Training and Education

woman studying or working with laptop and taking notes

The Life of an Organized Student

Being a student is busy. In fact, it can be an understatement. On top of all the homework you need to finish, you are expected to pursue co-curricular activities, which

house exterior

Why Modular Homes Are the Future

In our modern world, providing everyone with affordable and quality housing is still a major problem authority is grappling with. Part of the reason for this is that building houses

Man in front of the wheel of a truck

The Challenges of Being a Truck Driver

Man in front of the wheel of a truckTrucks are now a part of American culture. They symbolize the rise of industry, and they connect the merchandise from one state

woman hiding from the window

Fear of Mass Shootings, Gun Control, and Censorship

International and local incidents involving mass shootings and terrorist acts have sparked renewed clamors for gun control. Democratic leaders are urging stricter gun control laws and blaming Republican leaders and


Raising a Well-adjusted Child: Is It Possible?

Young people are used to instant gratification and convenience, and for many parents today raising children who could be responsible and loving adults can be difficult. Though the debate on

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