Modern Technology

solar panels

Practical Technology Will Save the World

Climate change is in almost everybody’s mind, but the government can’t (or won’t) do a thing about it. The government has never been a force for change, only relying on

smiling woman

Pathways to Boosting Your Confidence

There are perhaps hundreds of medical spa and cosmetic surgery clinics spread all over Utah. A dear friend, who’s a life coach and image guru, advised you to consider getting

person using gps on their phone

Science and Innovation: All About GPS

Having plans on developing a software application or a device that relies on satellite signals such as GPS? Well, you need to make sure that it can run and perform

Expanding Your Business

Strategies for Expanding Your Business

Perhaps the most exciting yet most overwhelming decision you’ll ever make in business is expansion. It’s thrilling because of the endless possibilities. It’s scary because of the ever-present risks. This

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