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A Change of Guard With Keypad Locks

Security code neededIt goes without saying that the kind of locks you have dictates the level of security and safety in your premises. Nowadays, keypad locks are often more practical over a keychain with loads of keys. In Sydney, for example, Robinson’s Locksmiths have been installing locks since 1926, but they have caught up with the times with keyless locks installation services. Here are some reasons to use one for many daily functions.

Tighter Security

The state of the art technology makes it hard for any intruder to get access to your home or office. Anyone who intends to access your space needs the security code. You do not have to worry about your keys landing in the wrong hands.

Keyless Access

Keyless entry and exit is by far the best thing about a keypad lock. More like an ATM, if you need to lock or unlock a door, punch in the security code, and the door follows your command. You may share the security code with the people using the door.

The Option of Changing Entry Codes

If you suspect that your security code is familiar to unscrupulous individuals, you do not have to change your door locks; just modify the security code combination in no time. If you are a landlord and a tenant is moving, replace the code and notify the new tenant of the new changes.

Designs to Fit Your Taste

You can find lock designs that range from minimalistic, futuristic to traditional. No matter the exterior design, the lock will always have a high-tech construction, making it impossible to duplicate.

A keypad lock hardly malfunctions or wears out since it needs not sustain the friction of inserting and turning keys. Besides the durability, nothing can match the ease of use and convenience that a keypad lock has to offer. Sydney has plenty of professional locksmith services who can update your lock system.

New or Used: An Auto Lift Purchase

lift machine
You may be an automotive enthusiast, a car collector, or a professional mechanic. No matter who you are, you can use lifts like challenger auto lifts for your vehicles. Auto lifts are popular equipment in auto shops, but surprisingly in the home as well.

Home Benefits

When you have an auto shop of your own, you need auto lifts to offer great services to your customers. You can also use auto lifts at home, especially if you want easier access to all parts of your vehicle. Using auto lifts is also safer than using an auto jack. At the same time, an auto lift grants you the power to do maintenance and repair to your vehicle if you are up to it. Finally, you can use an auto lift to create extra storage under your raised vehicle.

New vs. Used

Now, when you are thinking about purchasing a car lift, you may think that perhaps it may be better to buy used than new. There are several disadvantages to this, however. First, used lifts lack warranties from manufacturers. You also have the mystery of how heavily a used lift was used in the past.

Missing Parts

With regards to the insides of a used lift, parts will likely be missing from used lifts because of the need for lifts to be removed and relocated during the sale. Due to this, JMC Equipment and other experts say that you may need replacement parts, which will cost quite a significant amount of money.

Labor Costs

New lifts are easier to install and you will pay less for installation labor. With used lifts, you have to pay extra for the labor of dismantling the lift and transferring it to your home. With these, you are way better off with a new auto lift.

An auto lift is a great investment if you want extra space, accessibility, and power for DIY repair. You can choose to buy new over used since new auto lifts are clearly more advantageous than used lifts.

Does Your RCM Software Have These Features That Can Increase Billing Collections and Improve Billing Operations?

RCM SoftwareStrategic partnerships between banks, hospitals, and RCM service and software providers have made a positive impact in the development of RCM software. Features that are consumer-driven and innovative have been developed to enhance the billing process for the healthcare industry, as a result of this strategic partnership.

Here are three features that have been created through strategic partnerships among institutions. Rev-Ignition, an RCM service and software provider, is proud to include these features in the solutions it provides for its clients.

Insurance Verification

According to Bankless Times (online publisher focusing on consumer and business finance news), the rate of billing clean claim increases by 22% just because healthcare institutions have eliminated the need to manually check if patients have the correct insurance on their records. An insurance verification feature can shorten the billing cycle by requiring patients to review and update the information they previously provided, even before they arrive at the hospital.

Patients who have verified insurance information get faster service and care because they already know which ones are covered by their insurance. This significantly improves their experience in hospitals or healthcare facilities.

Payment Options

A 62% increase in collections can be expected from patients if they are outright presented with their outstanding bills. This is according to Bankless Times.

If a payment options feature is then added to the RCM software, it will provide patients with more alternatives on how they can pay their hospital bills. However, this can only work if there is a wide range of payment options provided.

Most patients want various payment options like a payment plan, credit cards, secondary insurance, and HAS (Health Savings Account).

Connected Systems

Connected systems enable patients and medical staff to access patient record whenever and wherever. This is achieved through web services, which can store and display patient information.

This feature eliminates repeated data entry, shortens patient admittance, and accelerates the billing process. It benefits both the hospital and its patients.

To enjoy these features, make sure that you’re using a reliable system like Rev-Ignition RCM services and software. The leading RCM provider offers medical establishments with solutions to improving financial processes.

Smart Locks: The Future of Home Security

Lock in ChicagoWith technology taking over the security industry, home automation is becoming a norm and affordable to any average home user. Is it for the overall good? Well, a coin has two sides and you cannot neglect the duality that comes with whatever comes your away.

Smart Locks

A smart lock is an automated version of the thumb turn to your lock cylinder. A smart lock can lock or unlock your door through any device with Bluetooth 4.0 or any Android 4.4 type of OS such as a tablet, smartphone, or iPod Touch.

Smart locks are a solution to keeping lock bumping crimes at bay and the convenience that comes with a smart lock is enough reason to embrace the change in home security.

Don’t Throw Away the Old

Security experts and commercial locksmiths at Goldy Locks, Inc. advise that you integrate a combination of both new and old locking security systems to avoid potential lock issues.

The Flip Side

Smartphones hardly keep the battery charge for long. So, what happens when your phone runs out of charge or have a poor WI-FI connection? Whichever the case, you risk being locked out and you should have a set of keys just in case.

An average smart lock costs about $200, while a traditional key and lock cost much less than that. If you feel that the cost is way above your budget, there’s no need of getting a gadget to only show off to friends. In some cases, smart locks rely on geo-fencing systems to either lock or unlock. This means you could be on your property but in the geo-fencing area and still get locked out.

Commercial locksmiths in Chicago appreciate the trend of smart locks and cannot deny that more lock products will keep flooding the market. If you need help with a smart lock or basic smart lock installation, call in a locksmith with smartphone applications and who is equipped with the knowledge of technological advancements.

Californians Use Online Safety Tools to Lead Police to the Right Suspects

Online Safety ToolsThe growing mistrust of the community towards the law and order enforcement agencies remains to be critically unstable.

With the hundreds of unreported unlawful activities resulting to injuries and senseless shootings, the resentment felt by the minorities, the black people, and the pride communities have never been much deserved — yet still partially ignored.

But, thanks to online reporting tools for public safety, such as California’s URSUS and’s universal software as a service civil records manager, everyone can now have an extra layer of defense when dealing with criminal acts.

A No Nonsense and Non-curtailed Integrated Solution

When under investigation, it’s generally hard to prove your point, no matter how genuine the statement may be for various reasons. Fortunately, now, the TurboTax approach of e-force software enables anyone under duress to state nothing but the truth.

According to Justin Erlich, a special assistant attorney, online policing digital platforms are redefining the confidence in the level of safety. “Departments must report the data under a new state law passed last November. Though some departments already tracked such data on their own, many did not. Working with the California Department of Justice, a technology nonprofit called Bayes Impact developed the tool in hopes of making the data easy for departments to report and easy for the state to analyze.”

Desire for Transparent and Data-Driven Justice Process

At times when there’s a hot pursuit, innocents and bystanders often become part of the casualties or indicated to be part of the criminal party. The current level of miscommunication and failures in judgment leads to loss of life and the police get to walk away free despite fatalities.

For this reason, California Attorney General Kamala Harris said in a news release, “As a country, we must engage in an honest, transparent, and data-driven conversation about police use of force.”

Hopefully, with the rollout of online law enforcement platforms and with the help of the public, there will be fewer accidents that happen in the name of a just cause.

A Brief History Of Metallurgy

Metal WorksIt’s safe to say that without metals and metalworking, mankind wouldn’t have advanced to the modern age. Humans would still be hunter-gatherers instead of crop growers, animal herders, and large-scale industrialists. Between metal spinners and everything else in the field of metallurgy, the world owes what it is to hardy minerals from underneath the earth.

Man’s First Brush With Metals

It’s assumed that prehistoric humans used six main metals: gold, copper, silver, tin, lead, and iron. Nobody knows which metal was discovered first, but it’s assumed that humankind started using copper as early as 9000 B.C. Copper is about as common as metals can get and it’s easy to work with. These might be the two main reasons that built the foundation for the world’s earliest civilisations.

Gold, while much rarer, is also widely used during these times. Experts claim that these two metals were used first because they occur in a ‘free state’. That is, they’re not mixed with other materials. It might’ve been easy for early humans to spot gold and copper nuggets wherever they lived. Both metals are also quite malleable. Without melting or heating, they can be shaped into various useful forms.

Onward To The Future

Humans didn’t know of smelting until several thousand years later. Since the use of fire is widespread, the discovery of smelting may have been an accident — a metal nugget or a finished tool falling into a campfire, melting, and being malleable enough to form more shapes. The earliest discovered examples of metal casting date to the 3800 B.C., when ancient objects of smelted copper were found in Iran.

This eventually led to mining. The world’s first documented mining efforts go back to the same period. Man-made shafts used for excavating copper ore were discovered in ancient caves in the Balkans. The timeline goes further forward to 2800 B.C. when people found out that they can mix metals with others to create new ones. A mixture of copper and tin formed the alloy bronze; a metal so important that the Bronze Age was born. Iron, steel, and cast iron were discovered thousands of years later, in succession.

Since then, metalworking’s importance in modern society has grown to a monumental one.

LISS: 4 Common Installation Problems and How to Address Them

LISS Staff TrainingAccording to an LIMS analysis report, the first lab information system software (LISS) came into being in 1982. Since then, lab information systems have come a long way in terms of functionality and efficiency.

Like any other development project, the installation of LISS poses various challenges. Below are some of the common problems and how you can deal with them to streamline installation.

Staff Training

Staff training is important to streamline installation of any LISS, says. The training should be progressive, and should begin with the easier aspects of the system gradually progressing to the more complex functions. Otherwise, fear of being unable to use the information system effectively may cripple personnel and cause resistance.

Unrealistic Targets

Utilizing LISS may take some time. Tight schedules pile up the pressure and result in unhealthy competition between workers, concerning who can use the system better. Since the installation of a lab information system affects all facets of a lab, the process should be done at a moderate pace to ensure all lab sections are on the same page.

Cutting Corners

In truth, installation or upgrade of a LISS can be expensive. As such, some labs decide to cut corners by reducing design time, installation time, and the like. This ends up reducing efficiency and increasing long-term costs. Phasing the installation process is necessary to optimize installation and reduce friction.

Poor Feedback

An efficient feedback mechanism should be put in place. It fast-tracks solution of any problems the personnel may encounter during installation. Moreover, it gives all involved a sense of collective responsibility and reduces the lag between initial installation and optimum utilization.

A lab may face more challenges during installation than those listed above. An open-minded and accommodative mindset should be adopted.

The Upsides of Studying Online in the Internet Age

E-LearningThere are several advantages to a booming online economy. The world is practically living in an accessible era. Grocery shopping, clothes shopping, and even studying can be done in front of a computer screen.

Students would rather get their education done the technological way by enrolling in online high schools such as In 2013, there were around three million students enrolled in an online degree program, while over six million have taken up at least one e-learning course as a part of their degree. Those statistics might be on to something because there are several advantages of e-learning.

Range of Courses and Programs

Many academic degrees can now be learned online, whether you want a doctorate degree or a career certificate. Just like traditional colleges, e-learning also offers a variety of degree programs.

Lesser Expenses

Compared to traditional universities, e-learning is the less expensive choice. However, it doesn’t mean tuition rates cost less. It just means you save on costs associated with traditional colleges, such as commuting and textbook expenses. According to, most schools these days even offer free massive open online courses (MOOCs). These are either free or less costly, and can assist you in accomplishing general education requirements.

Comfortable Learning Atmosphere

Studying online means no dress codes, parking spaces, traffic, and waking up early just to get ready for school. This method also doesn’t involve physical class sessions. The school will just forward all necessary materials and lectures to the student. After that, students can read it and do their homework, if there’s any.

Online education is a famous alternative to traditional education. The skepticism about the practice in the past has died down, and studies show that it can be as effective as face-to-face classes.

Easy SEO Mistakes That Could Get Your Site Penalized by Google

Notes About SEOGoogle is on the lookout for quality content and a great user experience. If your site is not providing these, you could easily get penalized. Most people get penalized for black hat techniques, carelessness or through easy SEO mistakes. You can easily recognize a penalty as it can either be manual or automatic.

Some of the clues that will indicate a penalty include:

  • Your entire website is nowhere to be found on Google
  • Your site is not ranking well
  • PageRank for your site has dropped to a zero
  • When you search for your site, you’ll only find a page on your site and not the home page

Meanwhile, lists some of the mistakes that could easily get you penalized include:

Keyword stuffed content

While there are different keyword rules floating around, the truth us a high keyword density indicates poorly written content. If Google notices this, you will get penalized immediately. Aim to use your keyword sparsely.

Hidden links

If you have hidden links on your site that are not useful and relevant to your users, you could get penalized. All links should be visible to your users. Avoid having a link with the same color as your background page.

Slow speed

If your site takes ages to load, this tells Google that your visitors are getting frustrated. Have this assessed right away by using a CDN or a caching plugin to troubleshoot.

Overuse of H1 tags

H1 tags are meant to help Google understand what your page is all about. Using these tags excessively could indicate that you’re attempting to stuff Google’s listing with keywords.

Duplicate content

Your site has to provide quality content that is useful and engaging to the users. Having duplicate content on your site will only get you penalized. Get well-written, unique content.

If you believe that your site has been penalized, you can still recover. Consult an experienced SEO firm to get your site assessed. An expert will be able to explain how you can get your site back on SERPs.

Earn Money and Exercise Environmental Responsibility with Metal Scraps

Improper Metal Disposal in AucklandNew Zealand homeowners should be aware of their environmental responsibility and the importance of responsible waste management. The benefits extend from human communities to the physical world where you live. At the heart of waste management is recycling solid wastes, particularly waste products made from metals such as copper, aluminium, stainless steel and iron.

Recycling solid wastes

Since almost 80% of an average automobile is made from metal, it is total waste letting usable parts rust away and corrode. Metal wastes take up space in landfills. Eventually, the cars, appliances and electronics equipment dumped there will leech harmful compounds into the soil and groundwater.

Recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals is one way of easing the stresses on the environment. Using virgin steel in manufacturing leads to problems related to water usage, water pollution and air pollution. The negative effects can be minimised by using recycled products.

Collecting metal scraps for recycling

In Auckland, scrap metal drop-off centres and recycling facilities accept a wide range of items. In exchange for junk, you will get cash for the scraps you bring in for recycling. recommends asking the local recyclers what they consider acceptable, so you will know which items in the basement are worth selling.

Generally, recyclers accept steel, iron, aluminium, brass, bronze and copper. All these metals can be recycled without degradation of their innate qualities. A significant percentage of the raw materials used in steelmaking and copper processing come from scraps. Aside from lower costs on raw materials, manufacturers favour recycled metal because they utilise less amounts of fuel to process. For example, scrap aluminium will melt at 660 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, a furnace has to heat up to around 900 degrees Celsius to melt virgin aluminium.

Scrap buyers collect, weight, sort and sell their wares to metal manufacturers. Take advantage of the continuing demand for metal parts. Selling scrap metal is a good way to earn extra money while exercising environmental responsibility.