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Oscillated Wound Coil Provides More Steel with Less Space

wound coil steel industryOne of the lesser known engineering sectors that help car manufacturers in the supply of laminated steel products is the converter industry. They convert continuous steel strips into various finished products like metal labels to be used by other manufacturers.

Using traditional pancake coils for this process nears its end with the arrival of oscillated wound coils. Learn how oscillated wound coils can benefit the converting industry:

Traditional Steel Coils: The Con

Traditional steel pancake coils have been around for a long time. These are steel coils that have been wound in single row configuration, forming a thin coil of steel strips resembling a pancake. One of the major issues with a pancake configuration is that it takes up too much space when shipped. While such space may be minuscule, it matters when shipping thousands of pancake coils.

Oscillated Coils: The Pro

With an oscillated wound coil, more steel strips can take up the same amount of space occupied by pancake coils. They are secured by high-tensile steel strapping, which X-Pak describes as a heavy-duty option proven to perform well in the most demanding conditions.

Securing them with such strapping is highly critical as each steel band can average at several hundred kilograms. Using this strong steel strapping material, oscillated wound coils are locked in place.

The Result: Increased Productivity

With traditional pancake coils, you have to reload when the coil is fully depleted. With an oscillated wound coil, you get longer coils for each strand, reducing the need for coil changes. The total continuous length for each metal strip can dramatically increase your productivity.

Many converting companies now utilise oscillated wound steel coils in manufacturing finished metal products. With the availability of high-carbon steel strapping materials, you get more footage for each coil compared to traditional packing methods. This strong strapping material also allows these heavy coils to be secured and locked in place for safe transportation.

5 Facts Every Would-Be Salt Lake City Food Truck Owner Should Know

food truck industryMore people are opening a food truck business in Salt Lake City to capitalize on its popularity and flexibility, but is it easy? To know what it takes to be an owner, learn these five things:

1. A food truck business is a mobile food business.

Under the business licensing definitions of the city, a mobile food business is an enterprise that serves beverages and food in a motorized unit. It is also easily movable. The definition, however, doesn’t cover mobile ice cream vendors and vending carts.

2. Laws and regulations can vary between cities.

Contrary to popular belief, operating a food truck isn’t easy due to red tape and complex rules and regulations, which can vary between cities or counties. Thus, while selling in a food truck across Utah is a noble idea, it is difficult to accomplish.

3. There are mandatory health requirements.

Food truck owners in Salt Lake County need to attend a service class facilitated by the health department every 2:30 P.M. during the first and third Wednesday each month. Moreover, you need a local commissary approved by the environmental health division.

4. A mobile food business may be in areas where there are restaurants.

As per the Salt Lake County code on the mobile food business, you can operate food trucks in zones where restaurants are also allowed, provided you do so according to the rules and regulations implemented within the zone.

5. Education remains a key to succeeding in a food truck business.

Running a mobile food or food truck business in Salt Lake City is no joke, and many businesses are forced to fold due to lack of education. Entrepreneursimplified.com and other experts noted that you can increase your knowledge, learn the basics, understand the complex laws, and grow by attending business training in Salt Lake City.

Do you still want to be a food truck owner? It may not be easy or even simple, but it’s doable, especially now you have these facts.

Signs That Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Air DuctAir ducts play a huge role in the quality of air your home gets from your HVAC unit. Your ductwork has a series of connected tubes that distributed heated or cooled air to the rooms throughout your house. While the Environmental Protection Agency recommends cleaning your ducts on as-needed basis, it’s important to check them from time to time as they get clogged and dirty. 

Here are some signs that may indicate that it’s time to call air duct cleaning experts in Provo.

Visible mildew and mold growth

If you start noticing the presence of mold in your air ducts, it could indicate that the ducts have accumulated dirt which has led to the growth of the mold. Mold not only affects your quality of air, it can also lead to serious respiratory problems especially for people with asthma and other allergies.

Weak airflow

This is a very noticeable sign. When your turn your heating or cooling unit and notice that air is not coming out of the vents like it used to, this could indicate an obstruction in the ducts or broken connections. Have this problem fixed by an air duct cleaning professional.

High humidity

This majorly occurs when your ducts have been exposed to harmful elements or they have been damaged. These ducts allow in moisture and this makes your rooms humid all the time.

Insect infestation and rodents

Droppings or small scratches along the side of your air ducts and husks from insects indicate that your ducts have been infested and it’s time to have them cleaned.

Dirt and debris

When your air conditioning or heating unit is turned out and stuff blows out of them, it indicates that dust and debris have accumulated in your air ducts. Accumulated dirt only makes your unit work harder than it’s supposed to and leads to high energy bills at the end of the month.

If you notice any of these signs, you need to call in a professional and experienced HVAC contractor to have your ducts cleaned. In some cases, the ducts may have to be repaired to ensure that you come home to a cool environment.