a woman white teeth reflected on a dental mirror

Teeth Whitening Options For Busy Professionals

November 9, 2017

Showing off your smile is easy if you have white teeth. Whitening trays may do the trick if you want a confidence boost. But if you are not sure whether something you can buy over-the-counter […]

White teeth

Ways Whitening Your Teeth Will Improve Your Life

August 11, 2017

It is likely you know someone who had cosmetic dentistry treatments, or you at least have heard of this increasingly popular procedure. Hardly a day goes by that you do not hear about teeth straightening […]


How To Refresh Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

February 3, 2017

A visit to the dentist doesn’t always have to be about dealing with dental pain or discomfort. With cosmetic dentistry, a dentist will focus on the aesthetics of your smile. Cosmetic dental treatment can address […]


Teeth Whitening After Root Canal Treatment Is a Must

January 20, 2017

People no longer have to endure the disadvantages of diseased teeth – all thanks to the existence of root canal treatments. As one of modern dentistry’s effective procedures against damaged teeth, it has become the […]


What is Facial Aesthetics?

December 9, 2016

As a qualified dentist you are already familiar with the concept of facial aesthetics in the forms of teeth whitening, dental veneers and diastema treatment. To enhance this dental work the Botox Training Club runs […]