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Digital Marketing Crash Course: Refresh Your Memory


Digital marketing is heralding the future of advertising and customer interaction. Reaching out to potential customers on their preferred social media networks allows marketers to utilize ways of humanizing big business that has never been possible before.

Understanding the different types of digital marketing tools and tricks is, therefore, a necessity to maintaining a positive presence in the digital marketplace.

There are some essentials to digital marketing which any solid marketing plan cannot do without. Picking out the social media platforms that are most in tune with the business’s branding, working with an experienced company to deliver SEO services, and hiring dynamic employees who can make engaging content can make all the difference in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Always remember, content is king. If your brand is putting out enough interesting, original, and engaging content, it can retain many of the younger demographic. But participating in viral challenges and threads can also help attract new interest. Choosing which ones to participate in will again require a solid understanding of branding. Basically, in everything you do, make sure that it adds to the positive image of your business brand. That is the true goal of every marketing effort. It is that positive image that will push viewers to become customers.

Upgrade Your Website

Your website is the digital equivalent of your physical store. Treat it as you would your flagship store. Make it as attractive and user-friendly as you can. It will play a major role in your digital marketing strategies.

Make the website available in mobile format as well. Consumers are more likely to search for services and products on their phones. If they like what they see, they will follow up by exploring your website. Therefore, a clean and easy-to-use website can lead to successful sales.

The website should also be the first step in your original content creation plan. Add a blog tab to your website and keep it updated regularly. Invite industry partners and notable figures in the field to contribute to the blog as guest writers. This will draw greater interest to your blog and website and make it more legitimate as an information source.

Invite customers to send in their thoughts and comments as well. Compile these in a monthly posting with answers, tips, and tricks for using your products as a special blog feature. Consumers will enjoy the variety and utility of your blog. Their interest and the proximity of the other features of your website will help drive sales even more.

Repurpose Blog Content

blog content

Every piece of content in your business blog must give readers the option to share it on their social media. This will generate views and reach a broader audience without additional financial investment on your part.

You must also take the initiative to repurpose blog content into text images, break them down into interesting quotes, and use the throwback feature to re-share older content. This will allow blog content to stay current and keep reaching new audiences.

Do not rely on this alone as it will drive off existing customers. Always add new content and use these tricks to refresh older content sparingly.

Work with Influencers

There are reliable influencers who have built solid reputations for themselves based on merit. Work with these influencers to create new and interesting content which can be shared across both your social media platforms.

Getting backlinks from influencers who have good credibility and a reliable reputation can help to make your business feel more humanized for a wider audience.

One type of marketing tactic that will never go out of style is testimonials and reviews. Testimonials are a great way to push uncertain potential customers over the line into purchasing consumers. In an increasingly digitized world, people want to be sure that the product truly is as it states. Providing testimonials, both video and written on your social media pages and in your blog will help potential customers to make up their minds with certainty.

Inviting reviews of your products can push some buttons as not every review will be a positive one. Brace yourself and understand that a negative review is an opportunity to polish your customer service efforts to a higher degree. Connect with the person in the same open way they shared the review and allow consumers to see your efforts to understand the issue and find a solution.

Knowing that your consumers expect transparency will encourage you to run your business more ethically as well. Many a successful company has lost revenue and integrity from trying to cut corners and trying to suppress customer reviews regarding the lack of quality. Not every review will be negative, some will be wonderful ones where you can celebrate the joy that a good product brings to its end-user.


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