5 Machines Inside Your House That Need Regular Maintenance

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Technology has made everyone’s lives easier — and that extends to your life at home. You can’t deny the comfort and convenience of modern household appliances and machines, making a day without them challenging. But remember that they’re still man-made machines and will inevitably break or malfunction if you don’t maintain them properly — and some require more attention than others.

Here are five household machines and appliances you may have at home that require regular maintenance.

HVAC System

Homeowners depend on the HVAC system to ensure a comfortable and clean home year-round. But it’s also one of the primary household machines you need to take care of to ensure it lasts long and helps it produce and distribute cold and warm air during the different seasons. You need to check and replace some of its parts like filters and compressors periodically to maintain its optimal condition.

However, if you want to save some money in the long run, it’s best to replace these critical parts with more practical choices. For instance, an oilless compressor requires less tinkering around the system and doesn’t need constant oil changes, preventing you from damaging the system over time.

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Washing Machine

A washing machine is a home appliance that most homeowners frequently use, with some every day with others once a week, making it crucial for you to stay on top of its maintenance. While it seems unusual to wash your washing machine, bacteria from used garments can harbor and buildup inside the device over time. To prevent your washing machine’s freshness and cleanliness, leave its lid open between every use to efficiently dry it and keep it free from mildew and bacteria.


The dishwasher is another household appliance that many deem to be maintenance-free when it’s not, considering it can seamlessly clean dishes by itself. However, bacteria and leftover food bits in the machine can quickly harbor and produce unpleasant odors, affecting your health and the machine’s efficiency over time. It’s best to clean the dishwasher in its entirety at least once a month.


The stovetop is one of the most vulnerable machines to wearing down quickly thanks to constant use, especially when you cook for a large family, leaving plenty of spills and splatters. However, this negligence may lead to bacteria buildup, so be diligent in cleaning your stovetops every time you use them with an all-purpose cleaner and microfiber cloth. If your oven is a self-cleaning one, do a maintenance check every three months.


The refrigerator is one of the most vulnerable machines to germ buildup. It’s a home appliance that not many people pay attention to. From the storage of meat, dairy, and produce — all these can lead to bacteria-harboring and thriving in cold temperatures, which can be dangerous to the elderly, pregnant women, and those with suppressed immune systems.

It’s best if you stay on top of maintaining your refrigerator by doing weekly inspections to deal with spills and monthly deep cleaning to get to the nooks and cranny of this machine.

Taking some of your time to stay on top of the maintenance of the essential household appliances and machines mentioned will ensure a longer ‘operating life’ and save you money by avoiding paying for constant repairs — giving you a more functional and happy home.

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