5 Kitchen Sink Materials That Give Off More Aesthetic Appeal

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When you’re remodeling your kitchen, you may be so focused on new appliances and countertop designs that you may pay less attention to your sink. When it comes to this essential kitchen element, many people tend to lean on the easy material option found in most contemporary kitchens: stainless steel. While it isn’t a bad choice, going for something different might be better as another material could give off a more unique vibe to your kitchen.

Going over various material options can stimulate your creativity and make you even more excited to get that remodeling project done. In Fort Wayne and other locations, reputable kitchen remodeling companies are available to help you. That said, let’s go over your other options for kitchen sink materials.

1. Enamel

Enamel is a popular, old-fashioned sink material. It has actually been a kitchen staple for decades. It is made up of cast iron with a glass-based glaze. As long as it’s properly maintained, this type of kitchen sink can increase your home’s value. A high degree of care is required to prevent staining, etching, and scratching.

Enamel is a heavy material, so a strong countertop and cabinet material is required to support it. But its quieter and softer look that contrasts stainless steel will give your kitchen a whole new vintage vibe.

2. Acrylic

This material is affordable, lightweight, versatile, and resilient. It is also used in countertops and it’s actually a popular choice. And speaking of countertops, acrylic kitchen sinks would match any countertop material and is a feasible option for retrofits. They are stain-resistant, so they’re easier to maintain than enamel. Pricier versions of acrylic sinks are better in terms of quality, with their glossy finishes lasting longer even with daily use.

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3. Copper

Choosing copper would definitely make your kitchen more stylish with a farmhouse appeal. It is on the expensive side, but you’ll get your money’s worth because copper kills 99.9% of bacteria. Its appearance is also unquestionably beautiful, sophisticated, and elegant. Copper finishes are hammered, smooth, and comes in a range of patinas. The patina layer would develop a distinctly blue or green shade over time, but this can be avoided, only at the expense of its antimicrobial properties.

4. Fireclay

Fireclay also emits the farmhouse aesthetic, as well as the modern kitchen look. This material resembles the cast-iron enamel sink, but copper is more durable and resistant to scratching and staining. Fireclay is a heavy material like enamel, so your countertops and cabinetry should be tough enough to support it. However, fireclay is not recommended if you’re going to install a garbage disposer because the vibration could crack or craze the material.

5. Stone

Granite, marble, and composite are the three versions of a stone kitchen sink. If you want to make your kitchen look extra elegant and luxurious, then choose a stone kitchen sink. Granite and marble are expensive types, while granite composite is a less costly alternative.

Stone sinks can also give off the farmhouse appeal. You can also have them intricately carved for a more refined look. Stone’s pigmentation is from a natural process, so every kitchen sink made of this material is unique. Note that they are also heavy like enamel and fireclay, so your countertop and cabinetry must be reinforced.

With all these options laid out for you, you can now get more creative when remodeling your kitchen. You may think kitchen sinks don’t need to stand out, but they absolutely should. Like your countertops, drawers, and cupboards, your kitchen sink also deserves not to be overlooked.

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