5 Qualities Jewelry Makers Should Possess

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Jewelry making as a business is a highly competitive industry in which consumers are willing to pay top dollars for the best pieces. But what makes a piece of jewelry worth every penny? Fortunately, this is easy to answer and the answers rely heavily on the qualities of the jeweler and their creations.

In the U.S., the jewelry market was valued at around $36 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach more than $60 billion by 2025. This goes to show just how promising this industry is in terms of sales for jewelry makers and brands. However, just how do you know that you’re buying from a jeweler whose creations are worth your hard-earned dollars?

Here are five qualities that jewelry makers should possess:

  • Customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for customized engagement rings or shopping around for a diamond wedding ring in Utah, you should look for a jewelry maker with a solid client base. Jewelers that have a high customer satisfaction rating are the ones that have an outstanding skillset and attention to detail. Customer satisfaction is brought about by many factors and not a single one, so it’s one of the first indicators that you have to look for.


  • Solid skills. A jewelry maker should have skills that allow him or her to create custom pieces that perfectly satisfy client specifications. From the design to the kind of materials that the client wants, the jeweler should have the craftsmanship and technical know-how to provide what the client has in mind. This is one quality where the jeweler truly earns the dollars that the customer pays him for.
  • Lengthy experience. The length of experience of a jeweler is another excellent indicator of his or her mettle as a craftsman. Just like wine, jewelry makers get better with age and the number of years or decades that they have been doing business means that customers trust and value their work. If your jeweler has been in the industry for quite some time and has a lot of happy customers to boot, then you’re most likely spending your money wisely for the creation of such a jeweler.
  • Creativity. Creativity falls under a jeweler’s general skill set but is a trait that should be highlighted. This is because most consumers who are spending big money on jewelry items don’t want pieces that look like everyone else’s ring or necklace. The jewelry maker should be creative enough not only to follow client specifications to the letter but also to achieve one-off pieces that the client can be proud of.
  • Wide range of jewelry options. For clients who are not really after a custom piece that would take weeks or months to finish, the jewelry maker should have ready-made items to show. And these items should encompass a wide range of styles and designs so the buyers simply have to browse through the collections and pick the one that they most like. This convenience of buying is something that not all jewelers could offer.

Remember that you should get your money’s worth with the jewelry pieces that you buy. And with these qualities as your guide, finding the perfect jewelry maker should be a breeze.

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