Could your daily life be improved through braces in Kings Hill?


Do you feel you are too old for braces?

Across the country, countless adults of all ages are living each day with teeth which are crooked or misaligned – purely out of a lack of understanding about the treatments that they are eligible for. Many feel that they are too old to undergo orthodontic alignment, as they did not get braces when they were children. Or perhaps they did, but as they have aged their teeth have gradually shifted out of place, and, as adults, they do not wish to have to wear braces all over again. However, they may not be aware that by seeking out Invisalign in Kings Hill, they can painlessly achieve a healthier and straighter set of teeth – without having to wear conventional fixed braces, or impacting on the way they look.

What are the health advantages to getting orthodontic work?

Many of those who have been living for several years – even decades – with misaligned or crooked teeth, struggle to see the advantages that seeking out orthodontic alignment could have. By straightening out teeth, the gum and tooth health of a patient will be significantly improved almost instantly after receiving treatment. This is because pieces of food or other bacteria can often be lodged within the spaces where teeth are misaligned. These are often difficult to reach when brushing or flossing due to the shape of a patient’s teeth, and if they are left untreated they can become covered in plaque, which can cause cavities to develop. If this plaque is still left untreated it can develop into periodontal disease (or gum disease) which is extremely damaging to the entire structure of the patient’s tooth. This can cause severe discomfort when chewing or eating, and if left untreated can even result in the loss of the tooth and damage to the surrounding bone tissue. By seeking out orthodontic treatment however, this risk can be massively minimised as any potential spaces where plaque could build up are filled when the patient’s teeth are moved back into their proper alignment.

How is Invisalign different from conventional orthodontics?


Patients who are unaware of the fundamentals of Invisalign, and how it differs from conventional orthodontics, could benefit from improving their understanding around how it could improve their lives. Where conventional orthodontics uses metal frames or brackets and wires to apply tension to a patient’s teeth to align them, Invisalign simply uses a removable plastic retainer to achieve the same results. This retainer is entirely transparent and tailored to fit perfectly over their teeth so that it is completely undetectable when it is worn. Within the interior structure of the retainer, there are deliberately placed pressure points which gently and gradually push the patient’s teeth to their desired alignment when it is worn. The discreet nature of Invisalign alignment is one of the main attractions to this form of treatment, as adults can realign their misaligned teeth, without having to display the fact that they are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Another obvious advantage and difference to conventional orthodontics, is that the retainer can be removed. This allows patients to decide when they wish to carry out treatment, and when not to – such as opting to take the retainer out when eating or attending an important social occasion.

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