Training and Education

Non-Formal Education: Various Techniques Applied Today

Formal, informal and non-formal education systems are the three primary types of learning programs. Formal learning involves full-time and intentional learning provided by an educational institution within a structured context.

Types of School Chairs Suitable for Children

Most schools in the past used to buy wooden furniture for their students. But now, modern technology combines metal and wood, plastic and wood, or pure plastic to manufacture school furniture.

The Benefits of ACT Tutoring in London

Any student that wants to attend university in the United States will need to take the American College Test, or ACT. Young people who have grown up in the US

Australia Rolls Out New Child Care Subsidy

More studies showed the benefits of early childhood education. For many parents in Australia, though, it may be hard to take advantage of it due to factors such as costs.

Dental CPD in Watford: Essential Education

In many countries around the world, practising dentistry is only permitted after acquiring a dental licence and the UK is no exception to this rule. Moreover, continuing professional development (CPD

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