Earn Green, Work Green: Career and Business Options for Green Thumbs

working in an office

Working in an office, commercial establishment, or in some industrial setting may not be the most appealing option for some people. Many prefer working outside and tend to plants rather than facing the computer or operating machines. Luckily, if you’re a green thumb, there are many options for you to make a livelihood out of your passion if you’re ready to get your hands dirty.

Plant Nursery

Starting off with something easy, you can opt to operate a plant nursery (or work in one). Plant nurseries are where homeowners, landscapers, gardeners, and fellow green thumbs purchase garden plants as well as other needs. You’d, of course, need a basic knowledge of the plants you’ll be growing, maintaining, and selling. You’ll need plants from plant wholesalers as well as other basic gardening supplies such as pots, basic gardening tools, and even ornaments. Some people mix things up by pairing their plant nursery business with a coffee shop or pet shop.

Plant Wholesaler

If you have the know-how and resources, you can invest in plant wholesaling. However, you’ll need a relatively large area with greenhouses or some form of shade to protect your plants and seedlings. As a plant wholesaler, you can offer to sell more gardening tools and materials including gardening soil, pavers, and such.

Flower Business

Some green thumbs have an affinity towards flowers which makes them perfect candidates to put up a flower shop business. Selling flowers is quite lucrative, considering that they’re always in-demand for all sorts of events. You’ll need to have adequate space for a flower garden and a supplier for the flowers you’ll be propagating and selling. You can go the extra mile by providing an option to deliver flowers for customers, or even pair your flower shop with an event organizing business if you (or a business partner) have a knack in doing so.

Landscaper and/or Landscape Designer

 Landscape Design

For people who enjoy working with more than just plants and are skilled in modifying and molding the terrain to create beautiful lawns and gardens, then being a landscaper would be a good option for you. You can offer lawn maintenance on top of your landscaping services for added value and earning capacity. If you think you’ve got the skill and creativity, you can even specialize in designing residential and commercial gardens and lawns. Alternatively, you can invest in and operate a landscape and lawn maintenance franchise and take advantage of these franchise’s resources and business model to set up an effective landscaping business and also to widen your scope of potential clients and customers.

Plant Writer

For green thumbs who are also skilled in and enjoy writing, you can get the best of both worlds by becoming a plant writer. You can start your own blog, or website, or offer your services to local newspapers, magazines, and other gardening-related businesses to provide educational content about tending with plants, landscaping, or even tips on using plants for interior decorating.


As a green thumb, having a career or business that lets you work with plants would ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy and earn at the same time. There are a lot of other opportunities out there for green thumbs, but regardless of which one you choose, know that there’s nothing more fulfilling than earning while doing something that you love.

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