Five Tricks to Maintain Your Sanity Amid a Crisis

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), individuals who find themselves in a sort of crisis or emergency are prone to experiencing anxiety, sleep and appetite loss, stress, and similar forms of distress. Data from the agency show that 22 percent of people in conflict zones suffer from schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a direct result of their experiences.

Meanwhile, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) revealed in a report published in August 2020 that American adults reported heightened mental health problems closely linked to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare workers, minority people, and young adults likewise said that they fell victims to illicit substance abuse and lingering thoughts about committing suicide.

These data ultimately serve as a strong case for proactive actions on a personal level among individuals who are experiencing a crisis of any kind. By taking an active and non-defeatist stance, people can expect to survive a crisis and not become helpless victims of their plight. Here are five simple yet effective ways of maintaining excellent mental health in a crisis:

  1. Establish a routine.

    During any crisis, it’s important to establish and maintain a sense of normalcy despite all the negative things happening around. And one way you can achieve this is by establishing and following a routine of any sort. It can be as simple as walking around the house every morning or having a hot cup of coffee or tea before going to bed. It can be as mundane or profound, simple, or complex. The key is to maintain whatever routine you have established so you’ll always have something to look forward to doing the following day.

  2. Do something that relieves stress.

    Stress can be a creeping, silent enemy that can take you down by surprise. As such, it’s critical for you to do anything that would take your mind away from your stressors. If you have a pet dog in the house, a great idea would be to enroll your dog in a dog obedience training program, so the two of you can have a more cohesive bond. With this, you’ll have a trusted pet friend who can bring you smiles whenever stress becomes overwhelming already.

  3. Establish and maintain meaningful relationships.

    While there are people who choose to isolate themselves during a crisis in their life, it should not be the case with you. Instead of locking yourself in your room and shunning any form of contact with the outside world, you should choose to go out and reconnect with friends and family. Keep in mind that people who are suffering a mental health condition as a direct result of the crises they’re experiencing all the more need a strong support system for them to survive. And what better support system there is than the people closest to your heart?

  4. Live a healthy lifestyle.

    A great many individuals under siege from a crisis choose to turn to illicit substances, alcohol, and tobacco to help them cope with the stress they’re experiencing. While these things may provide a temporary respite from your mental health problem, they’re just a shot in the arm with no lasting and positive effect. Instead, choose to live a healthy life: stay away from drugs, stay sober, and ditch those cigarette sticks. Also, get plenty of sleep, eat nutritious food, and exercise regularly. You’ll be surprised at how better you’ll feel when you choose this path instead of the

  5. Never hesitate to seek professional help.

    If all else fails and you honestly feel that you can’t get out of the slump anymore, then it’s time to seek professional help from a counselor or psychiatrist. Such a trained professional can give you the intervention needed to help you get through the crisis you’re facing so you’ll emerge a strong person in the end.

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Just follow these tips and you can go through a crisis with relative ease and maintain good mental health condition throughout.

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