Training and Education

drawing class in kindergarten

What Does Your Child Learn in Kindergarten?

Let’s all be honest here. We all know that schooling is expensive. Even with a focus on providing affordable education and the government giving all the leeway they can for

Family hanging out on the couch

Parents at the Bat: Helping Your Child Develop

Childhood is eventful for everyone, but the types of experiences children have will have a definite impact on their development. As parents, you should make sure the environment where you

Using the Internet as a Tool for Learning

Imagine this: there’s a storm brewing in your city, and all classes have been called off until further notice. You and your kids are stuck in a rut, not knowing

Non-Formal Education: Various Techniques Applied Today

Formal, informal and non-formal education systems are the three primary types of learning programs. Formal learning involves full-time and intentional learning provided by an educational institution within a structured context.

Types of School Chairs Suitable for Children

Most schools in the past used to buy wooden furniture for their students. But now, modern technology combines metal and wood, plastic and wood, or pure plastic to manufacture school furniture.

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