wedding proposal

So, You Just Got Engaged! Now What?

So, after being together for several years, you’ve finally decided to tie the knot. This is the moment you’ve both been waiting for. Now, you’re wearing that precious ring and

Close up of male hand packing cardboard box

6 Ways to Make Moving Hassle-Free

Moving to a new house is both stressful and fulfilling. You have a new house and you’re moving into it, but that doesn’t make the logistics less of a hassle.

Gift boxes on pink background.

Buying Unique Gifts for Special Occassions

Are you the type of person who does not like to give mediocre gifts to loved ones for special occasions? Do you love exploring unique stores in Phoenix and its neighborhood?

Gift basket with wine

When Wines Make a Great Gift

Wines make for fantastic gifts. But they are not for everybody. There is also not one wine that fits all. If you are seriously considering giving away a precious bottle

Modern bedroom

How to Make the Most of a Small Bedroom

The common perception toward small living spaces is that they are cramped and uncomfortable. However, this need not always be the case. As rent prices continue to rise in burgeoning

old woman talking to a funeral director

Should I Plan My Funeral As Early As Now?

Most people think that planning their funeral is taboo. Unfortunately, it’s a part of life that everyone naturally goes through in his lifetime. But what age should you start planning

hot wax on woman's leg

Stop Believing in These 4 Waxing Myths

As information spreads fast in today’s digital world, it’s hard not to believe everything that we read or hear. Everyone claims that the information they have and share is legitimate

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