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Small Home, Big Living: 3 Ideas to Make Your Surrey Home Look Large

Surrey HomeIts proximity to UK’s airports and frequent rail schedules to London, as well as the high incomes and amazing landscapes, makes Surrey one of the best places to live in the UK in 2015. True enough, it is home to more than a million people.

Surrey, though, has one of the most expensive homes in the country with marketing prices fetching as much as £4.5 million for an 8,000-square-feet property. Unless you have a sizeable income to pay off a potentially large mortgage, you need to live in a small home.

Fortunately, living in a ‘tiny house’ in Surrey is not so bad, especially when you have options to make it appear big:

1.  Maximise your yard.

If you cannot have a stately home, at least strive to get a home with a considerable yard space, which you can convert into an outdoor kitchen or an extra area where you can entertain your guests. As long as you do not overcrowd it, it gives the illusion of a breathable, cosy property.

2. Consider loft conversions.

Do you have an unused attic or roof space? Perhaps you should consider loft conversions. Loft conversions in Surrey are a permitted activity, which means you do not need to secure a planning permission — but there are conditions. When you are looking for a team to work on such a project, Taylor’d Loft Conversions noted to make sure that they are familiar with these regulations.

3. Think function.

Do not just invest in multi-functional pieces, but make each space multipurpose. For example, a children’s room can have a reading or a playing nook while the kitchen can feature a small office made up of a desk and a comfortable chair.

Living in Surrey does not have to cost you a lot of money, particularly when it comes to your home. Get a small home and make it big with these ideas.

The FHA Streamline Refinance Program: Fast Facts

Refinance Loan The FHA Streamline Refinance loan is one of the simplest and fastest way for those with FHA mortgages to refinance their loans into the latest mortgage rates. Below are some fast facts about this refinance program:

What Exactly is an FHA Streamline Refinance Loan?

It’s a refinance program exclusive to borrowers that have existing FHA home loans. A home appraisal isn’t required and you could use your home’s original purchase price as its current value, even if isn’t exactly what it’s currently worth. A loan officer from City Creek Mortgage adds that the FHA streamline program would still refinance your property even if you owe significantly more than your current home’s value and you have an underwater mortgage.

No Home Appraisal and Verification of Credit, Income, Job

Basically, you could have bad credit, no equity in your home, without work and consequently income, but still be eligible for an FHA streamline refinance loan. But…

You Have to Have a Three-Month Perfect Payment History

This is the number one eligibility requirement imposed by the FHA. You also can’t have even one late payment in the past 12 months and your loans should be current at the closing time.

You Can’t Increase your Loan Balance to Cover the Refinance

This means that increase your FHA streamline refinance balance in hopes of covering related loan charges. Your new balance would be strictly limited to your “current principal balance plus upfront MIP or mortgage insurance premium” and you have to either have your loan officer credit in full or pay in cash all related costs such as escrow population, title charges and origination charges.

You Will Have to Pay Mortgage Insurance

You will be required to make two kinds of MIPs or mortgage insurance payments. One is the upfront payment you should pay at closing, and the other is a yearly payment divided into 12 installments that you have to pay along with your mortgage payment every month.

Summing up, the FHA streamline refinance program simplifies the refinance process by waiving typically required documentation such as job and income verification, credit and back account verification, as well as home appraisal. However, it is only available to borrowers with existing FHA home loans.


Digital Nomads and Big Data: Tourism Developments to Take Note of

Resort Brokers Australia The strength of tourism around the world has made many leaders of the industry realise that there are some serious gains to be had by joining businesses that cater to local and international tourists. Every business — from food to retail — would do well to adapt to the changing landscape brought on by the influx of new clientele from different regions.

The Rise of the Digital Nomad

The world is more connected now than it’s ever been, thanks to technologies that enable communication by various means. Wherever the internet can be accessed via Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, people can communicate with the rest of the world. This is the rock on which the life of the digital nomad stands. Digital nomads are people who use technology to do their jobs, making them location independent. As long as they have their devices with them — laptops, tablets or smartphones — they are ‘in their office’.

They are also known as telecommuters; writers, digital artists, editors, filmmakers, video editors and the like make up the bulk of the workforce. Their strong presence has helped tourism in different parts of the world.

The Growing Realisation of the Value of Big Data

Due to technology, people’s capability to collect data has grown exponentially. One of the challenges is the growing amount of data; there’s more data available than businesses know what to do with. But tech experts and thinkers have realised there is more to data than just the need for more servers to contain it.

Now the number of businesses relying on data to plan their next move to grow and reach more customers is growing. Where there used to be only leaders’ opinions and insights to base decisions on, now there is data. Decisions based on data rather than opinion or insight are more reliable and highly implementable, resulting in more benefits.

Joining the Rest of the World

These developments are making entrepreneurs around the world understand how to get the most gains out of their businesses — if they can take advantage of big data and the dependence of tourists on technologies that enable them to work or communicate wherever they are. Restaurant owners and motel brokers in Queensland such as Resort Brokers Australia know the best businesses are those whose owners understand how to adjust to the changing business landscape.

The world is indeed getting smaller. People are travelling and trying to see more of it, whether for pleasure, for work or somewhere in between. Businesses are adapting; those that don’t are likely to fall behind and go under. Which would you rather choose? The answer is a no-brainer.

Understanding ‘Night Owls’: What Makes People Nocturnal

Nocturnal People in GermanyIn a group, there’s always the energetic morning person. This individual seems to cherish being up and earlier than most and is almost always filled with glee at first glance of sunrise. And then, there’s the night owl. This person sleeps during daytime and is up all night. If by chance they’re awake during the day, the night owls probably do whatever it takes to keep the sunlight out. Window treatment manufacturers such as are likely to have night owls as regular customers.

There seems to be a great divide between morning larks and night owls. But is this merely due to habits, or something more? Any individual’s preference for early mornings or late nights is defined as his/her chronotype. A person’s chronotype is largely linked with genes, lifestyle, cognitive function, and even a risk for health issues like depression. What this means is that there’s proof of a physical difference between morning people and all-nighters.

Genetic Predisposition

Scientists from Oxfordshire, Cambridge, and New York University, and other experts identified an aptly-named gene responsible for night owl behaviour. The so-called ‘after-hours gene,’ according to a study published in the Science journal, is an altered version of another gene which was previously not linked with the maintenance of the circadian rhythm (aka ‘body clock.’)

The researchers observed how often mice chose to participate in an exercise. They eventually noticed that some of the mice had 27-hour days, indicating a major difference in their body clocks compared to others. Upon analysis of the ‘night owl’ mice, the scientists identified the special ‘after-hours’ gene which is an altered version of the FbxI3 gene. The mice in question had body clocks which run on longer cycles than those with normal copies of the FbxI3.

Practical Smarts And Brain Differences

Night owls’ different schedules also mean they have different ways of doing things. Therefore, they can find alternative solutions to problems that morning people can’t tackle as fast. According to a 2006 study published in the Personality and Individual Differences journal, a night owl’s level of creativity is often more profound due to an unconventional schedule. It means they are likely to devise alternative solutions when needed – a major hallmark of creative thinking.

Another study, this time from Aachen University in Germany, reveals a reduced integrity of white matter in a night owl’s brain. White matter refers to fatty tissue which helps with nerve cell communication. What this also means is that night owls are, unfortunately, at a higher risk of depression.

Night owls are different from morning people, though not always in positive terms. Still, they have a unique way of addressing their problems, thanks to their unusual body clocks.

Australia’s Regulatory Curbs May Reduce Foreign Investor Sentiment for 2017

Properties in Australia Despite expectations of a strong merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in Australia for 2017, potential limits on foreign investments may lead overseas capital to be directed elsewhere.

Investment in commercial real estate, infrastructure and energy are some of the industries that may be negatively affected by the proposed regulations. Infrastructure investors, for example, seem to want more M&A deals, even if the outlook continues to be good for the country.

A wave of takeovers among smaller companies could also contribute to advancing privatisation in the infrastructure industry, partly as a way to cut public budget deficits.

Big Deals

According to Thomson Reuters data, M&A transactions in power, infrastructure and transportation accounted for around 30 percent of deals worth US$120 billion announced to date in 2016. For 2017, the majority of Australian investors expects the year to be a good one for M&As.

However, authorities have become wary of overseas investors, particularly from China and Hong Kong, based on national security issues. One example includes the New South Wales government’s decision to sell Ausgrid for A$16.2 billion in local pension funds in October 2016, even as Chinese and Hong Kong investors fielded higher bids for the electricity network.

In terms of real estate investment, a study provided a clearer picture on the longstanding argument whether to buy or rent homes in Australia.

Buy: A Superior Choice

Dominic Crowley and Shuyun May Li’s research paper used a historical perspective to indicate that buying a house is a better choice than renting it. The analysis covered the financial differences between buying and renting over a period from 1983 to 2005 across all capital cities.

An expert from Sentinel Property Group notes that if you’re planning to buy homes and have it rented out as commercial investments, it would be another story. It’s better to consult with property firms to have a more in-depth look at how you can maximise your investment.


Awesome Things You Must Include in Your Dream House

Dream House Owning a dream house is an ultimate goal for most people around the world – and it should be. But what does a dream house look like? Here are four ideas to transform your house from ordinary to awesome:

Use glass tiles

Glass tiles can be costly, but their effect in your home is great. They create a lovely shimmer and they reflect light. Additionally, they require little or no maintenance. Glass tiles are also available in various colours. In case you are worried about the price, you can use them sparingly, for instance in your bathroom or kitchen.

How about a dual flush toilet?

Yes, they cost more than standard toilets, but dual flush toilets are more stylish and can help you save more than 5,000 gallons of water every year. A dual flush toilet in your house will not only impress your guests, but also save you money in the long run.

Have a central vacuum

Have a central vacuum cleaner to do the cleaning for you. The system consists of special pipes installed within the walls that collect dust in your house and puts it in one canister. A central vacuum is much more quiet and efficient than an ordinary vacuum.

Insulate your house

Stuff the wall and roof of your house with insulation against heat during the summer and cold when the winter comes, a builder from Cougar Homes reminds. While this takes your building costs higher, it is a good way to keep your house feeling luxurious regardless of the time of the year.

While having a dream house is a universal yearning, it may not be easy to know what exactly constitutes it. However, with the ideas above, you easily give your house a lavish feeling. While at it, remember to work with a professional.


Common Residential and Commercial Disputes: Boundary and Rights of Way

Residential and Commercial Disputes in Brisbane

Residential and Commercial Disputes in BrisbaneIt does not really matter if you want to purchase a commercial or residential property in Brisbane. It is essential that you are aware of the magnitude of access rights along with other rights that you have over it. Disagreements are usually disturbing because it can ruin relationships, even though most have to remain in the location to work or live together. 

The financial cost of hiring property lawyers such Creagh Weightman Lawyers and bringing such disagreements to Court costs more than the value of the access or property.

To understand the disputes and to prevent it from happening, identify the differences between boundary and rights of way.

Rights of Way and Boundary Disputes

You can get the rights of way from writing or from different means, including long usage. These types of disputes usually happen when there are no clear terms in the title documentation regarding the maintenance, use permitted, route and right. Common problems faced are access paths and shared driveways.

Meanwhile, boundary disputes can occur in several ways, such as intrusion in boundary features, house extensions, overhanging vegetation, and fence construction or adjustment without discussion.

Ways to Resolve Issues

The Courts usually suggest alternate means of resolving such matters before both parties get the law involved. They say it would be better to at least try since they will continue to be neighbours. They can also attempt other means like mediation, the involvement of an independent surveyor and negotiation between solicitors. They explain that such processes are less confrontational, cheaper, quicker and more flexible compared to the Court method.

Coming to a decision that will work for both parties might seem impossible at the moment, but they have to give it time and involve fewer emotions. By doing this, they get to spend fewer finances, resolve it quickly and might even form a better relationship with the other party.

From Paper to Paving: Home Design Planning Made Easy

Dream HouseInspired to design your dream home? If you want to have an artistic involvement in such a big task, know that there are some ideas to keep in mind. It’s not often that homeowners have the interest or inclination to do house designing, so you might as well do it right and proper. Let this article be your guide. 

Household Size – The size, shape and layout of your home should be able to accommodate every single person moving in. At best, there should be a room for each individual or couple. Worst case scenarios might mean smaller rooms if the kids don’t want to bunk together in one bedroom. Take into account the possibility of guests staying overnight as well. See if there is enough space for a free room or, at the least, a convertible one.

Seasonal Effects – A home’s design should also withstand the worst effects of the seasons. If you’re building a home in a hot, sunny place, you’d better work on proper air circulation, water access, and materials that can help resist rising temperatures. Cold areas need plenty of insulation, lighting options and a strong heating system for long frigid spells. Your new house should be able to resist the elements and yet still retain a satisfactory aesthetic value. Expert home builders at McCarthy Homes would know what will work best for your home, so consider their input too.

House Style and Period Inspiration – Another major step in creating your home is finding the right period inspiration. Are you into the more modern, streamlined looks? Want something Gothic? Thinking of getting an Asian vibe? There are plenty of websites to get your ideal design theme and motif for the exterior and interior of your home. You can even choose more than one, depending on the number of rooms and for specific areas like the backyard, lawn or family den.

Of course, you shouldn't rely solely on your inspired ideas. Once you have a clear picture in your mind and on paper, talk to a professional and see how it can become a reality. Let them see what works and what doesn’t to guarantee that your fantasy home is safe and doable.

Commercial Investments Made Easy with Funds Courtesy of These Foolproof Tips

Commercial InvestmentsIf you want to make a commercial investment, but do not have enough funds yet, don’t fret. In fact, there’s a great way for you to get commercial funds — you just have to find the right and legal property syndicate — and you can do so with the help of these tips.

Solid Returns

In order to get the best commercial property funds, Sentinel Property Group notes that you have to make sure that the property syndicate you’re eyeing actually gains solid returns — or more than 20% of capital investments. Otherwise, how would they be able to help you if they don’t have enough funds, as well? Thus, you have to be sure that they do not lack funds in any way.

Being in Business for at Least 4 to 7 years

If a syndicate has been funding commercial properties for at least 4 to 7 years already, then you would know that they are actually trustworthy because staying for that length of time in a lending business isn’t always that easy. This way, you would know that they do have a good amount of money and that you won’t be left hanging anytime.

Good References

Word of mouth is still important, even in this day and age. By asking around, you would know who’s confident enough in this business, who you can trust, and who can give you the help you deserve. More so, you might also know about what kind of people they are so you’d be able to create some rapport in the best way possible.

Continuously Improving Tenant Quality

And, your chosen property syndicate should also show that the previous commercial properties they helped put up have increasing amounts of tenant quality, so you’d know that people would patronize what you have to offer.

A Secure Investment

By getting funds from the best commercial syndicate out there, you will have some peace of mind, and you can be sure that your next commercial investment would be a definite and utter success.

Peaceful Nights Make Peaceful Marriages

Peaceful SleepYou spend a third of your life in bed. So it makes sense to aim to remain as comfortable and happy in the bedroom as possible. This is easy to do when you’re single but once you get married, some issues may need to be addressed.

Case #1: Not Quite the Nightingale

Wouldn’t you just love it if the only sound you hear at night are either the evening serenade of nature resting? Or would you prefer complete silence? What if the sounds you hear are right next to you…and it’s your spouse, snoring? It keeps you up all night and, deprived of restful sleep, the quality of your life just drops from there.

Case #2: Cuddling is good, isn’t it?

Studies have shown that couples who cuddle to sleep feel more relaxed and secure. Unfortunately, enforced cuddling isn’t part of that. Another issue couples may face is having a too small bed. This can be a problem for people who spread out or tend to roll around when they sleep. Suddenly, the floor looks a little more appealing, doesn’t it?

Simple Solutions

You can always go old school and sleep in separate rooms, but many cultures did away with that over a century ago. Besides, it’s not quite the most romantic arrangement. So if that is not the route you want to take, buying a king size bed and mattress in Salt Lake City may be what you need.

With a bigger bed, you and your spouse have the space to twist and turn on as well as the choice to cuddle. Prices for a king size is dependent on the manufacturer. To save on delivery fees, find a supplier near you: Salt Lake City has plenty to choose from! 

Talk It Over

Sleeping arrangements are affected by many factors, not just sound and space. Talk about what works best for your lifestyle and adapt to each other. It is just as important to communicate and be frank about your needs and wants. Avoiding misunderstandings is the best way to live your life happily as a couple. Well, that…and a good night’s sleep.