Company Culture: How Does It Become Important?

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Think about it. Would you like to report to work if your office mates don’t even talk to you? Or worse, would you like to report to work if the people you work with look down on you and treat you condescendingly? Those questions may look a bit theoretical, but such untoward incidents all happening in workplaces all over America. New data taken from Monster show no less than 90% of employees are on the receiving end of office bullying in the Land of the Brave. Add to that mix unpaid benefits and racism, and you know such a toxic company culture is bad news. It serves as poison stunting any organization’s growth.

You may not realize it, but company culture holds the key for any organization to scale. If you want to raise your employee’s productivity that takes care of your target and more, then building an awesome company culture is a good start. Too often, we relate company culture to a lax dress code or flexible-work. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Awesome company culture is comprehensive. It moves the whole organization to the front. Below are reasons to show why culture plays a defining role in your organization. And how ignoring it can lead to a disastrous outcome.

Makes Your Overall Productivity Climb

It’s no accident that the biggest names in tech are donning an awesome company culture. When you want to get results, an environment that encourages productivity is paramount. This is vital for your business to stay competitive as ever.

Some even have a number of rating company culture. Google, the tech giant that gives us no less than the most widely used search engine in the world, has its Employee Happiness index. And they’re spot on.

Studies have shown that over-the-top organizational cultures breed 72% higher engagement for employees than those with below-average cultures. People are more motivated to deliver when they are of a positive nature.

In this regard, Google Inc. has been a beacon of example for everyone in the tech industry. And true enough, the search engine giant has attracted the best and the brightest all these years.

For one, to unleash real creativity, Google has placed working on a flexible schedule to a whole new level. But that along with the gym, the food, and the massages are just for starters. When you work for the company, you’re like in school with the best teachers money could find. Google ensures that ideas flow and you have instant access to the best experts in just about every field in technology.

Small wonder why the Sundar Pichai-led enterprise has been cited as the “best culture” tech company.

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Makes You Keep the Best and the Brightest

Employees leave for a lot of reasons. Getting married is one. Health issues are another. But studies have shown a poor company culture can drill a huge hole in your employee retention program.

Randstad US study showed that there are two main drivers when it comes to employee retention. The first one is the practical side, which includes pay and leaves. The second one refers to personal experiences.

Now you might think that the pay should be the biggest driver if an employee leaves or stays. But it’s not. The study revealed workers would rather work for a job with smaller salaries if it meant working in a great environment.

Making an Awesome Culture Happen

Know that awesome cultures don’t happen in a day. It’s a process. So to get things going, you will have to do some serious evaluation as a team.

A good start is to create a “motivational” work environment. Learn to appreciate the good work of your employees. To do that, you can factor in employee reward ideas. When people feel recognized, they feel valued. When that happens, people would be energized to produce more.

Secondly, you should promote your company brand right from the get-go. Show your applicants what makes your enterprise unique.

Ensure that your recruitment team leaves a good taste in the mouth for every recruit. It’s easy to get the “About Us” page of every company. But then, it’s how your recruitment interacted with every recruit that forms the essential opinions of your brand.

And you should do it also for recruitment’s sake. You get better recruits when you create an awesome candidate experience. Statistics show that companies who do that improve the quality of their hires by as much as 70%.

That’s a lot of quality hires for your enterprise. And yes, that’s telling you an awesome company culture is one worth your time and effort. When you want your organization to grow by leaps and bounds, it’s not an option. It’s a must.

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