5 Things That Could Go Wrong While Filming


A lot of unexpected, unscheduled, and unpredictable events can happen while on set. Even the biggest films and projects have their share of these struggles. The challenge is working through it. To get through it, you have to think of a fast solution without sacrificing the quality of the output.

It’s safer to expect the unexpected and prepare for the worst. To help you with that, here’s a list of things you should keep in mind before the camera starts rolling.

Sudden Changes in Weather

No matter how much planning and scheduling can go into a shoot, no one can win over the sudden change in weather. It could suddenly rain or be too windy for the shoot. It’s every director’s annoying enemy.

In the case of the making of The Fellowship of The Ring, it was a flood. Towards the end of the film, they had an elaborate action scene cut out because a flood swept away the majority of the set.

If something similar happens to you, the best thing to do is to work with what you got.

Sudden Change in Lighting

Natural light is something everyone wants to take advantage of. But sometimes the weather has other plans.

Utilize your lighting equipment to get the results you want (or at least close to it). Get innovative if you have to, all in the name of art.

Possible Injuries on Set


Some actors really suffer for their art and because of their art. Take Kate Winslet as an example. That’s right; she did her own stunts (or rather, took the boat’s drubbing). While shooting for Titanic, she sustained so many injuries and bruises that makeup artists would take pictures of them to use for reference later. This was to keep her look consistent in the film.

You might have scenes that include potentially dangerous stunts. Even if your lead has a professional stunt-double to perform these action-packed bits, they are no exception to injuries. It’s best to keep a medic around in case of injuries, whether big or small.

Other injuries on set could even happen to the staff behind the camera. Everybody’s busy preparing props, the set, and other heavy equipment. Someone could get hurt in all this hustle and bustle.

Unwanted Sounds and Other Noise Pollution

When shooting outside, you have little control over your environment’s noise. However, you can make these sounds work in your favor, help it build the scene. With the right tactics and execution, the honking cars, a stranger’s shouting, and all the other mundane sounds could add to the charm. But if you had other plans in mind, you can always leave it to the editing.

Malfunction in Equipment

Everything is ready, and everybody is where they should be. Everyone’s time and schedules are reserved for this very moment. The last thing you want is a malfunctioning camera or mic. A sports director would want everything in tiptop shape to capture fast, brief actions in the best way possible with the best equipment.

Take the extra step and bring the necessary tools and talent to get this problem the quick fix it needs. What could have been a half-day of filming could turn to a whole day one. Save your equipment ASAP to save everyone’s time.

Things You Can Control


Although there are things that could get you caught off-guard, there’s one thing that you and only you can control: how you deal with the situation.

Here are some adjustments you could do on your part.

Get Creative

Use that beautiful mind of yours. Take every obstacle and every mishap as a chance to churn your creative juices. Make creative solutions to these unexpected situations. To add to that, you have your multi-skilled team. With all this expertise and experience, you’re bound to come up with a fix.

Compromise When Needed

You won’t always get what you want. Sometimes, you don’t get to have a perfect setting or circumstance to actualize your vision. But something’s gotta give.

You never know. The results might end up better than your original plan.

Give Everyone the Space To Be

Sometimes the cosmos align and everyone’s in their element. Let everyone cope with their own processes. This is a creative process after all. Leave space for everyone to be. A lot of things can go wrong just as a lot can go right. Let things flow.

The Bottom Line

You can be well-equipped but no one is exempted from challenges. Even the most well-known films and enterprises face difficulties. Allow the process to run its course. Don’t forget to enjoy it too.

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