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Cutting Down the Risks of Getting Mugged in NYC

Staying Safe from MuggersRobbery is one of the most common crimes in New York City. Tourists and locals experience mugging every day. According to New York City's lawyers and Bern Ripka LLP, the municipal’s robbery rate increased by 2.1% in 2015, with most recorded crimes coming from Manhattan and the Bronx.

Stay safe from muggers by keeping the following things in mind.

While on the Streets…

Avoid Suspicious Looking People.

You find a person suspicious because you feel strange and/or scared around him. Trust your gut and avoid them by taking another route. Don’t take the risk of walking past them. It’s better to avoid them at all costs.

Put Your Phone Away.

Some people think that texting or calling while walking keeps muggers away. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Keeping yourself busy with a device gives them the impression that you’re not aware of your surroundings thus giving them the opportunity to rob you. Don’t wear headphones, either.

Look Confident.

Confidence conceals fear and this is one of the best ways to obstruct a mugger. Don’t let him sense your vulnerability. Instead, stand tall, walk straight, and make him feel that you’re the one in control.

If you already feel threatened…

Go Inside an Establishment.

Keep yourself safe by going inside a store, preferably one with a surveillance camera. If there isn’t any, a public stall like a hotdog or newspaper stand will do. Watch the person you think is following you and call for help if he lingers around.

Stop Walking.

Pause and do something like tying your shoe or acting like you’re waiting for someone. Check if the potential mugger pauses as well; if he does, you may need to call for help.

Cross the Street.

Cross the street and take a different route, preferably one that has lots of people. Keep your potential mugger distracted and if possible, walk your way to a police station.

Getting mugged isn’t as simple as losing a possession. People get hurt or even killed from robbery, too. Always stay alert to keep yourself safe from this kind of people.

Robbery in Utah: What It Is and How It’s Punished

Robbery in UtahAlthough the majority of theft offenses are classified as misdemeanors under the Utah Code, robbery is considered a felony offense in the state. Robbery crimes could likewise be enhanced, meaning that the court could increase the sentence from second-degree felony to first-degree felony in the event that factors including verbal threats, weapons possession, or prior convictions among others were involved in the crime.

What is Robbery?

The crime of robbery is generally taking property from someone else through force. JubeLaw.com defines robbery as usually involving these distinct elements:

  • Illegally or deliberately taking or attempting to obtain the personal property of another individual while the property in question is either in the other individual’s presence or while the other individual has the property on his or her person.
  • Taking the property against the will of the individual, through force or fear, or with the intention of depriving the other individual of his or her property whether permanently or temporarily.

Basically, mugging is considered a crime of robbery, as well as holdups and stickups at convenience stores and banks, adds a seasoned felony attorney in Provo.

Potential Penalties of Robbery In Utah

Because robbery is considered a felony, it is a major crime under the Utah Code and is punishable by hefty fines and imprisonment. In the event of a conviction, the penalties will be determined according to the stolen property’s value. In general, however, a robbery conviction could result in the following penalties:

  • Common robbery – a fine not higher than $10,000 and up to 15 years imprisonment
  • Aggravated robbery – a fine not exceeding $10,000 and up to lifetime imprisonment

A conviction for robbery could result in disastrous consequences in the real world. Aside from the above criminal penalties, those convicted also face civil penalties, which could include paying restitution to the victim and community service among others. In addition, given that employers and landlords perform background checks on prospective employees and tenants, a robbery conviction could also become a roadblock towards finding housing and employment options in the future. It’s vital to get legal representation for a robbery charge so you could explore your legal options and ensure that you’re given a fair fight in court.