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Three Ways to Prevent Dog Attacks

Dog BarkingMany people love dogs, and in the right hands, a dog is a great companion. However, not everyone is comfortable in the presence of any dog. Sometimes, even the friendly neighborhood dog can be a danger. Some owners are not even safe if they don’t know how to handle their pets.

When a dog attacks anyone, it is a traumatic event for many. Sometimes the only way to protect yourself after a tragic circumstance like this is to look for a personal injury lawyer. The experts at Osmond and Cockayne Associates say that the dog’s owner can be held responsible in such situations.

To avoid serious emotional trauma and financial damage, here are some of the things that you must do so a dog won’t attack or bite you.

Stay Motionless

Whenever an unfamiliar dog approaches you and you feel that it has a threatening stance, stay motionless. The CDC advises that you should not move. The dog may feel you are a threat if you flail your arms or move suddenly. If the dog feels that you’re a threat and starts to bare its teeth, you can expect an attack. So, it is better to stay still.

Avoid Eye Contact with the Dog

Resist the temptation to meet the eye of a dog that is moving towards you. According to the Humane Society, looking straight at a dog’s eyes means you are challenging it. The moment that it feels this way, it will become more aggressive and might advance to attack you. So look away or step aside when a dog is making its way towards you.

Don’t Mess With a Dog and Her Puppies

Mother dogs are very protective when it comes to their pups. In fact, even their own masters become a threat when it comes to their puppies. Make sure that you warn and prevent your children and their friends from approaching a dog who has just given birth. The mother dog might see anyone who reaches out to pet or play with her puppies as a danger, and may instinctively bite.

Other Things to Avoid

When approaching a dog do not face it directly; instead, approach it from the side. Many animals consider this as a non-confrontational stance.

No matter how small and cute a dog is, it is still an animal that operates on instinct. Do not approach strange dogs to give them a pat or a hug. Always talk to the owner first if you want to touch a dog.

Don’t let your love of dogs get the best of you. Know how to handle yourself in the presence of a dog.

Caring for Someone Going Through Personal Injury

Self Injury in Springfield

Personal Injury in SpringfieldA personal injury can bring drastic changes in an individual’s life. It can cause anybody to remain hospitalized for days or even limit their physical abilities. It can also cause trauma and other psychological distress to its victims. Due to this, caring for a personal injury victim can be a painstaking task and should be approached with much sympathy and concern as possible. It’s difficult, but it’s by no means impossible.

With a little help, you should be able to help someone get back on their feet in no time. Here are some steps you need to take:


Physical limitations are normally on the surface. Suffering through injuries can have long-lasting effects on someone’s psychological state. Anxiety, depression, and feelings of hopelessness are only some of the things that linger long after physical injuries have healed. This is why it’s important to let the victim know that you care for them and that you are there for them to offer help and support no matter what.

In addition to possible occupational therapies, it’s also important to assure them that they will always have someone to go to for emotional support.


If the personal injury is caused by the negligence of a third-party, a closure can mean more than coming to terms with the accident and its causes. It may also mean reparations on the part of the guilty party. For someone who is going through the process of healing, this can be a difficult task without the help of a close friend or family member.

Laws differ from state to state. If you have questions about the legal side of this predicament, especially if you live in Springfield, Illinois, consult a personal injury attorney to help you in your journey to bring a loved one’s life back on its feet. File a report with their help as soon as possible after the accident occurs. Police investigation must be carried out to establish facts and help victims gain closure.

There are many ways that you can help a friend or loved one who is suffering through a difficult time. Start with the above-mentioned suggestions.

Understanding the True Responsibility of Your Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury in CanberraBeing involved in an accident can be devastating. Most victims suffer not only from physical injury, but also from trauma-related pain. Having the right legal representation can help ease the suffering and guarantee reasonable compensation. As such, finding a good legal firm to represent you in such a case should be a priority.

The lawyer you hire makes the difference between winning and losing. You need to find a team or a professional who understands your priorities. A personal injury lawyer can offer more than you can ask for. Understand the roles of the personal injury lawyer you hire to maintain realistic and achievable expectations.

Answering All Questions and Inquiries

Once you are involved in an accident, many questions run through your head. Who pays for medical bills? Who takes care of your family when you are out of work? Who covers for the damages from the accident? Some people wonder if they can return to a normal, pain-free life.

Aulichcivillaw.com.au and other legal professionals say that a good attorney should be open-minded and ready to listen. They’ll not rush you to seek clarifications and tries to understand your predicament. They’ll attempt to answer each question exhaustively to give you peace of mind.

Gathers Evidence and Secures the Ideal Compensation

An attorney that focuses on personal injury cases alone is able to channel all his resources to your case. Finding evidence is therefore not a problem. Proof makes it easy to get fair compensation.

Handles the Insurance Company

This is probably the most difficult part of any personal injury case. Insurance agents are not easy to deal with despite their friendly nature. Agents usually have the company’s interest before your own. Having a competent lawyer by your side helps avoid intimidation at the negotiation table. Your lawyer helps you make the right decisions based on the odds of your case.

Hiring the right attorney is important, as personal injury cases differ in complexity. Choose the right one for your case from the beginning and have higher chances of winning your case.