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Secrets to Controlling Pests Naturally

Pest ControlHaving pests at home or in the office can be frustrating. You lose your inner peace and then without noticing, you grow impatient and lash out at everybody. What can worsen the situation is the use of toxic pesticides. The US Environmental Protection Agency revealed that pesticides can cause nausea, headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, and many other symptoms.

To avoid being exposed to harmful chemicals found in pesticides, you can use natural methods of pest control. There are Indiana pest control and extermination services that offer natural ways of getting rid of pests in your home or in the office. You can however, take the initiative by following these three natural ways of controlling pests.

Aromatic Herbs and Plants

A published study in the Malaria Journal stated that leaves of the neem and lemon eucalyptus trees have the ability to repel mosquitoes. Extracts of the plant called citronella can also do the same. Plants have actually been used by ancient people to repel insects. Today, many still do the same practice.

Herbs also have insecticide and pesticide effects. The aroma of plants like rosemary, cinnamon, mint, and many others can keep pests at bay.

Integrated Pest Management

The National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) has developed the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to help people control pests at home or in the office by using a combination of scientific principles and common sense. It promotes the observance and study of the needs, dislikes, life cycles, and habits of pests to better understand how they breed and live. By doing so, you will be able to prevent pests from thriving.

Clean Surroundings

Finally, various Indiana pest control services recommend the proper cleaning of areas in the house where pests could breed. Take out the trash regularly to prevent ants, rats, and cockroaches from being attracted. Clear the gutter of dead leaves and other debris to prevent mosquitoes. Clean spilled food from the kitchen countertop or floor.

Follow these tips on how to naturally control pests. This way, you can avoid toxic ingredients in pesticides and insecticides that can harm the environment and your health.

A Comprehensive Guide on Batam Island’s Food Stops

Coast of Batam Island

Coast of Batam IslandDespite being a small island, the dining selections in Batam are incredibly diverse. You can find local specialities, vegetarian restaurants, fast food and fine dining in their main town called Nagoya. WOW Getaways notes that most Batam restaurants serve seafood as it continues to be their main expertise. Its convenient location makes it easier for the livelihood of many as they can easily collect different kinds of marine species in the surrounding tropical waters.

Local Specialties

Restaurants that are Padang-style are pretty common around the island. They will display local dishes buffet-style on a table, including fried foodstuff, meats, vegetables, stir-fries, soups and curries that are paired with steamed rice. Diners can freely select from meals and only pay for what they get, which is a type of culinary ‘pick and mix’.

Their famous delicacy is ‘ayam penyet’, which literally means squashed or flattened chicken. It is chicken coated with a mixture of spices and turmeric that they fry until it is crispy and golden brown.

Seafood Restaurants

Seafood is probably one of the aspects that make this island famous. You can find seafood on all corner stalls, restaurants and street vendors offered with variety and value for money. Tourists named this island as the ultimate seafood haven, particularly because the seafood is free from preservatives and fresh beside the abundance.

The most famous seafood is king prawns, chilli crabs and the exclusive gong gong sea snails that only reside in Batam and neighbouring Bintan waters. The chef will steam them to juicy perfection and the diners just have to fish out the meat from the shell using a toothpick. They then have to dip it in sambal which is a chilli sauce made locally before finally taking a delectable bite.

Your vacation would not be complete without a taste of their culture. Visit these local food selections and feed your tummy with delectable cuisines.

3 High-earning Careers for Psychology You Should Take

 Psychology DegreeTaking up a psychology degree isn’t easy. Whether it’s your undergrad field or your post-graduate choice of study, you’ll find yourself faced with more difficult cases. People generally think it’s easy, but when they need to undergo tests, they’ll find that the broad application of the degree can be difficult.

For those who practice in their field of study and practice it well, the rewards are great. The opportunities available for having a psychology degree have lucrative positions. Here are some you might be interested in:

  1. Child psychologist

Thanks to emerging research and more studies in child behaviour and physiology, treating kids has now become very lucrative especially if you’re fully booked with clients. You’ll be able to demand a high hourly rate, thanks to your expertise. But keep in mind that you may need to undergo medical training to be certified to work with children.

2. Forensic psychologist

The action-packed lab work shown in your typical CSI episode is quite different from the real thing. You would still need a doctorate to interview criminals and provide expert witness testimony during court cases. If you like a good mystery or puzzle to solve for work, then this might be the right choice for you.

3. Industrial and/or Organisational psychologist

This is probably the most common career for graduates and practitioners because companies need people to evaluate their workers and create ways to make the latter more productive. You’ll usually be part of the human resources department or you could be a consultant. You could also be making psych evaluations for dangerous jobs in law enforcement.

Rest assured that when you finish your psychology degree, you would find many places to work in where you can flourish and earn a lot.

Find Out What a Hot Tub Cover Can Do for You

Hot Tub CoverHaving a hot tub is fun. It makes for an easy bonding experience among friends, and is one of those things that can both relax and excite you. But did you know that there is one item that can make your hot tub experience even better, and it is a hot tub cover.

Protects Your Hot Tub from Unwanted Objects

Salt Lake City is filled with biological diversity that if you have a hot tub, it would be practical to get a hot tub cover from pool equipment providers such as Preferred Pool and Spa. Why? Well, simply because it helps you make sure that unwanted objects such as pests, rodents, twigs, dirt, or leaves, among others, won’t be able to infiltrate your tub, making way for a seamlessly clean hot tub experience for you and your friends.

Can Work Whether Inside or Outside the House

Wherever your tub may be situated, you can expect that the cover will work for it, as you have both soft and hard covers to choose from. This way, your tub would have amazing protection from snow, rain, or any other debris that could get to it and damage it, helping you save more money in the long run.

Provides Proper Insulation

One of the best things about getting a tub cover is the fact that it insulates your hot tub well. This means that you wouldn’t have to reheat water a lot, and that the heat in the tub will be retained even when not in use, helping you save lots of energy and effort.

Offers Support

And, a great cover would also be able to support walkways, or other things you may have installed by the tub, giving your house a great sense of balance, and making it aesthetically superior, too, making you feel safer while taking a dip.

A Wonderful Investment

Surely, investing your money on a hot tub cover would be a decision you wouldn’t regret. It is great value for your money, and has loads of benefits you can enjoy, as well.

Home Financing: Finding the Perfect Mortgage Deal

Mortgages in West JordanChoosing the best mortgage for your future home is one of the most crucial parts of home buying. One wrong move and everything will come crashing down right at your feet especially with all the available options you have. To determine which among these mortgages is the best for you, here are some factors that need proper evaluation.

Assessing the Rate

This is one of the most important things you should never miss out. Interest rate tells you how much it is going to cost you just to get the amount of money you need to finance your home. Lenders often provide a variety of offers to make it more attractive to borrowers. These are usually classified into three types, namely as:

  • Fixed Rates – the rates are guaranteed not to change
  • Tracker Rates – the rate is attached in another rate which is set by the Bank of England. This is subject to change. Thus, it can move up and down any time.
  • Discount Rates – the rate is usually based below the set margin of the lender's overall standard variable rate (SVR). However, just like the tracker, there's a possibility that it may move up and down.

Repayment Option

Mortgages in West Jordan come in two types. These are the interest-only and repayment. For repayment, you are to pay both the interest and the loan itself (or the capital). As for the interest-only, you're going to pay off the interest first, then finish off paying for the capital afterwards. Try to evaluate everything first to figure out which repayment option is more manageable for you.

Amount of Borrowed Money

Most lenders quote a maximum amount of money you can borrow from them. Of course, this still depends on your various aspects first. A mortgage company will usually ask you to provide them a copy of your savings, source of income, monthly expenses, and other refinancing sources. This matters especially with the approval of your loan request.

Additional Charge & Fees

Other than the interest rates, there’s another thing you should look at. That is the added charge and fee on top of the loan itself. This is usually what most borrowers fail to check which can severely affect their monthly payoff. Be wary of these costs and make sure you understand everything before you sign up for anything.

Finding the best home loan is not an easy task to do. But with enough knowledge, things will be more manageable and convenient. Try to check and assess everything carefully before you get involved in any agreement. If there are things you didn’t understand, clarify it with your lender first to make sure everything is clear and stated based on the terms you prefer.

Problems That Could Reduce the Lifespan of Your Water Heater

Things that can damage your Water Heater in DraperOn average, a water heater should last for at least one decade. But, a few homeowners in Draper give their water heaters the same level of attention as air conditioners and furnaces. If you buy a water heater, and forget about its maintenance and repair needs, it will just be a matter of time before it screeches to a halt because of the certain problems.

Buildup of Sediments

If the water heater tank has a buildup of sediments, industry experts at explain that overlooking the problem will cause the formation of a hard concrete-like crust.  Flushing the water heater may not yield any fruits at this point. To avoid an escalation of the buildup, flush the tank regularly.

Rusty Tank

The role of the sacrificial anode is to protect the tank from rust. However, this anode is depleted with time. If you do not replace it in good time, rust will attack the tank. If you have a softener, the erosion of the anode rod is even faster. Make sure that you check the condition of this component at least once annually.

Effects of Neglect

Sometimes, damage to a water heater is a simple case of neglect. When you forget about your heater, it may develop leaks to the point that emergency water heater repair cannot remedy the situation.

Poor Sizing

Water heaters come in different capacities to suit different needs that generally depend on the level of usage. When you are buying a water heater, parameters such as the number of bathrooms, frequency of use, and number of people are very important. If your heater is not sized properly, frequent expansion and contraction will eventually damage it.

Water Pressure

It is both interesting and worrying how homeowners high-pressure in their water heaters. If you have been using your equipment at 80psi or more, you are lucky that nothing has exploded by now. Even if you have a pressure release valve and expansion tank, you still need to adjust your gauge. These components lose their effectiveness with time.

If you forgot about your water heater the moment the technician tightened the last screw, you have a reason to worry. The potential problems discussed here can render your equipment useless within a few years. Consider ensuring regular maintenance and repair to your equipment so that it can reach its expected life.

Buying a Rainwater Tank: Some Crucial Considerations to Keep in Mind

Rainwater TankNowadays, rainwater tanks are not just big and round — they now come in an assortment of sizes, shapes, considerations.

Rainwater Tank Materials

In general, rainwater tanks can be made from metal, fiberglass, polyethylene, and concrete. Rhino Water Tanks shares that metal water tanks can come in corrugated or rolled metal that is either coated or galvanised. They’re usually outfitted with an aquaplate, which is an inner plastic lining capable of increasing their service life and protecting the quality of water. Fibreglass rainwater tanks are resistant to chemicals and rust and are developed to weather severe temperatures. These are ideal for aboveground configurations but are not the most affordable options.

Polyethylene rainwater tanks are known to be extremely durable and since they don’t rust, are popular options for those who live close to the ocean. While concrete rainwater tanks are top choices for industrial and agricultural applications since they don’t get blown away, melt, burn, or rust.

Other Things You Must Know

Before purchasing a rainwater tank, ask the water supplier and council in your area regarding installation rules and requirements. You might be required to submit a building or development application, as well as policies about preventing mosquito breeding and drinking rainwater, and restrictions pertaining to the location, labelling, height, and colour among others. Likewise, see if your local government or water authority offers bill reduction or cash rebates for installing a rainwater tank.

When asking for estimates, know if there are added costs for installation and delivery, optional features, additional materials, a pump, or a stand if you’re planning on an aboveground configuration. For below ground installations, you should consider the cost of additional excavation or ground preparation.

Lastly, if you wish to attach your rainwater tank to your water supply, consider the cost of hiring a licenced plumber, as well as any costs related to extra work that must be performed on your gutters or roofing. So keep all the abovementioned considerations in mind when looking at different rainwater tanks to make certain that you get your money’s worth.

The Mother Sauces of French Cooking Foodies Should Know

French CuisineFrance is not only famous in the fashion industry, but in the food industry as well. Their cuisine has its distinct taste and flare to it, and attached to that are their internationally acclaimed chefs.

If you are a food enthusiast, then you might have heard of some of these sauces (if not all). There are five primary sauces hailing from France and these sauces are Béchamel, Velouté, Espagnole, Hollandaise, and Tomat.  says secondary sauces such as demi glace come from these.

How can you tell the sauces apart?

Made with different liquids and thickeners, each sauce has its distinct color and taste. Three (Béchamel, Velouté, and Espagnole) out of the five primary sauces use roux as a thickening agent. But, what makes it different from each other is the amount of time it spends being cooked, which eventually comes out in different consistencies shades of color ranging from lightest to darkest.

As far as tastes go, each sauce also uses different herbs and spices to come up with a distinct taste. Béchamel use salt and pepper as seasoning, but you can also add nutmeg into the mix. Velouté does not use any additives, as it only serves as a base. Espagnole uses brown stock tomato purée and mirepoix. You can make Hollandaise out of lemon juice, egg yolks, swiftly whisked on a double broiler, adding the butter gradually, and topped off with salt and cayenne pepper. You can make Tomat out of mirepoix, salt pork, butter, tomatoes, and flour.

Which sauce do you use for certain main ingredients?

For each sauce, there are certain main ingredients you cook or serve it with. Because each sauce has a distinct taste, though used on the same main ingredient, the finished product will taste different.

  • Béchamel: Fish, Egg, Pasta, and Steamed Vegetables and Poultry
  • Velouté: Fish, Egg, Pasta, Steamed Vegetables and Poultry, and Veal
  • Espagnole: Roasted Lamb, Duck, Beef, and Veal
  • Hollandaise: Asparagus, Fish, Beef, and Eggs
  • Sauce Tomat: Fish, Egg, Pasta, Steamed Vegetables and Poultry, and Veal

Now that you got the basics out of the way, why not delve into secondary sauces as well. Experimenting with food is a great way to discover new tastes to savor.

Cable Ties: 3 Uses and Kinds

Cable Ties

Cable TiesWhether you are a professional contractor or a DIY neophyte, at one point in time, you will definitely be needing a cable tie for a project. There will be a circumstance in your life where you will be requiring one or more pieces as these ties are versatile and easy to use.

Cable ties are available in different types and styles. Engineering Supplies mentions three below.

Mounted Head

While regular zip ties are ideal for those who want to bundle stuff, the mounted head ties, on the other hand, are great if you want to bundle and hang. It involves the use of an attachment at the top of the tie. It allows you to mount it to any surface you prefer. Some of these ties have holes and clips.


Another type is the metal cable tie. These ties are often used when it comes to high heat applications. They are flame retardant and are constructed using high-quality aluminium or stainless steel. To avoid corrosion, these ties are often covered with stainless steel. Some ties that are used in the food industry are also infused with metal because they are quick to identify, so you are guaranteed that no other materials can cross contaminate the food products.


Last but not the least is the nylon zip tie. These ties are the classic type and come in an array of different colours. If you need to tie up some stuff, then these cable ties are perfect to use. It allows you to easily keep track of the things using a color coding system. This type is recommended to use if you want to mount bundles to server racks or walls.

A cable tie is an essential tool not only for seasoned contractors but for everyone. Apart from that, they are also a budget-friendly tool for both professional and DIY projects.

Apple’s Marketing Secret: Encourage Customer Loyalty


appleBy now, anything someone will say about Steve Jobs may not have that much impact. You see, Steve Jobs has risen to legendary status; it’s almost impossible to put him a notch higher.

He’s the person who conceptualized the iPad even when another company had the idea years before. Yes, Nokia’s former chief designer admitted he had the concept all along. Only it didn’t reach fruition. And everything is now history, how millions have become Apple followers.

Making Faster Horses

It takes a giant to know another giant.

Steve Jobs quoting Henry Ford made that apparent. Both men were legends of entrepreneurship and marketing in their time.

In the Apple founder’s words on product excellence: “There’s a great quote by Henry Ford, right? He said, ‘If I’d have asked my customers what they wanted, they would have told me ‘A faster horse’.”

The iPad was conceived without a single consumer research done. It could have been a marketing nightmare. But no, iPad and its smaller brother iPhone proceeded to become killer products.

Spreading the Faith

Effective marketing goes beyond getting consumers. It creates a loyal following who will market your product — for free. Online forums reveal that.

And as says, “Appearances are everything to businesses.” Any Apple-sponsored events with the company’s logo plastered on memorabilia and on pop-up canopy tents reveal it’s not just a gathering of ordinary fans, but of an army of loyal followers. And this only encourages more people to try Apple products.

Eventually, it took Jobs and his confidence to put the product to market, leveraging the loyalty of Apple users and using that as an effective marketing strategy. His idea and approach to marketing gave him billions in profit.

Market research shows what clients think they want. But is it enough to think about that? Every once in a while, surprise them with a product they didn’t know they wanted — and a marketing strategy that will leave them in awe.