Clean Your Child’s Teeth the Right Way

Contrary to popular belief, oral hygiene is important for children from the day they are born. Parents may think that children need not be meticulous about their hygiene until they are

5 Health Benefits of Wearing Clogs

Clogs. Some people like them. Some people hate them. But there are many health benefits to wearing clogs, especially for people whose job requires them to be on their toes

Investing in braces – is it worth it?

Are braces worth the effort? This is something that every patient needs to decide for themselves. Part of the decision-making process is knowing what you are getting yourself into and preparing

The Unexpected Triggers of Migraine Headaches

Migraine delivers the kind of agony that hinders you from continuing your daily routine. The moment you feel that throbbing pain pressing above your left eye, you stop whatever you

Sugar-Free Gum and Your Oral Health

When it comes to preventing tooth decay, brushing and flossing daily are two of your best weapons. While there are no substitutes for these habits, studies suggest that chewing sugar-free

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