Deliberate Practice: the Way to Improving Your Relationship

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Relationships might start ideally, but they don’t stay that way without the parties involved working hard to keep the love alive. You might want to take it slow; there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you and your partner are on the same page. However, there might be instances when you feel a disconnect with your partner. Breaking up the relationship is not an automatic solution if you know that you love each other.

Your relationship might need improvement, especially if you’ve been with the same person for a while and have formed habits with them. Here’s how you can use the concept of deliberate practice to make your relationship better than ever:

Break Down the Relationship into Parts

Even if you choose to resolve issues on your own or through relationship counseling in Salt Lake City, Utah, the first thing you’ll have to do is dig into the dynamics of your relationship. You and your partner might have arrangements that are not common in other couples. Those need to be shared with your counselor for them to finetune their methods to fit your specific situation. There might be certain things that you and your partner do separately such as finances and together such as living arrangements. All these different parts of the relationship might be contributing to the problems, so you first need to be aware.

Identify Your Weaknesses

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Are you a partner who likes to stay at home while your partner wants to go out and have fun? Is someone earning significantly higher than the other? Do you feel inferior to your significant other? These weaknesses need to be laid out on the table for you to identify which issues should be tackled immediately and which can be affected by improvements in other areas. Perhaps the relationship is falling apart because you’re not on the same page when it comes to starting a family. This will need an in-depth discussion, one that you will not initiate if you didn’t know it was the relationship’s weakness in the first place.

Test New Strategies

A relationship might be pretty established, but that can be both its strength and weakness. Your established routines may make the relationship feel boring and stagnant. You don’t feel like it’s going anywhere, and you’re anxious to get to the next level. While it’s not recommended to jump the gun on significant changes, such as moving to a new city or having a baby, it would be nice to try something new to keep the spark alive. Travel together and expose your relationship to new surroundings. You’ll be able to test the strength of the relationship and even develop resilience through tough situations. Married couples can revive fun in the relationship by doing what the other spouse usually does. This makes you appreciate your partner and gives you a unique perspective on marriage dynamics.

A perfect partnership is too good to be true. Rather than hoping for perfect, work on strengthening the relationship so that both you and your spouse find happiness and fulfillment in it and with each other.

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