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A Good Office Design Affect Employees in 4 Ways

office designMany factors affect employee productivity. A good office design is known to improve both productivity and engagement while a bad one not only lowers them but also made employees feel restrained. Here’s how a good office design affects people and why you should hire office interior design services to shape the way people work.

Indoor Air Quality

Proper ventilation not only improves humidity levels but also provide health benefits such as lesser risks of having breathing problems. When employees are healthier, they’ll have fewer days off from work.


Many workplaces today maximise the use of natural light. This is not only cost-efficient, but it also packs health benefits for the employees. A study conducted by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology found that people who work using natural light have higher energy levels. In another study, researchers found that daylight in the office can help improve physical activity, sleep, and quality of life.

Noise-Reducing Areas

Regardless of noise policies and earphones usage, light office chatter can still affect many people. A study from the Occupational Health Nursing Program at the University of Michigan found that chronic workplace noise can increase a person’s heart rate and blood pressure. Good office designs should have dedicated quiet rooms and even soundproof meeting areas for team members who need to concentrate.

Breakout Rooms

Open office layouts are right for some organisations but not for all. Regardless, this type of open workplaces can help people collaborate and work better. If you don’t believe in open layouts, breakout rooms designed for collaboration and social activities should be included in your office layout. Having this room also encourage employees to get up from their desks, move around and socialise for better camaraderie.

Plan the Best Possible Workspace

Improvements in office layout can help improve your team’s productivity and your business operation’s efficiency. When planning your space, use these tips and see how simple changes can pack enormous benefits.

Installing & Integrating a Personal Office to Different Parts of Your House

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personal home office spaceIt would have been great if you have an extra room to convert into a home office. Even if you do not have the luxury, you can try many ideas to maximise your space. Some suggestions may be a bit pricier than others, but consider it an investment that can raise your property’s value while giving you a place to work in peace.

In Your Bedroom

Raise the bed above your line of sight, add a ladder and use the space underneath for your mini office. Zilofurniture.com and known interior designers recommend replacing bedroom furniture with compact ones to have a place to install office furnishings and equipment. Another solution is to rearrange your bedroom to accommodate an office desk and find the most comfortable chair you already have at home.

Large Closets

If you have one of those large wall closets near the dining room or any part of the house that is only used for storing knick-knacks, clean them out and have them designed for a small office. Replace the door with a divider, sliding panels or even curtains to keep your workplace private and silent. The best part is that you can still be aware of your surroundings, so you can manage your domestic chores while you work.

The Attic or the Basement

Start with cleaning your attic or basement then check for vermin, leaks, lack of insulation, electrical problems and integrity issues. Have a building inspector over to check and inform them of your plans. Ask how much you will need to repair and renovate your basement or attic. Once you receive a quote, make the required changes and build a small room to house the items you have in the attic or basement then set up your office.

It is best that you adjust your home to accommodate your office if you truly want to be serious in your venture. You can choose to rearrange the furniture or do some heavy renovations. Besides, working at home without a specific workspace can affect your productivity.

Four Organisational Tips for Huge Businesses

office workspace organisationA well-organised office isn’t just nice to look at but also makes employees happier and more productive. Some businesses, however, tend to ignore this fact. Organise your business and increase employee productivity by considering the following.

Dispose of Unnecessary Clutter

The first step in arranging your office is throwing unnecessary clutter. There is no sense in keeping objects, even furnishings, which have no use at work. Have no regrets when doing so as this is the only way you can keep your workspace clean. For starters, throw away duplicates, and any item left ignored for the last six months.

Make Use of Document Trays

Document trays are lifesavers. They hold essential papers and other kinds of stationery such as memos and notebooks. Utilise the two-tray system, the simplest and most efficient technique when handling office paper. The system works like this: 1) new tray, new documents 2) old tray, documents you have yet to deal with. Through this, you can eliminate unnecessary documents, leaving the office clean and employees more productive.

Utilise Bigger Trash cans

Bigger trash cans may sound (and look) silly, but they are strategic ways to keep an office organised. Since most major companies deal with paper and clutter, it is ideal to make use of trash cans that can get rid of them. Bigger trash cans are more visible, making employees think that they are the best solutions to unwanted documents. Apart from this, huge trash cans prevent waste overflow, which may be a risk to employee health.

Consider Leasing a Warehouse

If none of these tips works, then it’s time to lease a warehouse or a storage room for your business. Most companies follow this solution rather than expand their offices. Apart from decreasing costs, renting a warehouse also allows businesses to utilise other storage solutions such as shelves and pallet racking systems by Modular Storage Systems. Consider this suggestion, especially if your company is product-centric.

Office organisation is a lot of hard work, especially when you have other pressing matters to deal with. Be organised every day as to prevent dirt and to increase workspace efficiency.

3 Awesome Tricks to Add Kerb Appeal to Your Office Space

Office SpaceOffice spaces must also be kept attractive and be inviting, even if only for the benefit of guests and clients. There is also the matter of making it look better from the outside in order to keep up with how the rest of the block looks. When it comes to increasing kerb appeal, you can do small things that create maximum impact.

1. Replace Your Outdoor Lighting

If your old lamp post and signage are already looking outdated, you can use LED lights to make your business brand more prominent. An office can also have more lights so people will know that there is a real estate business, for example, in the said block. You can have new signs made inexpensively while adding more lights within the perimeter of your office space.

2. Pave the Driveway

One way to impress clients is to pave the driveway leading up to your office. This will give the impression that you pay attention to even the smallest details. There are quite a few kinds of pavers which can be used on driveways. It is also up to you if you want to add more accessories such as a water feature at the end of the driveway.

3. Install New Glass Doors

Glass doors with your company name, brand, or logo may sound traditional but it never goes out of style. Glass doors are elegant and offer a sneak peek into your space from the outside. You can think of a good design or come up with a modern take on it.

These are only a few tips you may consider using to jazz up your office space. It is prudent if you can hire a company like Formline Group that offers fit out services in Australia to turn your office spaces from drab to fab in a short period of time. The company will surely help you make your space look brighter, warmer, and more conducive to work and business.