fresh squeezed orange juice

How You Can Start Your Juicing Journey

People reach for sodas when they need to cool down or feel the need for something sweet. But these drinks are full of chemicals and loaded with too many sugars.

Man having a root canal

Indications of a Root Canal

While you will ordinarily take considerable care to ensure your permanent teeth remain intact, this is not guaranteed. Accidents and poor dental health are among the leading contributors to the

No smoking sign

5 Smoking Cessation Suggestions

Every smoker is aware of the effects of smoking but find it hard to quit mainly due to nicotine dependence. But there’s really no need to delve into the myriad

seniors bonding over a tea

Senior Living 101: How to Prevent Dehydration

Dehydration is a huge issue, particularly for seniors. The National Center Health Statistics, NCHS, states that seniors above 75 years old have twice as much risk of being hospitalized than

man combing his hair

When Is Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Effective?

An overgrowth of cells causes flakes. Scalp cells are being shed continuously, but if they do so rapidly, they become dandruff. Dandruff is quite common, but it can be challenging

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