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Odd Obsessions: This Man has a Fetish for Women with No Teeth

Girl covering her mouth

You think fetishes are okay until you meet a man who is so obsessed with gummy smiles, he’ll pull your teeth off so you can suit his taste.

The fetish spectrum is broad. High-rolling men reportedly pay up to $300 to ‘worship’ and even lick women’s feet. Some people have simpler preferences, such as long hair or a perfect set of teeth. Dating 56-year-old Philip Lyle Hansen, however, might mean a trip to the dentist after the date to get quality dental implants. His fetish for ‘gummy ladies’ led him to extract the teeth of the women he’s dating.

Accused of 11 charges, including unlawful sexual connection and wounding with intent to injure, Hansen allegedly used pliers and screwdrivers to remove teeth from four women he has dated between 1988 and 2011.

In her opening address, prosecutor Sally Carter warned the jury about hearing evidence on Hansen’s fascination for or obsession with women who have no teeth. ‘Hansen liked his women without teeth’, Carter told the court.

From Fetish to Prison

Hansen pleaded not guilty, saying he had no intentions of hurting any of the women and that he is, in fact, just trying to ‘help’ them. One of Hansen’s victims, a woman he had a physical relationship with in the 1990s, says this is not true; she never consented to pull out her teeth, but that time, she was ‘too afraid’ to protest.

The court watched a 2012 video of the woman, narrating how Hansen held her against a car and extracted six of her bottom teeth, even using an oily rag to keep her gums from bleeding. Later on, the woman had her remaining teeth removed and replaced with dentures. When her wisdom teeth erupted, however, Hansen proceeded to remove them with a screwdriver. Authorities have arrested Hansen, but the case, as of late, is still ongoing.

If there is any takeaway from all this, it’s to choose the people you’re dating. You never know if an appointment with a seemingly charming person could cost you your beautiful smile. The only consolation for the ladies is that, at least, dental practices in Hertfordshire and elsewhere have gentle, efficient treatments for victims of trauma and terrible accidents.

Role of the Police, Independent Investigators & Others in Accident Investigation

Two Cars Involved In Traffic AccidentWhen an accident happens – say, a car crash – and especially if it involves serious injuries or fatalities, an investigation is likely to get underway as soon as the authorities arrive.

In most of these accidents, two parties are generally involved. The first party is the authorities, and the second is private investigators typically working for insurance companies.

Investigation and Reconstruction

The authorities will usually launch an investigation into what caused the accident to find out who was at fault or if someone did something on purpose that led to the accident. In many cases, a reconstruction typically accompanies or follows the investigation. Proper reconstruction allows the authorities to see different scenarios that may or may not cause the accident and the injuries or deaths that resulted from it.

Private investigation

For their part, insurance companies are not likely to simply accept police reports as the final word. They are, after all, expected to pay out. An insurance company is more likely to hire a private investigator. Unlike the police, who are more interested in finding out who may have violated any law or caused the accident so they can make the suspected parties take responsibility, the independent investigators are more interested in liability. These investigators may also be off-duty or retired police officers, engineers, or auto technologists.

When authorities and independent investigators are done collecting evidence and taking pictures at the site of the accident, they may call a private company for accident clean up in Salt Lake City or any other place the accident may have taken place.

There are many technicalities involved in the investigation and reconstruction of any accident, just as there are countless ways an accident may happen. Different methods are required in the reconstruction, and only highly trained authorities are tasked to do them to reduce the probability of mistakes or misses in the investigation. Many experts who were involved in investigating and reconstructing an accident may also be called as witnesses in court if a trial ensues.

Getting Married in Colorado: How A Denver Family Lawyer Can Help

MarriageGetting married, no matter how many times, can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. “I Do” might seem like two simple words, but its impact can be a lifetime.

That said, educating yourself in the details of your state’s family law as well as involving a family lawyer in Denver might just keep you from falling into the trap.

Getting Married in Colorado

As previously mentioned, each state has its own law regarding marriages. In Colorado, the minimum age for both parties to be able to get married is at 16 years; however, both sides would need to present parental consent.

It is only those who are 18 years or older who can get married without a need for parental consent. For those under the age of 16 but would like to get married, a family lawyer can help secure a judicial approval from both parents for marriage to take place.

Legal Requirements

One of the things that set Colorado apart from the other states is the fact that it allows same-sex marriage. Before you can get married, there are some documents you need to have on hand. This will include proof of identity and proof of marital status.

A family lawyer can help you secure the latter while the former is something that you should have a record of. Keep in mind that the former includes your Social Security number as well as the date and place of you and your partner’s birth.

Once you have all the needed information, you should apply for a marriage license. Regular fee is at $30.00, and the license is valid for 35 days. This means that, in order for your marriage to be binding, the ceremony should take place within the next 35 days; otherwise, you have to apply for another license.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Do I Have a Case?

Complex Regional Pain SyndromeIf you develop CRPS or complex regional pain syndrome due to a medical professional’s negligence, you might be qualified to file for a CRPS case. In plenty of lawsuits, the precise cause of the condition is unknown, which makes it practically impossible to determine if negligence was the cause. Likewise, the condition’s intricacies might complicate the entire litigation process.

Proof in CRPS Lawsuits

For you to have a solid CRPS case, you must prove the following beyond a doubt:

  • That your injuries were caused directly by the negligent actions of the defendant
  • The defendant’s expertise and experience, commonly that they’re a doctor or medical professional
  • Where and how the accident or incident occurred, if possible
  • Sole or comparative liability in lawsuits if one or more individuals caused your injuries

Among the most complicated elements of a CRPS case is proving that a claimant’s injuries were really due to medical malpractice or negligence, instead of inevitable complications. To do this, you should prove that the accident or incident that caused your CRPS wouldn’t have happened if performed by other medical professionals with similar qualifications and experience.

Once you have proven that the alleged defendant caused your CRPS, you would then have to prove that you have complex regional pain syndrome. A top lawyer in Los Angeles suggests that you should prepare all relevant medical records so that you could easily substantiate your claim that you’ve developed CRPS. You should also consider consulting a pain management specialist to back up your claim.

The Bottom Line

The indisputable medical evidence is extremely vital in CRPS lawsuits so that you could prove to the court that your claim is genuine. That being said, you should get legal help from an attorney who understands and believes in your case, and one who’s experienced in conveying the magnitude of your losses.

Will Divorce Mediation Work for Your Case?

A Divorcing Couple

Going through a divorce can be costly, so many consider mediation to reduce its financial cost. In this method, you and the other party meet with a mediator or a neutral third party to talk and resolve divorce issues. The mediator acts a facilitator to help both you and your spouse determine what’s best for both parties.

Mediation is ideal for most divorcing couples, but note that it needs certain elements to become successful. Family attorneys in Colorado Springs note that collaboration and communication from both parties are essential. This method will work you if:

  • You both agreed to divorce. If the decision to divorce is mutual, both parties are likely to reach a mutual agreement easier, making mediation a good option. If one spouse, however, does not want to end the marriage or is always combative when talking about divorce, moving along with the process can be a real drag.
  • You are willing to compromise. With mediation, you can resolve disputes quickly. This includes compromising, as well as listening, considering, and understanding the interests of the other party. Having an open mind is essential to move along with mediation successfully.
  • Your spouse is a responsible parent. Resolving co-parenting issues is possible through mediation. If you honestly believe that your soon-to-be ex is a good and a responsible parent, you can choose mediation for addressing parenting styles and spending time with the kids.
  • You understand your finances. To negotiate better, you have to know and understand your financial situation, and should feel confident talking about it. If you know little about it and your spouse is well informed, however, mediation may not work well for you.
  • There is no issue of abuse or violence in marriage. If there is a history of physical abuse in the relationship, it may not be possible to work together with your spouse to come up with an agreement. The same is also true for drug or alcohol abuse, as this can negatively affect someone else’s thinking.

Mediation is more affordable and less stressful, but make sure you understand what it entails. Before choosing this method, talk to an experienced divorce attorney for legal assistance.

Self-Improvement: 3 Suggestions for a New and Better You

Illustration of a man going upIt’s always good when you start thinking about self-improvement. Anyone could use a little extra knowledge or skill, whether to feel better about themselves, make their résumés more attractive to employers, or simply learn something new.

To support your pursuit of a new and better you, here are some suggestions you may want to consider:

Learn a new skill

Skills are useful, and they can be just for fun. If you practice carpentry, for example, you will learn to make your own furniture. This may even lead to a career as a builder. Carpentry is also a valuable skill for some artists. You’ll learn how to work with precision with your hands and manual tools. It's also good for your health, as carpentry can teach you to focus, relax your mind, and keep calm.

Get an education

For many people, the chance to finish high school or earn a degree doesn’t present itself until later. Even if you already have a high school diploma or even a degree, you can continue learning. Enroll in a graduate course to improve your knowledge and become more marketable. 

You can also get more schooling if you’re planning a career change. For example, browse the web for online paralegal programs if you are interested in a paralegal career. Online education is becoming more attractive, especially among busy people or those who live far from schools that offer what they want to study. The point is: If you want to keep learning, then do so. There’s always a way.

Learn a new language

Learn a new language the traditional way — by having a tutor in a school setting — or the more fun, non-traditional way of meeting locals or those who have the fluency. By becoming more familiar with the culture whose language you would like to learn, it could be a great excuse for you to travel and see the world from a different perspective. What’s not to love about it?

Self-improvement is never a bad idea. Do it to make yourself better or to reward yourself. Either way, it will all work for the best.

“I Was Too Drunk to Notice!” Can It Spare You from Rape Charges?

Old man covering a girls mouthThe young women of America are constantly reminded to stay away from binge drinking. For the sake of security, ladies should keep themselves from going overboard with liquor.

Even for men, there are plenty of good reasons not to drink to death.

Apart from the nasty hangovers and drunken bar fights, here’s one of the many reasons binge drinking is bad: a man can get convicted of rape if his drunkenness keeps him from realizing a woman said no – even if he forgets about the assault or thought the sex was consensual.

Felony lawyers in Provo know that the law can also convict women of the same case, but it does not happen often.

A Legal Perspective

The judgment is simple: if you got drunk voluntarily and had no idea of your actions, you have no excuse.

But what if you’re sure she said yes? Why does the ruling seem so harsh?

The law has always considered rape as a general-intent crime; all it takes for you to lose the case is proof of recklessness or negligence. Compared to other specific-intent crimes, rape doesn’t require prosecutors to prove that the rapist intentionally wanted to sexually harass a victim.

The law is more sympathetic to drunken suspects compared to serial rapists, but the law will still insist on conviction.

What Kind of Conviction Lies Ahead?

In some cases, the judge convicts drunken suspects with a lesser degree of rape compared to sober assailants. The mental state of the rapist certainly has an influence on his sentence. Defendants too blinded with alcohol would garner a bit of sympathy, but only the judge gets a final say in the sentencing.

Intoxication will not completely get you off the hook, but there are special cases.

A Good Shot at Defense

One unlikely scenario might give intoxicated suspects better defense.

If they can prove someone slipped them a drug, which drastically altered their perception, the judge might give them a second chance. Still, drunken individuals who have sex with a refusing partner will still appear as rapists before the jury.

Rape cases get more complex when both parties are drunk. Rather than face these complexities, avoid binge drinking instead and spare yourself from the uncalled for accusations.

Three Ways to Prevent Dog Attacks

Dog BarkingMany people love dogs, and in the right hands, a dog is a great companion. However, not everyone is comfortable in the presence of any dog. Sometimes, even the friendly neighborhood dog can be a danger. Some owners are not even safe if they don’t know how to handle their pets.

When a dog attacks anyone, it is a traumatic event for many. Sometimes the only way to protect yourself after a tragic circumstance like this is to look for a personal injury lawyer. The experts at Osmond and Cockayne Associates say that the dog’s owner can be held responsible in such situations.

To avoid serious emotional trauma and financial damage, here are some of the things that you must do so a dog won’t attack or bite you.

Stay Motionless

Whenever an unfamiliar dog approaches you and you feel that it has a threatening stance, stay motionless. The CDC advises that you should not move. The dog may feel you are a threat if you flail your arms or move suddenly. If the dog feels that you’re a threat and starts to bare its teeth, you can expect an attack. So, it is better to stay still.

Avoid Eye Contact with the Dog

Resist the temptation to meet the eye of a dog that is moving towards you. According to the Humane Society, looking straight at a dog’s eyes means you are challenging it. The moment that it feels this way, it will become more aggressive and might advance to attack you. So look away or step aside when a dog is making its way towards you.

Don’t Mess With a Dog and Her Puppies

Mother dogs are very protective when it comes to their pups. In fact, even their own masters become a threat when it comes to their puppies. Make sure that you warn and prevent your children and their friends from approaching a dog who has just given birth. The mother dog might see anyone who reaches out to pet or play with her puppies as a danger, and may instinctively bite.

Other Things to Avoid

When approaching a dog do not face it directly; instead, approach it from the side. Many animals consider this as a non-confrontational stance.

No matter how small and cute a dog is, it is still an animal that operates on instinct. Do not approach strange dogs to give them a pat or a hug. Always talk to the owner first if you want to touch a dog.

Don’t let your love of dogs get the best of you. Know how to handle yourself in the presence of a dog.

Financial Incompatibility: Can it Kill Your Marriage?

Financial Incompatibility and Divorce in Denver

Financial Incompatibility and Divorce in DenverFifty-nine percent of divorcees say that financial issues played a significant role in their divorces, according to a recent survey by Experian. Several study participants also revealed that their spouse’s credit score was a constant source of stress in their marriage. With these alarming numbers, many money experts looked at the importance of financial compatibility in marital relationships.

Discuss Finances Before You Say “I Do.”

Before getting married, it is essential for couples to discuss their finances. Other than your current financial situations, personal debts, and assets, you and your partner must also talk about your financial practices. After all, money personalities play out in multiple ways even if you and your partner are both debt free. Are you a big spender? Is your spouse an eclectic shopper? It is best if your money personality matches your partner’s. Otherwise, it is vital to agree on budgeting method, credit card usage, and other spending habits that you’ll stick to once you’re married.

What’s Your Take on Power Play?

Family law attorneys in Denver often see power play issues on divorcing partners. What’s even alarming is that these matters are rooted in finances in a marriage. Power play typically occurs in the following scenarios:

  • One partner works while the other doesn’t.
  • One spouse earns more than the other.
  • One partner comes from a wealthy family, and the other doesn’t.
  • Both partners would like to work, but one has to stay at home.

In these situations, the earner or the one who makes more money often dictates the spending priorities in the marriage. In turn, the other one feels powerless in decision making and other significant matters in the family. So, it is important that you and your partner know each take on power play issues. This way, you can better prepare for the circumstances above.

Most couples only look at their romantic compatibility before getting married — and that’s essential to make the relationship lasts. However, if you don’t want to end up in divorce, checking you and your partner’s financial compatibility is also a must.

Animal Branding: How and Why You Should Do It

law firm in TownsvilleA farm or a large rural property can generate a lot of profit. When your farm is run well, you can maximise your assets, supply your produce or stock to nearby businesses or use them for your own personal use. Livestock is one of the most important assets for rural property owners, providing farmers with many profit-making opportunities. However, there are also several animal-handling mishaps that can befall inexperienced farmers.

Whatever kind of livestock you have, it is important to maintain reliable records of your stock inventory. Branding can be a crucial part of your stock-management system. How and why should you do it?

Animal Branding

Lawyers in Townsville and elsewhere in Australia have assisted many individuals with issues regarding the management of their livestock. Most of them have used animal branding to identify their stock. Branding is, essentially, the process of marking livestock for identification purposes.

Some methods used in animal branding include earmarking and hot iron branding, which is legal in all states and territories in Australia, albeit with specific conditions.

Why Do It?

Livestock branding allows owners to monitor their inventory. If you transfer or sell animals to, for example, local businesses, branding enables you to identify each animal that is being moved, ensuring transparency with your customers. When you sell stock at the market, many states require that it can be identified with an ear tag. It is the farmer’s responsibility to register their animals before moving them from their property.

Common problems when dealing with livestock, such as rustling, can also be avoided by earmarking. The identification prevents the animals from being stolen and sold cheaply to online markets. As such, branding is a good security measure for livestock.

How to Do It

Owners are responsible for acquiring the tools needed to brand their livestock. They must make sure that these are approved by their state government and do not threaten animal welfare. Two tools that have been considered legal are earmarking pliers and branding irons. Government departments such as Biodiversity Queensland are reliable references to consult when checking the branding processes.

Animal branding is the way to address many of the common livestock-handling issues faced by farmers and other rural property owners. If you’re one of them, consider why and how you should do it.