6 Techniques to Combat Anxiety and Low Morale This Pandemic

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Among the most widely-felt ill impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is the lowering of people’s self-confidence, which leads to anxiety attacks and even depression. Aside from the uncertainty on whether one’s survival skills are enough to meet the challenges of the pandemic, other causes of self-esteem issues include failing to meet people’s expectations, bereavement, and negative thoughts.

For working-age individuals right now, having a strong belief in one’s capabilities is a key factor for success and survival. Without solid confidence in one’s skills, abilities, and knowledge, an employee is more than likely to experience failures at work and worse, even lead to job loss.

So, just how do you keep your confidence level amid a troubled world? Here are six tips you should heed:

Take care of your physical appearance

Among the first steps to keeping your self-confidence intact and solid regardless of the economic or political situation is to look after yourself and take care of your physical appearance. This has to be from head to foot since people see us as an entire person and not just a face or a body.

For example, you should maintain oral hygiene and ensure that you’ll always have your pearly whites ready for a great smile. If you have missing teeth, for one, you should tap a skilled dentist to do a maxillofacial surgery where you’ll get a dental implant to complete your teeth. Of course, you should also maintain other great personal hygiene routines such as regular showers, tooth brushing, flossing, and the like.

Observe the Laws of Attraction

This revolutionary philosophy is said to work like magic for many people who follow it. The first of the three Laws of Attraction states that positive thoughts lead to positive things in a person’s life, and vice-versa. The second and third Laws of Attraction, respectively, are that nature abhors a vacuum and that the present is always perfect.

While the scientific merits of these Laws are still being debated, they do make perfect sense if given much thought. Whether you believe in them or not, it won’t hurt to give them a try and see how, if ever, they can change your life and uplift your self-esteem.

Do a good deed

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis — from the first months until now — there have been numerous anecdotes of people doing good deeds for total strangers. One way to make yourself feel good is to find ways to lend a helping hand to other people who are in a dire situation.

It can be by using your skills to assist them or to volunteer in a humanitarian organization that helps affected communities. There are practically thousands of ways that you can do to pay it forward and help other people in such trying times as the one we’re in now. Don’t hesitate to be a Good Samaritan in whatever way you can.

Reward yourself

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While times may be hard for more than a year now due to the pandemic, it shouldn’t stop you from periodically giving yourself a tap on the back. It’s important to reward yourself from time to time, either through comfort food or by buying a small personal gift. Such small rewards can go a long way in maintaining a sense of normalcy and achievement to lift your spirit.

Practice acceptance and know when it’s time to let go of things beyond control

There are things that you can find ways to handle and find remedies for, and then there are those things that are just way out of your control. One way to avoid feeling bad about yourself is to accept that you can’t control a lot of things in life. After acceptance, you should then let go of all the emotional baggage that such things bring to you. This method would help give you peace of mind, knowing that fate, and not you, made such things happen.

Surround yourself with positive people

By maintaining communication and relationships with people who have a sunny outlook in life, their positive energy can transfer to you and help uplift your self-esteem in the process. This may not be that easy since other people have emotional problems to deal with, too, but it’s not impossible. Just start with family and friends whom you trust and love and gradually expand your circle from there.

With these six tips, surviving this crisis with your self-confidence whole should be an easier task to accomplish. Just stay positive and happy — the rest of the good things will surely follow.

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