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Three Common Mistakes When Doing Weed Control

May 30, 2018

With Spring well on its way, your lawn will thrive more and give you an amazing yard. Even as your lawn comes to life, however, there’s a chance that weeds will come springing up along […]

Person suffering from sleep deprivation
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Are You Sleeping on a Bad Mattress?

March 12, 2018

Most quality mattresses can last between seven and 10 years, but they can go beyond that time frame if they’re well taken care of. It’s not advisable to keep an old mattress, especially if doesn’t […]

Outdoor kitchen
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Cooking Under Rain or Shine: Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

February 28, 2018

Outdoor kitchens provide an area to cook, mix a cocktail, and entertain your guests, all while you enjoy the fresh air. But, not all states across America enjoy temperate weather, year-round. Some states, like Florida, often experience rainfall […]

Dust out from Air Duct
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Air Duct Cleaning: Methods you can Use

January 10, 2018

Air duct cleaning services have been in existence since the 1900’s. However, there have been various adjustments and changes in the technologies used, as well as the industry standards. The recorded advancements in this industry […]

a woman swimming
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Why Invest in a Lap Pool? Here are the reasons

December 12, 2017

Lap pools are not the same as traditional swimming pools because they are primarily for exercising. That is why they are usually rectangular and are long and narrow. Lap pools are perfect for Perth home-owners […]

Black mold at the corner of the house
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Mold Remediation in Canada May Cost at Least $500

December 6, 2017

The average cost of mold remediation for a home in Canada depends on many factors, although size typically determines how much you will spend, according to Jackson Kung’u, a microbiologist. Other than the scope of infestation, the location […]

A woman sitting in a flooded kitchen
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After the Storm: The First Things You Should Do

November 29, 2017

You have a wonderful house, a comfortable living space. Then a storm hits, and suddenly, everything went haywire. Before you despair, make sure you do the following first. There’s a way to manage the situation […]

A man adjusting the settings on his AC
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Keeping Cool in Any Weather

November 17, 2017

You might be living right now in a place where the cold weather makes your teeth chatter all the time. It’s not only your teeth that suffers but your whole body, too. Constant exposure to […]