Adulting: Valuable Life Skills to Learn

As kids, we looked up to adults and thought they have figured everything out – career, housework, and finances. But as those bright-eyed and innocent hopes slowly grow into more

woman staying at home

3 Things to Do to Keep Busy at Home

Picture this: you’re on your couch or in bed, thinking of the next best thing to do. You’ve done all the chores for the day—the house is squeaky clean. There’s

woman listening to music

The Connection Between Music and Emotions

Picture this: you’re driving down a long, lonely highway in Utah. What’s missing? If you answered music through car stereos, you’re right. Music and emotions have a strong relationship. For

during a therapy

Overcoming Addiction: What Should You Consider?

An alcohol rehabilitation centre is an important place where people receive the necessary care and treatment to overcome their alcoholism. Alcohol addiction is among the most dangerous drug addiction: if

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