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4 Things to Consider Before Getting Invisalign

Invisalign One of the preferred alternatives to traditional braces is Invisalign. Unlike braces, Invisalign uses clear, plastic aligners to correct your teeth and make them straighter.

There are plenty of benefits using these aligners. For one thing, they are removable, which means it is easy to brush, floss, and keep your entire mouth clean and healthy during treatment. Additionally, it wins, hands down, in the aesthetics department, since it practically looks like you are not wearing anything on your teeth at all.  Here are some facts you should know.

It is not cheap

Invisalign prices vary anywhere from £2,500 to £4,500, depending on your individual situation. However, some orthodontists offer a 0% financing option to make it easier for you to pay for your treatment. You might also want to check your dental insurance if it provides coverage for orthodontic treatments.

It is not pain-free

Any dental device that puts enough pressure on your teeth to move them will cause some discomfort, especially during the first few days of your treatment. Fortunately, Invisalign is far less painful than getting braces.

It is not lisp-free

Most patients agree that wearing the aligners will cause you difficulty in speaking. However, the lisp eventually goes away as you learn to practice talking with the aligners on. The more you speak during the first few days, the faster the lisp goes away.

It is not for everyone

Invisalign is an effective treatment for crooked teeth. However, for bigger problems, such as extreme overbite or twisted teeth, getting traditional braces might be faster and more efficient. Consult with your orthodontist first before you decide the best treatment option for you.

Despite all that, most patients say that getting Invisalign is worth the little trouble that the treatment brings. When you have a perfectly straight set of healthy white teeth, you can enjoy a greater sense of self-confidence and move through life without those crooked teeth.


3 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Oral Health

Dental Implants in IndianapolisHow important is oral health? It’s not as simple as experiencing toothaches once in a while or dealing with decay. Many studies have shown these problems are connected to poor performance in school or even an increased risk of HPV infection.

The more you learn about oral health, the more you can improve your overall well-being. Here are some things you might not know about oral health:

1. Video selfie improves oral health

Would you like to keep your teeth together for longer? Then take a selfie – a video selfie, to be specific. A study conducted by Case Western Reserve University researchers revealed that those who film their tooth brushing are more likely to improve their strokes.

While it may be a long shot, the researchers think filming can also enhance the relationship between dental professionals and patients, as the former can provide a more accurate, relevant feedback on their patients' oral health.

2. Regular dental visits are associated to slow cognitive decline

Researchers from Duke University School of Nursing found a link between cognitive decline among older people and regular dental checkups that promote better oral health. It’s unclear whether one causes the other, but the decline in memory and cognition is associated with more incidences of periodontal disease and number of teeth and cavities.

3. Community oral health is thriving in Indiana

The Indiana State Department of Health has an active dental care coalition and programs that include teaching modules designed for community settings. Supporting the state’s endeavors are various professional clinics that offer affordable but quality services. For example, a dental implant procedure in Indianapolis, Indiana may cost lower than that of other cities in neighboring states.

From selfies to community oral health, we are making huge strides in understanding the critical role dental care plays in our health and knowing the steps we can take to improve it. Working with an experienced dentist is the best way to learn more about the importance of good oral health and get the treatment you need.

Root Canal Treatment: What Are the Symptoms You Might Need It?

Getting an affordable root canal in Boise All your teeth are composed of nerves and blood vessels that are located in the center pathways or canals of your mouth. When the teeth are originally formed, these blood vessels and nerves are the ones responsible for delivering the nutrients and minerals to your teeth. Once infected or injured, it may damage your teeth and may also infect your gums. This is where root canal procedure comes in to fix and save your teeth, but how do you know if you need one? Look out for these common signs:

Severe Dental Pain

Often the first indicator that something is wrong in your dental nerves is when you feel excruciating pain, especially when you’re performing normal activities like drinking, talking or eating. At times like this, you must visit your dentist so they may examine the problem. In most cases, people who experience this type of pain often reveal their oral cavity has been infected and the only way to stop is to undergo a root canal.

Oral Infection

Another sign that you may have trouble with your dental pulp is you have a broken or chipped tooth, leaving the nerves exposed to bacterial infection. Leaving this for long, it may result in other dental issues. If your tooth is damaged badly, you may need to remove or extract it totally. The worst case is the infection may travel through the bloodstream, which may cause multiple health complications to your body. The best way to handle the situation is to contact your dentist and have them check it.

Extreme or Prolong Sensitivity

Heat and cold sensitivity should be a warning sign for you. Drinking cold or hot beverages shouldn’t be a problem. If you feel like the sensation has been staying for too long, then you might have troubles with your dental pulp. When ignored, this sensation may progress to a far more serious dental issue, including numbness or swelling. Make an appointment to the dentist and if you need to undergo an affordable root canal treatment in Boise, do it. Otherwise, you and your oral health will suffer.

Inflammation & Numbness

Any tingling or swelling sensation in your gums is also a sign that your dental nerves might be in trouble. This is associated with an abscessed tooth that causes severe tooth decay and dental trauma. If you happen to suffer from this sensation, you should immediately head off to your dentist to ask for help. The quicker you treat it, the higher the chance you can save your teeth and gums.

Remember that not all teeth may need to require root canal procedure. However, if you notice the following signs and is experiencing pain, you should immediately get in touch to your dentist for further assessment and proper treatment.

Subtle Teeth Straightening with Six Month Smiles

Straight Teeth

Straight TeethWhen most people think of braces, it is usually in the context of straightening the teeth of children or teenagers. However, the benefits of straighter teeth are worth attaining at any age. Modern braces mean adults can have their teeth straightened more comfortably and discreetly than ever before – notably without the need to sport a mouthful of metal.

Garden View in Beaconsfield provides Six Month Smiles treatment for adults looking to rejuvenate their front teeth, where the cosmetic effects have the greatest impact.

How Does Six Month Smiles Work?

This fixed braces treatment targets your front six teeth. Using clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, this treatment blends into the background of your teeth for a more subtle look than traditional metal braces. Low levels of force are applied to your teeth to gradually shift them into straighter positions, with minimal discomfort. Treatment times vary depending on how crooked, crowded or gappy your teeth are to begin with. However, on average results can be achieved in six months.

Once you have completed your treatment, you will be provided with a removable clear retainer to ensure your teeth stay in their new straighter positions. It is recommended that you wear your retainer everyday and at night too. For convenience, you can alternatively have a fixed retainer attached to the backs of your front teeth.

The Benefits of Straighter Teeth

There are obvious cosmetic advantages to straighter teeth. Especially where your front teeth are concerned, the impact on your smile is particularly noticeable. This can boost your confidence and self-esteem, which can affect your interactions at work and socially.

From a dental health perspective, straighter teeth are easier to clean, which reduces the build-up of bacteria. In the long run this can decrease your chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease.

Is Six Month Smiles Appropriate for You?

Six Month Smiles treatment is ideal for adults presenting mild alignment or crowding problems with their front teeth. To find out if your case could be effectively treated with Six Month Smiles, it is worth consulting a dentist who can examine your teeth and determine the best treatment option.

From Gap-Toothed Nerd to a Global Heartthrob: Zac Efron’s Celebrity Transformation

Tooth Gap in GlenviewZac Efron’s career began to soar when the first part of Disney’s High School Musical (HSM) aired in 2006. His character, Troy Bolton, became a household name among teenage girls. His luscious locks, dazzling smile, and enchanting voice drew the attention of young people. To this day, the lyrics from the musical film still echo in their childhood minds.

However, did you know that even the hottie Zac Efron went through an awkward phase like a normal teenager? He only had his tooth gap fixed before filming HSM by undergoing cosmetic dentistry from clinics such as Glenlake Dental Care.

The Gap-Toothed Nerd

Before Tinseltown, Zac Efron was your typical high school student. He had a huge gap between his two front teeth, which, according to him, was always the subject of mocking. Yes, girls, the man of your dreams experienced bullying too when he was young.

He said that one time, to impress a girl, he proudly told her he can do backflips off a swing. He shared that he had done it numerous times before, but this time was a failed attempt. He ended up falling flat on his back and panting for air. The girl just laughed at him and left him there.

When Vanessa Hudgens first met him, she said she found the tooth gap charming. But, Efron still went on to enhance his smile for better career opportunities.

The Global Heartthrob

His smile makeover served as the gateway for him to switch to huge box-office roles. It is said that the smile transformation cost over USD 10,000. He wore invisible braces before the filming of HSM, and he had on clear aligners for months. He even succumbed to teeth whitening to brighten his smile.

His trademark smile got him the leading role in Charlie St. Cloud, The Lucky One, and even more movie roles. When he was 23, he even received numerous awards for his acting roles.

It just goes to show how one small detail can alter your life.

Oral Health Conditions That Your Dentist Can Treat

Dental check-upsOral health problems continue to be a persisting issue that often goes unnoticed. Unfortunately, there are still people who do not practice proper oral hygiene and skips regular dental check-ups. This, in turn, can lead to oral conditions that cause severe discomfort, pain and even illnesses.

Some of the most common oral diseases and conditions are dental cavities, periodontal disease (gum disease), tooth loss and dry mouth. These conditions can occur at any age due to bacteria — and in worst cases, the buildup of plaque that damages the tooth enamel.

Periodontal Diseases

Smylife.co.uk and other dental professionals say that periodontal disease can range from bleeding to the recession of the gums. Bleeding gums may be taking place because you are brushing too hard, while gum recession is usually the aftermath of plaque buildup. There are instances, however, when poorly fit dentures cause recession because of frequent gum irritation.

Cavities and Tooth Loss

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 100% of adults have dental cavities as of 2012. If left on its own, the acid found in plaque will continue to corrode the tooth.

There are times when dental cavities damage the insides of the tooth, making you undergo root canal procedures and other extensive treatments. Root canal, crowns and veneers may be among the ideal treatments for dental cavities, but by encouraging regular checkups and proper hygiene, you can prevent dental issues before they even start.

Dry Mouth and Bad Breath

Dry mouth is a condition that is often due to medication, cigarette smoking and other several factors. The cause of persistent bad breath may be the lack of moisture in the mouth, which encourages the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

To deal with all these oral diseases, it is important to visit your dentist and ensure that you have a good oral hygiene. Protect your teeth and gums and live a healthier oral life.

The Dentist-less Dental Clinic of Alaska

Dental ClinicA village lies on the edge of the Bering Sea. Fortunately, it has a dental clinic. Unfortunately, no dentist is on staff. The clinic is operational, by the way.

What’s Missing

The Alaska Dental Society and the American Dental Association have expressed their antipathy towards Aurora Johnson’s dental practice in the heart of Unalakleet, Alaska. Ms. Johnson is a trained dental practitioner, with two years of learning experience to show for it. From a program found nowhere else but Alaska. The dental groups assert how Ms. Johnson is unqualified for the treatments she conducts every day. Let alone run a dental practice.

Dentists from Harley Street Dental Clinic cite the four years of post-collegiate education dental practitioners need to conduct treatments legally, as well as establish a clinic of their own. Patients of dental therapists like Ms. Johnson run the risk of receiving substandard care. But, in remote areas such as Unalakleet, the lack of an option to approach a certified dental practitioner is more to blame than the residents’ preference for an unqualified provider.

What Matters

Both ADAs have already filed lawsuits against Ms. Johnson’s dental practice. The local court dropped both of them, primarily due to the reasoning mentioned above. Dental care, in many parts of the world, remains as a providential service — nothing to be picky about, especially since a proper dental education, except of course for dental therapy, also remains out of reach in these areas.

‘Are you trying to laugh? This is not the time to laugh, bud’, Ms. Johnson tells Paul Towarak, reassuring the giggly 10-year-old before the treatment begins. As the inclement, frigid winds of the Bering Sea whistled outside, Ms. Johnson laid down fillings of silver amalgam into the boy’s three cavities. The village of nearly 750 natives trust Ms. Johnson far more than the dental groups of the cities.

It does not matter. Paul walks out giving his greatest, only dentist a gleeful thumbs up.

Chocolate’s Health Benefits: Another Reason to Love this Confectionery

Dental Care in IndianaWondering what to give that special someone as a gift or token of your appreciation? There may be hundreds of choices in front of you, which will make the process a little difficult. There is a sweet way out of it, though. Go for something that everyone loves and can never go wrong: chocolates.

Chocolates: Another Reason to Smile

All types of gifts are good, but nothing says “I love you” or “you’re sweet” better than a box of chocolates. After all, almost everybody loves chocolates. According to statistics, around 58 million pounds of chocolates get sold on Valentine’s Day alone in the U.S., and an estimated $1.7 billion worth of candy purchases usually happen during the week of February 14. Imagine that number blow up when thinking about a whole year’s sale.

Apart from being popular gifts, this confectionery has another reason for you to smile. Here’s what science has to say. Dark chocolate, with 70% cocoa, is good for your oral health. It is a rich source of polyphenols, which limit oral bacteria. This acts as an antioxidant that neutralizes bad breath-causing microorganisms and prevents bacteria from turning sugar into acid. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids that slow tooth decay.

Recent studies have found chocolate effective in fighting cavities, plaque, and tooth decay. The cocoa shows antibacterial compounds that are also found in mouthwash and toothpaste and are known to fight plaque.

Why Chocolates Make You Feel Good

Chocolates contain the chemicals tryptophan and phenylethylamine, which help increase serotonin production. Serotonin is a type of chemical that acts as a neurotransmitter, distributing signals around the brain area and consequently stabilizing moods. Increased amounts of serotonin in the brain will make you feel good. Chocolate treats with higher cocoa content can boost serotonin from endorphin secretions.

How to Eat Chocolates to Preserve Oral Health

When eating chocolates, most people commonly ration their share throughout the day (obviously to ensure they have something to nibble on the rest of the day). However, the enamel softens each time you eat or drink and takes up to 30 minutes to re-harden. So if you eat chocolate throughout the day, your enamel is constantly under attack. Dentists recommend to eat the candy all at once and to drink water to rinse away the sugar.

Of course, nothing beats brushing and flossing to maintain the health of your enamel and gums. Gentle Dentist, a dental practice in Indiana, reminds people that high-quality oral hygiene still gives teeth stronger protection than any other alternative.

With all the health benefits of chocolates, you should feel special when someone gives you a box of this tempting treats – the more reason to boost your oral hygiene habits, so you could flash that special person the brightest, sweetest smile.

Root Canal Therapy to Save Your Tooth and End Your Pain

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in UtahHave you ever experienced excruciating toothache that radiates through the gums and the jaw? Your tooth might already have caries that extend to the nerve. In this situation, your tooth might already be suffering from infection as well. The best thing to do is consult with a licensed dentist to explore possible endodontic intervention.

Dealing with pain and infection with endodontic treatment

Endodontic treatment, which is more popularly known as root canal therapy, is a drastic move. However, if the caries is already unstoppable, then a root canal is the most appropriate solution. If you forgo the treatment, caries will only keep progressing, and the infection might even spread to other parts of the oral cavity. Millions of people around the world have received root canal therapy to save their tooth and resolve their pain.

According to myspanishforkdentist.com, endodontic intervention offers a number of advantages. The main objective of a root canal procedure is to save the natural tooth while resolving infection and pain. If the treatment is successful, you maintain the natural appearance of your teeth, and retain normal biting and chewing function. Usually, treatment is already complete after a couple of sessions.

Treating the dental pulp to preserve your natural tooth

A root canal treatment involves treatment of the dental pulp, the living part of the tooth that contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Once the pulp dies due to deep cavity or infection, the dentist embarks on a specific set of procedures to reclaim the diseased tooth. The endodontist is a dental specialist who performs what is essentially a complex treatment. You can make inquiries about the current cost of root canal therapy. When you make the call to dental office Payson dentists will surely encourage you to pay them a visit as soon as possible, especially if your pain is already severe.

Root canal therapy has serious risks involved. Find a competent endodontist to perform the treatment for optimal results.

Teeth Sensitivity Toothpaste: Best for Complementary Treatment

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth Sensitivity The internationally renowned reputation of British teeth does not exactly pinpoint any issue. People know that their teeth are ‘bad’ and no further. Many doctors say that it is because the residents of the British Isles are more accepting of discoloured teeth than their cousins across the Atlantic. Nevertheless, there is enough evidence to suggest that a sizeable amount of the population does ignore their dental needs.

Many of the dental niggles are often intolerable. These sensations happen in a delicate part of the body, where pain spreads very easily. Furthermore, it is worrying that many Brits think of brushing as irrelevant. But, dentinal hypersensitivity takes the crown as the most unwanted condition due to how it prevents individuals eating treats or eating at all.

Easier to Treat

High teeth sensitivity is a simple problem with a simple solution. Harley Street Dental Clinic says it happens when the protective enamel in your teeth erodes. It leaves the teeth vulnerable to everything, as the terrestrial parts of the earth are open to receiving unfiltered sunlight rays. It takes a special kind of ignorance to wear the enamel of a tooth, but you will be surprised at how often it happens.

Professional intervention remains to be the primary treatment for hypersensitive teeth. There are some simple home remedies, but there have been no ventures into how long its effects will last. This, inevitably, brings the topic to toothpaste. Advertisements everywhere vow to its efficiency in alleviating discomfort. It is a bold claim with a surprising truth.

Remineralising and That Sort

Enamel can grow back, but not as quickly when there is an accelerant. That is fluoride, a constant presence in all toothpaste. But, it is recommended to use condition-specific materials, which is teeth sensitivity toothpaste in this context. Most importantly, because they contain potassium salts, sodium citrates and other particles that help rebuild the protective coat.

Yet, it remains to be best as a complimentary treatment. Without a dentist’s intercession, it will be hard to go at tooth sensitivity by yourself. Special toothpastes, especially about dentinal hypersensitivity, are efficient. Only to an extent, as it proved to be less effective with other people.

It is upsetting to experience pain and discomfort orally. Thus, it would be best to avoid having the problem in the first place or find solutions at the earliest.