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4 Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implants

 Millions of people are suffering from tooth-related diseases. In the UK, 31% of adults have tooth decay, where only 9% of men and 11% of women have oral health which is classified as healthy. Unfortunately, a poor oral hygiene causes tooth decay, which may eventually lead to tooth loss.

Most people their teeth due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, injuries, natural wear or even cancer. Dentures and bridges used to be the available options for tooth loss, but now, dental implants can be used to replace your missing tooth. Dental implants are available in Solihull, and they have potential advantages. Here are the top 4 reasons why.

1. Dental implants assures good oral health

Traditionally, healthy teeth are reduced to place a denture – which may damage teeth in the process.  Dental implants, however, are inserted into the jawbone, in the exact spot of the missing tooth. It does not affect other teeth and won't cause decay. You can also brush, floss and care for your implanted teeth like the usual, which in return could lead to better oral hygiene. 

2. Gives a long-term solution.

Dentures and crowns could last for 5 – 10 years. When you take care of your dental implants properly and ensure regular dental check-ups, the dental implants can last a lifetime. 

3. Improves physical appearance

 Tooth loss can make a face sink and sag. Implants are designed to fuse with the bone, hence maintaining the face's natural shape. An improved appearance can boost your self-confidence up.

4. Provides comfortable and convenience

Since dental implants are inserted on the gums, sliding dentures won't be a problem. They function like real teeth, making speaking, eating easier and worry free. 

A more confident, healthier smile

Dental implants are attached to be part of your mouth. It does not affect other teeth and function like real teeth – giving you a healthier, more confident smile

Reasons to visit a cosmetic dentist

Cosmetic Dentist ‘Say cheese!’ If this phrase makes you anxious, you are probably not that thrilled about your smile. Regardless of the reasons, being unhappy with your teeth can affect your confidence and self-esteem. Thankfully, modern cosmetic dentistry offers many options to enhance your smile and protect and secure your oral health.

Whether you need to fix small problems or would like a total dental makeover, cosmetic dentistry can be tailored to your needs. A skilled cosmetic dentist, such as the ones at Smylife in Manchester, can brighten your smile, repair your teeth or correct your bite, using a variety of techniques and treatments.

Should you decide to improve the look and functionality of your teeth, here are some reasons why you should visit a cosmetic dentist:

Boost your confidence

A lot of people underestimate the beneficial effects of a beautiful smile. If you tend to cover your mouth when you smile or laugh, or avoid having your photograph taken, you are missing out on life. A cosmetic dentist can help you fix your smile flaws and regain your confidence. Even small changes can make a big difference in your self-esteem.

Improve your oral health

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, you probably have difficulty cleaning them properly. When your teeth are straight, they are easier to brush and floss and that can make them more resistant to decay and less vulnerable to gum disease and tooth loss.

Likewise, if you miss one or more teeth, your oral health may be compromised. A big space between your teeth may affect how you speak or eat. Your healthy teeth may shift and in some cases, bone loss and further deterioration can occur. For these reasons, dental implants are a permanent and efficient treatment to help you regain your chewing function and restore your oral health.

Cosmetic treatments are not as expensive as you think

Contrary to what most people think, cosmetic dentistry is not just for the rich and privileged. Before you start worrying about money, you should do some careful research and find out less expensive alternatives in order to fix your dental flaws. Quite a few cosmetic dentists offer a variety of payment options that can help you manage the cost of the treatment.

How you can enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentist

If you aren’t happy with your smile, you aren’t alone. According to a national survey, almost half of the UK population feels the same way. Cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted through a variety of dental treatments. With advances in dental technologies, your cosmetic treatment will enhance your appearance while retaining a natural look.

Many dental practices in London now offer cosmetic dentistry. One such practice is Harley Street Dental Clinic, where a cosmetic dentist is on hand to tailor a treatment package that meets your particular needs.

Your options for cosmetic dentistry in Harley Street

The most appropriate treatment for you will depend on several factors, including your dental health, the current appearance of your teeth and your expectations. At your initial consultation you will receive a thorough examination of your teeth. You will also have the chance to discuss exactly what you hope to achieve with cosmetic dentistry. Factoring in cost and convenience, your cosmetic dentist will then put together a treatment plan that may include any of the following options:

  • Teeth whitening, this temporary but effective treatment removes certain stains from your teeth and reduces discolouration. This is achieved using a clinically safe bleaching agent;
  • White fillings, metal-coloured fillings can be replaced with this more natural looking alternative;
  • Dental veneers, thin shells made from porcelain, ceramic or a composite material can be attached to the fronts of your teeth. Customised according to size, shape and colour, they can transform the appearance of stained, chipped or misshapen teeth;
  • Gum lifts, by shaping your gum line around your teeth you can get rid of a gummy smile, which can make your teeth appear short and stubby;
  • Dental implants and dentures, both of these treatments can effectively reconstruct missing teeth, plugging the gaps in your smile as well as restoring function to your teeth.

You may need one or several of these treatments to achieve the look you desire. In either case a mock-up of your smile can be created to show you what it will look like at the end of your treatment journey. You can take the first step towards a healthier smile by seeing a cosmetic dentist in London.

What are dental implants?

Dental Implants A dental implant can provide an efficient solution to your missing teeth. They will renew the function of your teeth to their natural state, to a time when eating and speaking was easier. Dental implants provide a stable anchor to which prosthetic teeth replacements can be attached to, as the implants themselves are securely embedded and anchored directly into the jawbone.

Having dental implants fitted can be a lengthy and complex procedure so make sure you consult with a dentist with an established track record in implant dentistry, such as those at Hertford Dental Care.

There are many different kinds of dental implants available – let’s take a look at one commonly used type.

Dentsply dental implants

Dentsply dental implants are backed by more than 20 years of clinical research. It continues to be one of the most highly regarded and trusted dental implant systems in the world. The shaped connection of the Dentsply Implants are proven to provide initial and long term stability. As well as this they are also designed to be bacteria proof. Dentsply Implants can also prevent bone resorption.

All implants are precision-made in Germany and are known throughout the world for their outstanding quality. As well as this they are made of pure titanium, which is made to be truly compatible to your body and with time with become completely integrated into your bone tissue.

Dentsply implants benefit from decades of experience and clinical testing to ensure maximum safety for every procedure. They can even be customised to your exact requirements, giving you outstanding aesthetic results.

Am I a candidate?

Dental implants can be placed in patients of any age, as long as they have fully developed jawbones. Your jawbone needs to have a sufficient quantity and quality of bone tissue available for the implant to successfully mesh into.

Most healthy individuals that maintain a good oral hygiene programme are suitable candidates for dental implants. Circumstances where implants may not be suitable, or situations that have an increased risk of implant failure can include heavy smokers, as this can slow down and hinder the healing process.

Excessive alcohol intake can also be a problem as it can disrupt the healing of the gums.

Active gum disease, must also be treated prior to any implant procedure to make sure it is a success. Gum disease is a major cause of bone loss, which would delay, or even stop the success of any implant procedure.

3 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Oral Health

Dental Implants in IndianapolisHow important is oral health? It’s not as simple as experiencing toothaches once in a while or dealing with decay. Many studies have shown these problems are connected to poor performance in school or even an increased risk of HPV infection.

The more you learn about oral health, the more you can improve your overall well-being. Here are some things you might not know about oral health:

1. Video selfie improves oral health

Would you like to keep your teeth together for longer? Then take a selfie – a video selfie, to be specific. A study conducted by Case Western Reserve University researchers revealed that those who film their tooth brushing are more likely to improve their strokes.

While it may be a long shot, the researchers think filming can also enhance the relationship between dental professionals and patients, as the former can provide a more accurate, relevant feedback on their patients' oral health.

2. Regular dental visits are associated to slow cognitive decline

Researchers from Duke University School of Nursing found a link between cognitive decline among older people and regular dental checkups that promote better oral health. It’s unclear whether one causes the other, but the decline in memory and cognition is associated with more incidences of periodontal disease and number of teeth and cavities.

3. Community oral health is thriving in Indiana

The Indiana State Department of Health has an active dental care coalition and programs that include teaching modules designed for community settings. Supporting the state’s endeavors are various professional clinics that offer affordable but quality services. For example, a dental implant procedure in Indianapolis, Indiana may cost lower than that of other cities in neighboring states.

From selfies to community oral health, we are making huge strides in understanding the critical role dental care plays in our health and knowing the steps we can take to improve it. Working with an experienced dentist is the best way to learn more about the importance of good oral health and get the treatment you need.

Making Impressions: On Scoring a Bright, Wedding Dress-White Smile

Teeth Whitening in London On your wedding day, it is crucial that your pearly whites look their absolute best. You will, after all, be smiling from sun up till sun down during photo shoots, socialising with guests and then there is that big moment when you finally walk down the aisle. In what ways can you achieve that near-perfect smile before the big day?

Get an Early Start with Dental Care

Getting the right dental care will pay off if you start early. Touch base with your dentist at least a year in advance in case you need to get dental veneers or your teeth straightened.

If you want to restore the beauty of your pearly whites, getting teeth whitening treatment in London at least a month before you walk down the aisle, is recommended. So, get an early start with your dental care so you can dazzle your attendees with your perfect smile.

Follow a White Smile Diet

Maintain your oral health at home by sticking to a white smile diet. Dark and sticky food such as coffee, red wine and pomegranates can stain your teeth and cause them to turn yellow. Apart from brushing and flossing on a regular basis, munching on fibre-rich food such as apples or celery is just as effective as brushing. The fibre in fruits and veggies contain a natural abrasive to keep your teeth clean and free from cavities.

Wear Make-Up and Accessories that Bring out Natural, Bright Tones

The best way to bring out the natural beauty of your pearly whites is to make sure your teeth complement your sense of style on your wedding day. You should, therefore, avoid hues of magenta and avoid wearing gold jewellery, as they tend to bring out yellowish tones. Wearing bold red lipstick, on the other hand, is a great contrast to your teeth, and sparkly earrings will also help bring out the natural shine of your teeth.

Achieving a bright, wedding dress-white smile is a guaranteed way to make one’s future partner and guests swoon. Having teeth in good condition is a great way for brides to start a new chapter in their lives.

Fissure Sealants: Keep Trapped Food and Bacteria off Your Teeth

Fissure SealantsSome people have unusually deep grooves or fissures in their teeth. They are especially common on the biting surfaces of the molars. Though fissures aid in biting and grinding up food, very deep fissures only trap food and harbour bacteria. This also makes it difficult to brush the teeth and to keep them clean.

Since deep fissures trap food, they are more likely to develop cavities. Even with a good brushing technique, this may cause problems if not all food particles are removed.

Ridgway Dental suggests the use of fissure sealants to help fill in the grooves and make it easier to brush the teeth. This is a simple process that gives excellent results.

Sealing a Fissure

The application of fissure sealants is similar to composite bonding. First, the dentist will thoroughly clean the area to make sure that no dirt or bacteria become trapped under the seal.

Using a specialised type of plastic, the dentist fills in the fissures, making sure to maintain the general shape of the biting surface. Too much sealant may result in a smooth tooth that will make it difficult to chew.

The seal is cured with an ultraviolet lamp to harden it. The resulting seal bonds to the tooth completely and is exceptionally hard and durable.

Barrier Protection

Fissure sealants prevent cavities by forming a protective barrier around the teeth. The process is common among children, but adults may also get the procedure if they are having trouble keeping their teeth clean and free from debris.

Once the barrier fills the area, it results in a smooth surface that is easy to clean. Maintenance is not much different from caring for natural tooth surfaces — the only difference is that it is now less likely to trap food and bacteria.

Teeth Whitening After Root Canal Treatment Is a Must

Root Canal Treatment In HertfordshirePeople no longer have to endure the disadvantages of diseased teeth – all thanks to the existence of root canal treatments. As one of modern dentistry’s effective procedures against damaged teeth, it has become the go-to solution for people with dental problems.

While root canals provide the satisfaction of good oral health, there are some cases when the treated tooth becomes discoloured or stained.

As a result, some wonder if teeth whitening procedures in Hertfordshire are enough to restore the tooth’s natural glow.

Root Canal Treatments and Discolouration

Most stains occur due to excessive intake of coffee or red wine, smoking or even ageing. In the case of root canal treatments, however, the discolouration stems from inside the tooth. Intrinsic stains, which occur after the treatment, manifest due to two reasons:

  • Tooth lost vitality due to trauma, which results in internal bleeding; dark pigment from blood stains the tooth
  • In some cases, the procedure itself is the primary culprit. Dentists clean out infected pulp tissues, which stain the teeth. The cement used during the treatment also darkens over time.

While the root canal treatment improves the tooth’s function, it may compromise the appearance. Fortunately, it is possible to alleviate the staining.

Bleaching as the Solution

Some practices offer internal bleaching, which dentists may perform during a root canal procedure. Dentists will conduct an examination first to assess the condition and determine the appropriate treatment. Next, dentists will drill a hole on the back side, opening access to the pulp chamber, which will also be cleared of discoloured material or debris.

Next, the bleaching agent is placed inside the chamber, and the dentist closes the access hole.

Bleaching is an effective way to improve the tooth’s aesthetics after a root canal treatment. Other practices offer plenty of options, but this is among the least intrusive. Ask your dentist to determine the right option for you.

Adults vs. Kids. Who has the Best Dental Record?

Dental VisitWe’re all encouraged by health professionals to make regular visits to the dentist. If people go to see a cosmetic dentist in Harley Street, the chances are they will be an adult, but does this mean they take better care of their teeth than kids? The Oral Health Foundation has collected lots of information and interesting facts.

Visiting the dentist

Around 60% of kids visit the dentist each year and the figure is about the same for the adults with 61% of adults in England saying they make regular visits to the dentist. Interestingly, in Wales and Scotland the statistics are higher at 69%. Clearly there is room for improvement, but note that in 1978 it was just 39% and 44% for adults in Wales and England respectively.

Whose teeth are in the best state?

While a third of children just starting at school have some tooth decay 31% of adults also have tooth decay, so no winners there. Improvements have been made over the last 30 years or so. Back in 1973 less than 1 in 10 children aged 12 had no visible signs of dental decay compared to two in three children today. If you look at the adult population, over four fifths have at least one filling. The Office of National Statistics shows that 14% of 8 year olds have signs of decay in their teeth and 1 in 100 have already lost a tooth from decay.

Who cleans their teeth the most?

Research by Aquafresh in 2015 showed that brushing teeth is a cause of regular arguments between kids and their parents and many parents admit they know their kids lie about brushing their teeth. As a result some parents dread dentist visits as they feel embarrassed about their child’s teeth and feel judged it the child has to have a filling. Meanwhile, 1 in 4 adults are prepared to admit they don’t brush their teeth twice a day and 1 in 10 say they forget to brush their teeth. This is a concern as brushing only once a day increases the chance of developing tooth decay by 33%.

The result? Both adults and kids could do better!

No More Gaps

Dental ImplantA smile is the first thing we notice when meeting a new person. This can make or break a first impression, and influence our relationships both personal and professional. Dental implants can be beneficial not just for cosmetic reasons, but for our social wellbeing too. Our teeth and smiles are the second most attractive feature in both men and women. This is only beaten by personality, proving it is the most aesthetically pleasing feature of our entire bodies. 

No longer do you have to accept missing or broken teeth in your mouth. Dental implants provide a safe and reliable alternative to a smile that has lost its confidence and spark. 

A huge 74% of adults have had to have one or more teeth removed in their lifetimes. This provides the facts needed to understand why dental implants are becoming ever more popular, as well as affordable.

Increasingly studies have found our oral health is becoming a major indication of other health problems including diabetes, heart disease, strokes and even premature births.

The pros of dental implants

Dental implants are the only dental restoration choice that preserves and in addition stimulates natural bone, helping to stimulate bone growth and prevent any extra bone loss. They have recently become the one of the most requested treatments for adults in the UK.

Dental implants have a wealth of pros. The appearance of your teeth is a major reason for dental implants. Not only do your teeth reclaim their natural appearance, but your face structure can too. No more sagging skin reducing the definition in your face.

Another major factor is the strength and resilience of dental implants. As they are surgically part of your jaw bone they provide a perfect join to your bone enabling you to eat whatever you want without fear of them falling out or slipping.

It is very important to choose the right dental professional for your dental implant needs. Reputation is an invaluable asset. An example of this is Blue Sky Dentistry, Northern Ireland.

How much do they cost?

Dental implants can vary in cost starting from around £1000 for a single tooth to well over £10,000 for multiple teeth.