Celebrity Living

Celebrity Living: When Motels Turn into Homes

Buying a motel for sale is a strategic business move. As a more affordable accommodation choice, motels are popular among backpackers and those wishing to save money on their holidays,


Famous Couples and their Uncommon Prenup Agreements

It’s all about business in the entertainment industry. But sometimes, celebrities go overboard by integrating business with their personal life, particularly marriage. Famed actors, artists, and other personalities earn millions

Home Spa

What Your Home Spa Needs

Home is where you can put your feet up, let your hair down, and walk around naked. It is where you find relaxation, rest, and all things pleasurable. In this

Beach vacation

Summer is Here: Have You Planned Your Trips Yet?

Summer is coming, and many people will want to travel. With travelers visiting everywhere, from southern Arkansas to northern Minnesota, airlines are working on ways to improve the boarding process

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