Dentist and patient choosing treatment in a consultation with medical equipment in the background
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Why is the Dentist in Elsternwick important?

November 15, 2017

Dentists offer a service to patients and their families. Obviously, the preservation of oral hygiene is at the centre of any clinic’s practices, but there is a lot more that a dentist can provide. An […]

Patient having dental checkup with ultraviolet light at dentist's clinic

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

November 13, 2017

Modern cosmetic dentistry allows you to achieve a better smile in a little span of time. A smile transformation helps you improve the appearance of your teeth using various kinds of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Whether your […]

Smiling Old Woman

4 Pro Tips on Preserving Your Teeth

October 3, 2017

Old age is not the only reason people lose their teeth. Sometimes, your lifestyle may affect the condition of your teeth. Thankfully, you can prevent tooth loss caused by lifestyle choices. The following tips will […]


Guard Mouth, TMJ, and Teeth Grinding

February 7, 2017

TMJ has many symptoms with pain being the most common among them. Both its symptoms and pain are temporary. Thus, self-care practices make the most recommended approach to managing TMJD. A dental appliance, however, can […]