Branding concept

How Can You Build a Better Brand?

One industry may have several companies competing for the same set of customers. They may even have similar products and services of the same or marginally varying quality. How does

coffee shop business owner

Opening a Coffee Business: What You Should Know

Coffee perhaps runs through your veins. You have enjoyed this hot beverage since you were a tween. You spent three years in Bogota, Colombia. You’ve been enamored with the country,

applicant shaking hand of interviewer

The Art of Job Hunting

Your Dad made sure that your insurance policy covered orthodontia. It took many visits to your dentist in Taylorsville before you achieved your sparkling smile, the one you’re wearing now.

interview and discussion in the office

Things that Investors Look for During Interviews

Financial projections, marketing plans, and team members are only some of the things that investors in Meridian require from entrepreneurs who ask for funding. Behind these technicalities, however, are a

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