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Website Design: How it Affects your Business

Web Design ChartThe design of your website can make or break your business, especially if a bulk of your transactions happens online. This is particularly the case for companies that utilize their site to facilitate business procedures: the design now becomes crucial.

For best results, digital marketing giant Vonazon suggests hiring a full-service digital marketing agency to develop your website from top to bottom, including content creation, implementation, and strategic direction.

What makes a good website design? Read on.

The basics of design

Website design is the process of creating a website. There are several tasks involved in web design – content creation, web page layout and graphic design. The part that you can see first when you visit a website, often referred to as the homepage, is a product of web design.

So what does this have to do with your business and your customers?

First impressions last

When a person visits your website, the first thing that he will notice is how your homepage appears. This means that the impact your homepage would create can substantially affect the initial impression a user would have about your business. Does your homepage convey a sense of trustworthiness?

If you are in the tourism industry, does it make the person say to himself, “Wow! I want to go there?” It is always good to know if your website design connects to those who visit.

User analytics are critical

A competent web design provider knows that the amount of time a user spends on the website is crucial, and his design will be a contributing factor. Web design will affect the average time that a user stays on the page. In fact, it can even affect the bounce rate.

This bounce rate is the rate by which a user navigates away from your website. When you have a high bounce rate, it will just show that your site needs some cheering up. You might have lost those customers who got interested in your brand or company but left the site quickly due to poor design.

You must make sure that the design will impress and capture the attention of your customers. If not, your business takes a hit.

Cards Against Humanity: Horrible Game, Awesome Website


Cards Against Humanity is a twisted game people love. Think Apples to Apples, but for players with NSFW type of humour. No wonder it earned the ‘A Party Game for Horrible People’ tag; it deserves it.

While the game is not for everyone, how the website sells it is a good example of effective ecommerce design. Apart from the easy-to-use platform, it’s also fun and stands out from others. Best of all, the site and the branding fit perfectly.

PerthWebDesign, a local expert, recommends taking note of the brand’s strategy. Experts on e-commerce website design should take a little dip in this pool of NSFW-ness.

Simple is Better

The site’s homepage lacks flashy gimmicks, which wins a number of customers. It’s simple yet effective. Below the header is a link to download printable versions or buy the main game, followed by a set of instructions.

There is also a showcase of other products: special edition packs, expansion packs and The Bigger, Blacker Box. Users can also sign up for the newsletter, learn more about other CAH products and browse through the FAQs.

One of the most amusing details is the form that encourages visitors to suggest a card idea — a great way to engage more users.

Why it’s Awesome

Despite the numerous functional, easy-to-use and effective e-commerce sites out there, Cards Against Humanity stands out.

The site fits perfectly with the company’s overall brand and values. The tone is also an echo of the game’s overall tone. Considering the massive following of CAH, this type of synergy works well with users. People who hate or love the game will love the site more.

Players who can’t get enough can also enjoy the CAH Tumblr blog, complete with funny emails they receive, game updates and more.

The Main Takeaway

What’s the lesson here? The CAH site encourages brands to think about their target market’s opinions on an enjoyable shopping experience. That’s where the game excelled: looking for a niche that fits customers.

Cards Against Humanity might be a horrible game, but it continues to win at sales, as well as in the game of website design.

Yes, Having a Website Can Grow Your Business

Website For Business in DenverWhen your business lacks an online presence, you are committing a grievous mistake that could cause you to lose money. Globalization has reduced the world into a global village; geographical location doesn’t play a significant role in defining your business clientele anymore.

For instance, if you run consultancy firms in Denver, you can have both a national and international presence without ever making a trip out of state or abroad. Simply retain the services of a Denver web developer and create a business website, and you’re halfway there.

Value for money

Modern day clients are looking to get good value for their money and often scope the internet for the best services. Denver Data Web mentions having an online presence increases your visibility to clients within your locality and beyond. A professional website gives credibility to your firm and goes a long way in increasing your customer list. Keeping up with modern technology inspires confidence in your clients and gets them to trust your services.

Cost-effective advertising

A website tirelessly advertises your services to the world all year round, 24 hours a day. This significantly boosts your brand presence. Cost-efficient and affordable, online branding only requires that you have a user-friendly website that ranks well with the search engines. Be sure to carry out the web development and branding campaign, and grow your brand tremendously.

It brings you closer to the clients

A website increases communication with your customers, which lets you sell to them any new products that you have. Creating a weekly newsletter that shows recent development in your field of specialization and sending it to your subscribers hallmarks you as an authority figure. It builds trust. People prefer to retain the services of experts whom they trust.

A professional website not only helps to grow your business; it helps you impress upon your clients the actual extent of your expertise. With it, you position yourself as an expert in your field.