Creative Strategies for Marketing Your Business


Every day, dozens of businesses flood the market. Competition is tough and it’s getting more difficult to get your business out there and build a new client base. With many challenges in the way, how can you set yourself apart from the crowd? The following creative marketing ideas should be able to catch people’s attention.

Transform into a walking advertisement

Have some high-quality T-shirts printed out from a reputable company that specializes in corporate apparel in Utah. Make sure they have your company logo and contact details. You and your staff can wear them whenever you’re out and about. This is bound to get people’s attention and some of them might even come up to ask you about your business.

Publish an ezine

Ezines are electronic magazines that you can easily create and disseminate on various online platforms. It’s here where you can share industry news, updates, commentary, or tips and tricks. Starting an e-magazine or blog that you can distribute online is a great way to showcase your company’s individual personality.

Develop a referral program

Word-of-mouth referrals are the best way to gain new clients who could potentially be dedicated patrons of your business. This is especially useful if you have a list of associates, suppliers, and customers that you regularly converse with. Whenever they send a referral your way, you can reward them with anything from discounts to shopping vouchers.

Attend networking events

Not all other businesses are competitors, sometimes they can be allies who can help leverage your business. Networking events will help you get connected with like-minded people who you can collaborate with. Make sure to bring extra copies of your business card and don’t forget to turn on the charm.

Offer some freebies

Everyone loves free gifts. Let your clients know you appreciate them by offering freebies with every purchase or deal you’ve made. It’s also a great way to capture the interest of new clients who are interested in receiving free goodies and who may have never considered patronizing your business before.

Reward regular clients

Reward existing regular clients with a loyalty program. This will increase your chances of them giving you a good referral, thus increasing your client base. Rewards programs depend on how much you are able to give. This can be anything from a small discount to rewards points. Encourage their loyalty to you by being loyal to them in return.

business meetingHost a competition

There are plenty of competitions being hosted everywhere in traditional media and social media. Sponsoring one of them will allow you to advertise your company and brand to a wide market that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach through traditional marketing.

Collaborate with influencers

Influencers are more accessible versions of celebrities. By collaborating with them, your brand will be able to humanize a commercial message. There are plenty of influencers who have thousands to even millions of followers. You’ll be able to reach a vast number of potential clients if you get them to post about your company on social media.

If you want to guarantee the success of your marketing efforts, traditional marketing just won’t do. It’s time to start thinking outside the box.

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