5 Ways to Provide Social Interaction for Your Elder Family Member


Social interaction is an important thing for senior citizens because they usually feel like they are no longer needed. They need to feel a sense of purpose, which can be provided by social interactions. The following are fantastic tips that can help you ensure that your elder family members get constant social interaction:

Admit them to a nursing home

Nursing homes give older family members plenty of social interaction because they live with other elders. This means that they will be able to make new friends and acquaintances. What is fantastic is the act that these interactions are organic because of their living arrangements.

If other members of the family are too busy to provide the needed social interaction for elderly family members, a nursing home here in Ogden may be a good option.

Help them learn something new

It is never too late to learn something so your elder members of the family might be interested in knowing more life skills. Learning these new activities are actually fantastic opportunities to socialize with people and enjoy a new hobby.

Doctor helping elderly use an Ipad

This could be through the form of a pottery or painting class, where they will learn with people of different ages. You can also encourage younger members of the family to play a video game with the more senior ones.
See if you can talk them into attending a support group for certain conditions

It is highly likely that senior members of your family will roll their eyes at the idea of going to a support group when you pitch it to them. But it is actually one of the most effective ways for a senior citizen to get involved with people.

Hanging out with people that have the same conditions, experiences and age as them will help them bond with people better as they relate with each other. Just contact your local recreational centers as there might be something near you.
Use technology to contact them every few days
Technology these days has advanced so much that you no longer have to be physically present regularly to keep in touch. Seniors often feel alone and isolated, so you need to make an effort to reach out every once in a while.

Provide them with a phone or tablet device so you can make a video call once every three days at least. If the person has trouble hearing, it might be helpful to provide them with earphones so they can hear well.
Set up regular lunch dates with them

Eating together at a nursing home

Lunch dates can have a positive effect on the relationship you have with the senior members of the family. These dates can be a chance for everyone in the family to catch up on what is happening with their lives.

Of course, elder families will be incredibly interested in listening to what has been happening with your family, your school or work life and other activities. It may also get them to cook your family’s favorite dishes, which they will appreciate.
Getting them into a nursing home and regular lunches with them will go a long way. They will surely appreciate the social interactions it provides. 

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