Pouring herself a coffee

Getting the Most Out of Your Cup of Joe

For many, a nice cup of warm coffee in the morning is the perfect way to start the day right. You’re always looking forward to visiting your favorite coffee and

binge eating

Can Stress Cause a Person to Binge Eat?

Stress can have a multitude of effects on a person. It can affect a person’s usual way of functioning as well as his or her relationship with other people. Even

bamboo stems

Bamboo: Building Houses and More

Are you looking for space-age renewable materials to battle climate change? You’re better off using bamboo. While it isn’t space-age, bamboo is structurally sound enough to build massive bridges, with

applicant shaking hand of interviewer

The Art of Job Hunting

Your Dad made sure that your insurance policy covered orthodontia. It took many visits to your dentist in Taylorsville before you achieved your sparkling smile, the one you’re wearing now.