grows.

Easy Integration

With a single version of SaaS, the developers can support as many customers and also customize to meet specific needs. This approach, known as multi-tenancy enables companies to scale faster without additional staff hiring or infrastructure costs. In addition, SaaS easily integrates with existing systems for increased efficiency.

Track the life cycle in your laboratory with management of lab samples, users and documents, and automated data transcription, and lab operations with laboratory management software like LABWORKS. Enjoy the numerous benefits of laboratory data management system and grow your business today.