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Building a Community Remotely


The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired the exploration of the possibility of a remote work setup. While this work arrangement has its own share of challenges, it is still beneficial for some employees. Engaging in remote work has forced employees and business owners to adapt to the changing business landscape. This arrangement has challenged the accustomed practices which may have already been outdated.

Despite the current situation, it is important to work on building your company culture. Your team deserves a healthy work environment that is social and interactive to keep them motivated at work. A culture coach could help with your business needs when it comes to company culture and leadership. Find new ways and strategies to take care of your employees during this time.

The management team of businesses needs to learn how to adapt to the current circumstances. Agility and resilience are important factors of today’s business landscape as businesses should adjust to the shifts in today’s world.

Advantages of Remote Work

The start of the pandemic has led to the shift from the office setup to a work-from-home arrangement. While the remote work arrangement is not for everyone, working from home has proved its advantages over staying at the office all day. Here are some benefits to working remotely.

One of the benefits of working from home is the flexibility you gain in terms of how you set up your home office. You get to design and rearrange your work setup however you deem fit and appropriate for your work habits. This can be greatly beneficial for those who need a specific layout or design for their office that they otherwise cannot do at their office workspace.

Working remotely can, in fact, save you money. Apart from removing the expenses for daily commute to work, you don’t have to invest in a lot of work clothes for every office day. You also get to save on food as you can prepare meals for the whole family.

Depending on your agreement with your company, you can be flexible with your schedule when you work remotely. You don’t have to follow specific work hours so you can schedule your day according to your needs and preferences at home.

This flexibility can also provide you with greater independence. Working remotely means you don’t have colleagues around you so you get to practice independent working every day.

These are some benefits of working from home during this pandemic. While there are challenges to this work setup, the benefits may sometimes outweigh the disadvantages, especially if safety is given a high priority.

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Enhancing a Company Culture amid a Pandemic

When working remotely with a team during this pandemic, it is important to maintain the company culture to keep the team motivated. The feeling of visibility and accountability can push the employees forward towards working efficiently. As managers and business leaders, you should find ways to maintain a healthy company culture despite difficult circumstances. Here are ways to strengthen your company culture during this time.

Your company culture gives you a competitive advantage. Your choices regarding important decisions reflect your values and beliefs as an organization. This is why it is important to maintain your company culture intact despite the situation.

Companies should focus on nurturing their employees and their skill set. Employees look for work environments where they can grow professionally and as individuals. They look for mentors who can guide them towards the path they desire. It is important for companies to nurture these talents to continuously hone good employees.

Maintaining good communication and a great sense of community is crucial in keeping a company culture strong. With the current work arrangement, business leaders should prioritize good communication to avoid misunderstandings that can delay business operations drastically. A good sense of community can enhance the morale of the employees which can also affect their productivity in a positive way.

Make sure to get to know your employees enough to be familiar with their personalities, needs, and wants. It is crucial for business leaders to be attuned to their employees’ profiles to know how to act and lead their teams. Give due recognition to employees who perform at their best despite the difficult situation.

Provide training and coaching to those who have the potential to be good leaders in the field. Ensure that they prioritize empathy and tackling business objectives when managing a project.

Maintaining strong company culture is essential these days due to the distance among team members of an organization. It is important to find effective ways of keeping the team intact and coordinated to keep the business moving forward efficiently.

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