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Dental Implant Treatments: Is It For You?

An old lady having consultation with a dentistFor many, going to the dentist is an essential step in maintaining good oral care. For some, it could include improving their teeth alignment and bite, while others focus on treating diseases like periodontitis and gum disease. For others however, clinics like Glenlake Dental Care provide cosmetic dental surgery they need. It is a good reason to see their dentist for tooth implant surgery in Northfield, Illinois.

Dental implants are another form of treatment dentists propose to patients who need to replace missing teeth. Implants provide a stable support for replacement teeth. These implants are made to match your natural teeth.

During a visit to a dentist, the procedure starts with a plan that addresses your needs. Your dentist will focus on oral and restorative surgery. Your dentist could also plan a coordinated care based on the implant treatment that suits you.

The next step involves the surgical placement of the tooth implant. This is placed in the area of the missing tooth, and is planted near the jawbone. The main point of which is to make it fuse to your bone as it heals. When the healing is complete, the replacement tooth is placed.

To be able to have a dental implant treatment, you should have healthy gums and adequate bone to provide support. It is essential that you keep a high level of oral hygiene once your implants are in place. Regular visits to the dentist for checkups and professional cleaning would help ensure the healthy state of the implant and your teeth.

Implants are more expensive than most other treatments, and the duration could be a lengthier one as well. Implants are also considered cosmetic applications, and so most insurance providers will only cover a small percentage of the total cost.

If you think dental implants are for you, it would be best to consult with your dentist to discuss your options, and whether you can devote as much time and patience to the whole process.

Are You a Suitable Candidate for Dental Implants?

A woman smiling up at a dentist Many people can become quite down when they lose a tooth or several, and are faced with either having gaps in their mouths or with wearing removable artificial teeth for the rest of their lives. This is especially true when the person is young, perhaps having lost a tooth in an accident or due to a sports injury. Dental implants could be the perfect solution to avoid decades of wearing false teeth.

Dental implants are the 21st century successor to removable false teeth, and are being offered by more and more dentists, such as at Centre for Aesthetic Periodontics and Implantology Limited in Kent. It is important that patients go to a good dentist to find out if dental implants will work for them.

A strong jawbone is the main requirement for receiving dental implants, which are inserted directly into the jawbone. Many dentists use x-rays to check if the jaw is in good enough condition for implants. This may not be the case if you have been without natural teeth for some time. When the jawbone is missing its tooth roots, it can start to weaken and reduce in size. There are some things that dentists can do to overcome this and make the jawbone strong again. These include procedures such as sinus lifts in the upper jaw and bone grafting.

The implant procedure

If you a suitable candidate, then the dental implant procedure is often a relatively simple one. Holes are drilled into the jawbone to create space for the implants, which are tiny posts made of titanium. Generally speaking this procedure is less painful than having teeth drilled and a local anaesthetic will always be used. Over several weeks, the gums and bones heal, and the implants fuse with new bone tissue, becoming well-anchored into the jaw.

You can then return to have your custom-made porcelain teeth fitted on top. They will blend in seamlessly with your own natural teeth or if you are replacing all your teeth, they can be made to resemble the ones your used to have.

Implants aren’t cheap, but most dentists offer payment plans and they can work out cheaper than removable false teeth, which have to be replaced every few years.

Oral Health Conditions That Your Dentist Can Treat

Dental check-upsOral health problems continue to be a persisting issue that often goes unnoticed. Unfortunately, there are still people who do not practice proper oral hygiene and skips regular dental check-ups. This, in turn, can lead to oral conditions that cause severe discomfort, pain and even illnesses.

Some of the most common oral diseases and conditions are dental cavities, periodontal disease (gum disease), tooth loss and dry mouth. These conditions can occur at any age due to bacteria — and in worst cases, the buildup of plaque that damages the tooth enamel.

Periodontal Diseases

Smylife.co.uk and other dental professionals say that periodontal disease can range from bleeding to the recession of the gums. Bleeding gums may be taking place because you are brushing too hard, while gum recession is usually the aftermath of plaque buildup. There are instances, however, when poorly fit dentures cause recession because of frequent gum irritation.

Cavities and Tooth Loss

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 100% of adults have dental cavities as of 2012. If left on its own, the acid found in plaque will continue to corrode the tooth.

There are times when dental cavities damage the insides of the tooth, making you undergo root canal procedures and other extensive treatments. Root canal, crowns and veneers may be among the ideal treatments for dental cavities, but by encouraging regular checkups and proper hygiene, you can prevent dental issues before they even start.

Dry Mouth and Bad Breath

Dry mouth is a condition that is often due to medication, cigarette smoking and other several factors. The cause of persistent bad breath may be the lack of moisture in the mouth, which encourages the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

To deal with all these oral diseases, it is important to visit your dentist and ensure that you have a good oral hygiene. Protect your teeth and gums and live a healthier oral life.

3 Dental Procedures You Need to Maintain a Good Oral Health

Oral Health

Oral HealthMany people are so afraid of the dentist that the thought of entering a dental clinic already frightens them. However, there will come a time that you’ll have no choice but to sit on that chair, open your mouth, and get the procedure done. What you must realize is that millions of people have already undergone and will also undergo dental procedures such as the following.

Annual Oral Checkup

You really need to visit the dentist at least once a year even if you are not experiencing any oral health problems because you need to undergo an annual oral checkup. This is necessary to detect and prevent any possible problem. A checkup normally includes polishing and cleaning your teeth to remove tartar, evaluation of your current teeth cleaning habits, tips on how to take better care of your teeth, examination to detect possible problems, and X-ray if needed.

Tooth Extraction

When experiencing toothache, you may need to go to the dentist for a tooth extraction. If the tooth is already loose, some people just pull it using their fingers or a string. However, most cases require the expertise of a general dentist. If you don’t get over your fear and not go to the dentist, the toothache may just continue to worsen.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth or third molars emerge from the jaw and gum line, but most people don’t have enough room in their mouth to allow it to grow. That’s why, according to a dentist from Caringsmilesdentalclinic.com, wisdom teeth removal in Boise  becomes necessary. If not treated, this may cause pain, swelling, infection, permanent teeth damage, or even tumor formation. This is a bit more complicated than regular teeth extraction because your dentist will require you to get a panoramic X-Ray for them to know how to do the procedure efficiently.

These are just some of the most important dental procedures that you may need to undergo to keep your teeth healthy. Better prepare for them now and try to get rid of your fear of the dentist.