Different Types of Washing Machines and Their Benefits

wahing machine full of laundry

Washing machines are indeed a heaven-sent for homeowners. While there are still people out there who prefer to wash their clothes by hand, using a washing machine has undoubtedly made laundry tasks easier and faster. Professional laundry services are also available in case you have no time to tackle your loads of dirty clothes.

For starters, washing machines have already been around since the 18th century. The first washing machine was a wooden box that was filled with water and then operated by rotating it manually. Since then, different types of washing machines have been developed and used by households and business owners alike.

Different types of washing machines

Washing machine nowadays has become fancy and sophisticated. That is why it can be overwhelming to choose the right kind of washing machine according to your need. Here are the most common types of washing machines, their respective features, and their benefits.

1. Front-loading

This is one of the most popular types of washing machines today and one of the most expensive as well. It can wash loads of clothes in one sitting. It also has a spacious interior to accommodate large items such as comforters and bed sheets. Some front-loading washers also have built-in dryers which can also save floor space. More importantly, these types of washers require less water for every load.

2. Top-loading

This is another popular type of washing machines that are more common in households. It is also less expensive than front-loading machines. It is also ideal for those who have back problems as you won’t have to bend to get clothes in and out of the machine. Top-loading machines also come with a built-in dryer for an easier and more convenient laundry experience.

3. High-efficient top-loading

This type of washing machine can handle large and bulky loads of laundry and uses less water as well. Unlike other types of washers, this one may have longer wash cycles. Likewise, it may also need the right type of laundry detergent when you use this kind of washer.

4. Tabletop

You may not see this kind of washing machine nowadays, which is smaller than the abovementioned washers. You should add and drain water in it manually before you can wash your clothes. This may be considered as a vintage item, and you may not find in most appliance stores.

Common features of a washing machine

Most washing machines are not created equal. That is why you should choose the right washing machine that will suit your laundry needs. Among common features that most washing machines have included the following.

1. Portable

Portable washing machines are ideal for dormers or apartment renters who have limited space at home to permanently place an appliance. It can only wash a couple of clothes but is generally easy to use.

2. Storage area

There are also some washing machines that have a small built-in storage/drawer area under the machine.

3. Steam

close shot of a steam washing machine

Some washing machines also have a steam feature that helps wash clothes better and more efficiently. You can also use the steam feature to lessen wrinkle on clothes and make them softer and fluffier.

These are only some of the most common features and types of washing machines that are available in the market. You should determine your laundry needs so you can choose the right kind of machine and save time and money in the long run.

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