Training and Education

The Importance of Learning Key Stage 3 Maths

A college degree is increasingly needed for a successful career. However, attending university is an expensive proposition. At the same time, there are requirements and grade averages that a student

drawing class in kindergarten

What Does Your Child Learn in Kindergarten?

Let’s all be honest here. We all know that schooling is expensive. Even with a focus on providing affordable education and the government giving all the leeway they can for

Family hanging out on the couch

Parents at the Bat: Helping Your Child Develop

Childhood is eventful for everyone, but the types of experiences children have will have a definite impact on their development. As parents, you should make sure the environment where you

Using the Internet as a Tool for Learning

Imagine this: there’s a storm brewing in your city, and all classes have been called off until further notice. You and your kids are stuck in a rut, not knowing

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